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“Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you sleep.” — Napoleon Hill

[hint] “无论你醒着,还是沉睡,你的潜意识一直在工作。” ——拿破仑 · 希尔 [/hint]

Your subconscious never rests and is always on duty because it controls your heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestion. It controls all the vital processes and functions of your body and knows the answers to all your problems. [hint] 你的潜意识从不休息,它总是在工作,因为它控制着你的心跳、血液循环和消化。它控制着身体所有重要过程和机能,知道你所有问题的答案。 [/hint]

What happens on your subconscious level influences what happens on your conscious level. In other words, what goes on internally, even unconsciously, eventually becomes your reality. As Hill further states, “The subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent, by the most direct and practical method available.” [hint] 你的潜意识会影响你的意识。换句话说,内在发生的,甚至无意识的,最终都会变成现实。希尔进一步指出,“潜意识将通过最直接、最实用的方法转化为现实。” [/hint]

Consequently, your goal is to direct your subconscious mind to create the outcomes you seek. Additionally, you want to tap into your subconscious mind to unlock connections and solutions to your problems and projects. Here’s a simple routine to get started: [hint] 因此,你的目标就是引导你的潜意识去创造你所追求的结果。此外,如果你想要进入你的潜意识,开启你的问题与项目之间的联系和解决方案。 下面是一个简单的开始: [/hint]

Ten minutes before going to sleep:

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” — Thomas Edison [hint] 睡前十分钟 “如果没有对潜意识提出要求,就不要睡觉。” ——托马斯 · 爱迪生 [/hint]

It’s common practice for many of the world’s most successful people to intentionally direct the workings of their subconscious mind while they’re sleeping. [hint] 对于世界上许多最成功的人来说,在他们睡觉的时候有意识地引导他们的潜意识是很常见的做法。 [/hint]

How? Take a few moments before you go to bed to meditate on and write down the things you’re trying to accomplish. [hint] 但是如何去做呢? 睡前花点时间去冥想,写下你想要完成的事情。 [/hint]

Ask yourself loads of questions related to that thing. In Edison’s words, make some “requests.” Write those questions and thoughts down on paper. The more specific the questions, the more clear will be your answers. [hint] 多问自己一些关于那件事情的问题。用爱迪生的话说,提出一些“要求。”把这些问题和想法写在纸上。问题越是具体,你的答案越清晰。 [/hint]

While you’re sleeping, your subconscious mind will get to work on those things. [hint] 当你睡觉的时候,你的潜意识就会开始处理这些问题。 [/hint]

Ten minutes after waking up:

[hint] 起床后十分钟。 [/hint]

Research confirms the brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex, is most active and readily creative immediately following sleep. Your subconscious mind has been loosely mind-wandering while you slept, making contextual and temporal connections. Creativity, after all, is making connections between different parts of the brain. [hint] 研究证实,大脑,尤其是前额叶皮层,在睡眠后是最活跃和最容易创造的。在你睡觉的时候,你的潜意识一直在放松地走神,建立起上下文和时间上的联系。毕竟,创造力是在大脑不同部分之间建立联系。 [/hint]

In a recent interview with Tim Ferriss, Josh Waitzkin, former chess prodigy and tai chi world champion, explains his morning routine to tap into the subconscious breakthroughs and connections experienced while he was sleeping. [hint] 在最近接受蒂姆 · 费里斯采访时,前国际象棋神童、太极拳世界冠军乔什 · 维特兹金解释了他的晨间作息,利用他睡觉时的潜意识突破和联系。 [/hint]

Unlike 80 percent of people between the ages of 18–44 who check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up, Waitzkin goes to a quiet place, does some meditation and grabs his journal. [hint] 在18-44岁的人群中,80%的人会在起床后15分钟内查看智能手机。与之不同的是,维特兹金选择一个安静的地方,做一些冥想,然后拿起他的日记。 [/hint]

In his journal, he thought-dumps for several minutes.Thus, rather than focusing on input like most people who check their notifications, Waitzkin’s focus is on output. This is how he taps into his higher realms of clarity, learning, and creativity — what he calls, “crystallized intelligence.” [hint] 在他的日记中沉思几分钟。与大多数检查通知的人一样,维特兹金关注的不是输入,而是输出。这就是他进入深层明晰,学习,和创造的方法。这就是他所谓的“智慧的结晶”。 [/hint]

If you’re not an experienced journal writer, the idea of “thought-dumping” may be hard to implement. In my experience, it’s good to loosely direct your thought-dumping toward your goals. [hint] 如果你不是一个经验丰富的期刊作家,“思想倾注”的想法可能很难实现。以我的经验,把你的思想倾注在你的目标上是有好处的。 [/hint]

Consider the “requests” you made of your subconscious just before going to bed. You asked yourself loads of questions. You thought about and wrote down the things you’re trying to accomplish. [hint] 考虑一下你在睡觉前潜意识里的“要求”。你问了自己很多问题。你思考并写下你想要完成的事情。 [/hint]

Now, first thing in the morning, when your creative brain is most attuned, after its subconscious workout while you slept, start writing down whatever comes to mind about those things. [hint] 现在,早晨的第一件事情,当你的创造性思维最活跃、潜意识在睡觉时得到锻炼后,开始写下你想到的任何关于这件事情的东西。 [/hint]

I often get ideas for articles I’m going to write while doing these thought-dumps. I get ideas about how I can be a better husband and father to my three foster children. I get clarity about the goals I believe I should be pursuing. I get insights about people I need to connect with, or how I can improve my current relationships. [hint] 我在做这些思维转储的时候,经常会萌发一些关于写作的想法。我得到了如何成为更好的丈夫、以及如何成为更好的我三个寄养孩子父亲的想法。我清楚自己应该追求的目标。我能洞察到我需要联系的人,或者我如何改善目前的人际关系。 [/hint]

To be sure, you’ll need to practice this skill. It may take several attempts before you become proficient. But with consistency, you can become fluent and automatic at achieving creative and intuitive bursts. [hint] 当然,你需要练习这项技能。在你熟练之前可能需要多次尝试。但与此相匹配的是,你会更加熟练,不自觉地实现创造性和直觉的爆发。 [/hint]


[hint] 结论 [/hint]

“A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.” — James Allen [hint] “一个人不能直接选择他所处的环境,但他可以通过选择自己的思想,间接但肯定地塑造他所处的环境。” ——詹姆斯 · 艾伦 [/hint]

Mental creation always precedes physical creation. Before a building is physically constructed, there’s a blueprint. [hint] 精神创造总是先于物质创造。在建筑物落成之前,一定有一个蓝图。 [/hint]

Your thoughts are the blueprint of the life you are building one day at a time. When you learn to channel your thinking — both consciously and subconsciously — you create the conditions that make the achievement of your goals inevitable. [hint] 你的思想就是你每一天生活的蓝图。当你学会有意识或是下意识地引导你的思维时,你就创造了实现目标的条件。 [/hint]

You are the designer of your destiny. This simple routine will help you crystallize where you want to go, and how you will get there. [hint] 你就是自己命运的设计师。这个简单的程序将会帮助你明确方向,并告诉你如何到达。 [/hint]