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Do you know that feeling of being so busy that time flies with a blink of an eye? We’re so busy with all kinds of things — work, friends, going out, holidays, etc. But being busy is not a good thing at all. [hint]一眨眼时间就过得飞快,忙成这样子的感觉你知道吗?我们忙于各种各样的事情——工作、社交、出行、度假等等。但是忙碌根本就不是一件好事。[/hint]

Especially because we waste most of our time on nonsense. We say we’re busy but in reality, we just fill up our lives with crap. [hint]尤其是因为我们把大部分时间浪费在胡言乱语上。我们说自己很忙,但实际上,我们只是用废话填满了自己的生活。[/hint]

We binge-watch tv shows for days, we go to networking events with weirdoes who try to sell you their services, we spend hours finding new clothes to buy so we can impress people we don’t even like. [hint]我们狂看一整天的电视节目,和那些试图向你推销他们服务的怪人一起参加社交活动,我们花费好几个小时去买新衣服,这样我们就能给那些我们不喜欢的人留下深刻印象。[/hint]

We’re busy with bullshit. But until a few years ago, I never got it. When people asked me, “how are you,” my answer was, “busy.” [hint]我们忙于胡言乱语,但在近几年,我还没有这样做过。当有人问我“最近好吗?”,我的回答是“很忙”。[/hint]

What’s wrong with us? Why are we so busy with things that don’t matter? [hint]我们怎么了?为什么我们总是忙于无关紧要的事情?[/hint]

We even use our busyness as an excuse for important things. That’s sad. After I realized that I wasn’t in control of my life, I decided to stop being busy. [hint]我们甚至把忙碌作为重要事情的借口。真可悲。当我意识到自己已经无法控制自己的生活,我决定停止忙碌。[/hint]

Being busy is an excuse that losers use. I say that because you can use “busy” as an excuse for everything. [hint]忙碌是失败者的借口。我这样说,是因为你可以用“忙”作为任何事情的借口。[/hint]

  • You forgot your anniversary. “Yeah, but you know how busy I am, right? I’ll make it up to you.” [hint]“你忘了我们的结婚纪念日”。“是的,但是你知道我很忙的,对吧?我会补偿你的。”[/hint]

  • You haven’t called your mother in six months. “Mom, I’m sooo busy.” [hint]你已经六个月没有给你妈妈打电话了。“妈,我太忙了。”[/hint]

  • You didn’t go to the gym. “I’m too busy to work out.” [hint]你没有去健身房。“我太忙了,不能去健身了。”[/hint]

  • And the WORST: “I’m too busy to work on the stuff that makes me happy.” That can be your music, business, model trains, or whatever. [hint]最糟糕的是:“我太忙了,没时间做那些让我开心的事情了。”那可能是你喜欢的音乐,生意,模型火车,或是其他的什么。[/hint]

I’ve used all those excuses. But at some point, I told myself this: How on earth can you be too busy to give someone that’s important to you a call? That’s nonsense. [hint]我用了上述所有的借口。但在某个时候,我告诉我自己:你怎么能这么忙,不给你重要的人打个电话呢?这真是无稽之谈。[/hint]

Every time you say you’re busy, you’re actually saying that you can’t prioritize your life. [hint]每次你说自己很忙,实际上是在说你不能优先安排你的生活。[/hint]

Most people identify being busy with being successful. But unlike 95% of the people I know, I don’t think being busy means you’re successful. [hint]大多数人认为忙碌就是成功。但与我认识95%的人不同,我不认为忙碌意味着成功。[/hint]

When you meet people, they often want to show you that they have busy lives. “A full calendar must mean that I’m doing SOMETHING right, right?” [hint]当你遇到一个人,他们常常想让你知道他们的生活很忙。“一个完整的日历表一定意味着我做的事情是正确的,对吧?”[/hint]

The truth is: If you’re busy, you don’t live at all. You just exist. [hint]事实是:如果你很忙,你就根本不是在生活。而仅仅是存在。[/hint]

Derek Sivers, one of my favorite thinkers, says: [hint]德里克 · 西弗斯是我最喜欢的思想家之一,他说:[/hint]

“To me, ‘busy’ implies that the person is out of control of their life.” [hint] “对我来说,忙碌意味着一个人生活的失控。” [/hint]

“But if I’m not busy, what the hell should I do?” [hint]但是如果我不忙,我该怎么办?”[/hint]

Slow down there. Take a step back. And think about which things in your life are just ‘busy work’ and not meaningful. [hint]慢下来,后退一步。想想你生活中哪些事情只是“繁忙的工作”而没有意义。[/hint]

Seneca put it best: [hint] 塞内卡说得好: [/hint]

“A good man will not waste himself upon mean and discreditable work or be busy merely for the sake of being busy.” [hint] 一个优秀的人不会把自己浪费在卑鄙无耻的工作上,也不会为了忙碌而忙碌。 [/hint]

Here’s how I put that in practice. [hint] 我是这样把它付诸实践的。 [/hint]

It’s absolutely fine if you DON’T have plans for the weekend. People’s favorite question on Monday is: “What did you do over the weekend?” [hint] 如果你周末没有计划,这绝对没有问题。人们在周一最爱问的问题是“你周末做了什么?” [/hint]

You don’t have to do things so you can tell others about it. If people ask me, this is what I say: “NOTHING.” [hint] 你不需要做一些事情来告诉别人。如果有人问我,我的回答是“什么也没做!” [/hint]

Or, I say: “I wrote, went to the gym, and had dinner with family.” [hint] 或者我会说“写作,去健身房,和家人共进晚餐。” [/hint]

And they look at me like: “That’s all?” [hint] 他们看着我说“就这些?” [/hint]

What? I’m not cool if I didn’t travel the world, had dinner with aboriginals, and jumped out of a jumbo jet on the way back? [hint] 什么?如果我不环游世界,不与土著居民共进晚餐,不在返程的路上从大型喷气飞机上跳下,就不够酷了吗? [/hint]

Another thing: I say NO a lot. [hint] 另一件事:我经常说不。 [/hint]

Want to grab coffee all day? Want to write an article for money? Want to work for us? Want to do this, or that? [hint] 想要整天喝咖啡吗?想要为了钱而写作吗?想要与我们一起工作吗?想做这个,还是那个? [/hint]

No, not now — I don’t want to be busy. [hint] 不,现在不行——我不想太忙。 [/hint]

When you’re busy, time moves fast. And I want time to move SLOW. That’s why I only say yes to things that matter to me. [hint] 当你忙碌的时候,时间过得很快。我想要时间慢下来。这就是我只做那些对我重要的事情的原因。 [/hint]

You know that feeling? Some days seem like forever, and years later, you still remember how you felt that day. You should feel like that almost every day. [hint] 你知道这种感觉吗?有些日子似乎永远过不完,而多年以后,你仍然记得那一天的感觉。你应该几乎每天都有这种感觉。 [/hint]

All you have to do is slow down, stop being busy, don’t forget about important things, and live a conscious life. [hint] 你所要做的就是放慢脚步,停止忙碌,不要忘记重要的事情,过一种有意识的生活。 [/hint]

It’s not that difficult, right? You can start now. [hint] 这不难。对吗?你现在可以开始了。 [/hint]