《哈利 · 波特 与火焰杯(2000)》

!!! !!! Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice » 什么忠心耿耿,你只是胆小罢了 » Wormtail, I need somebody with brains, somebody whose loyalty has never wavered, and you, unfortunately, fulfill neither requirement.” » “虫尾巴,我需要一个有脑子的



  1. Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice »

  2. 什么忠心耿耿,你只是胆小罢了 »

  3. Wormtail, I need somebody with brains, somebody whose loyalty has never wavered, and you, unfortunately, fulfill neither requirement.” »

  4. “虫尾巴,我需要一个有脑子的人,一个对我绝对忠诚、从不动摇的人,而你呢,很不幸,这两个条件都不符合。” »

  5. Harry felt as though an ice cube had slipped down into his stomach at the very thought. … »

  6. 哈利一想到这个家伙,就觉得仿佛有一块冰滑进了胃里…… »

  7. Privet Drive looked exactly as a respectable suburban street would be expected to look in the early hours of Saturday morning »

  8. 看上去,女贞路完全符合一条令人尊敬的郊区街道在星期天凌晨应该呈现的样子。街道两边的窗帘都拉得严严实实的 »

  9. All the curtains were closed. »

  10. Yes, that would be Hermione’s advice: Go straight to the headmaster of Hogwarts, and in the meantime, consult a book »

  11. 没错,赫敏肯定会这样建议:赶紧去找霍格沃茨的校长,同时在一本书里查找答案 »

  12. He stopped there to enjoy the effect of these words. »

  13. 他停住话头,欣赏了一下这番话的效果。 »

  14. Harry stared at the word “Pig,” then looked up at the tiny owl now zooming around the light fixture on the ceiling. He had never seen anything that looked less like a pig. »

  15. 哈利瞪着“小猪”两个字发愣,又抬头看看那只正绕着天花板上的灯管嗖嗖乱飞的小猫头鹰。他从没见过比它更不像小猪的东西了。 »

  16. Hedwig hooted in a dignified sort of a way. »

  17. 海德薇以一种高贵的姿态鸣叫了一声。 »

  18. The letter finished, he tied it to Hedwig’s leg; she kept unusually still, as though determined to show him how a real post owl should behave. »

  19. 信写完了,哈利把它系在海德薇的腿上。海德薇一动不动,出奇地稳重,似乎打定主意要让哈利看看,一只真正的猫头鹰信使应该怎么做。 »

  20. The idea of being taught consideration by a man who had just blasted away half his living room wall seemed to be causing him intense suffering. »

  21. 一个刚刚炸毁他客厅半面墙壁的人居然要来教他学会尊重人,这似乎给他带来了极大的痛苦。 »

  22. We’ve been hearing explosions out of their room for ages, but we never thought they were actually making things,” said Ginny. “We thought they just liked the noise. »

  23. 好长时间了,我们总是听见他们房间里有爆炸的声音,但从来没想到他们真的在做东西,”金妮说,“我们还以为他们只是喜欢听响儿呢。” »

  24. Out in the garden, I expect,” she said. “He likes chasing gnomes. He’s never seen any before.” »

  25. 大概在外面的园子里吧。”她说,“它喜欢追赶地精,它以前从没见过这玩艺儿。” »

  26. You’re so old- fashioned, Mum. »

  27. 妈,你太落伍了。 »

  28. No — don’t bother »

  29. 别——你别费心了。 »

  30. “Freedom is going to Dobby’s head, sir,” said Winky sadly. “Ideas above his station, sir. Can’t get another position, sir.”“Why not?” said Harry. Winky lowered her voice by a half-octave and whispered, “He is wanting paying for his work, sir.”“Paying?” said Harry blankly. “Well — why shouldn’t he be paid?”Winky looked quite horrified at the idea and closed her fingers slightly so that her face was half-hidden again. “House-elves is not paid, sir!” she said in a muffled squeak. “No, no, no. I says to Dobby, I says, go find yourself a nice family and settle down, Dobby. He is getting up to all sorts of high jinks, sir, what is unbecoming to a house-elf. You goes racketing around like this, Dobby, I says, and next thing I hear you’s up in front of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, like some common goblin.” »

  31. “多比脑子里整天想着自由,先生,”闪闪悲哀地说,“尽是些不切实际的想法,先生。他找不到工作,先生。”“为什么找不到工作?”哈利问。 闪闪把声音降低半个八度,悄声说:“他想得到报酬,先生。”“报酬?”哈利茫然地问,“怎么——他不应该得到报酬吗?”闪闪似乎被这个想法吓坏了,把手指合起来,这样她的脸又被挡住了一半。 “家养小精灵干活是没有报酬的,先生!”她从手指后面尖声说,“不行,这样不行,不行。我对多比说,我说,给自己找一个像样的家庭好好安顿下来,多比。他整天就知道寻欢作乐,先生,这对一个家养小精灵来说是不合适的。我说,你这样到处玩耍嬉戏,接下来我就会听说你像某个下贱的妖精一样,被神奇动物管理控制司抓去问罪了。” »

  32. “Well, it’s about time he had a bit of fun,” said Harry. “House-elves is not supposed to have fun, Harry Potter,” said Winky firmly, from behind her hands. “House-elves does what they is told. I is not liking heights at all, Harry Potter” — she glanced toward the edge of the box and gulped — “but my master sends me to the Top Box and I comes, sir.” »

  33. “可是,他也应该找点儿乐趣了。”哈利说。 “家养小精灵是不应该有乐趣的,哈利·波特,”闪闪双手捂着脸认真地说道,“家养鸡小精灵完全听从主人的吩咐。我有恐高症,哈利·波特——”她朝包厢边缘扫了一眼,吸了口冷气,“——可是我的主人派我到顶层包厢来,我就来了,先生。” »

  34. Hermione, meanwhile, was skimming eagerly through her velvet- covered, tasseled program. »

  35. 这时,赫敏正在急切地翻看她那本天鹅绒封面的带流苏的比赛说明书。 »

  36. Harry and Draco Malfoy had been enemies ever since their very first journey to Hogwarts. A pale boy with a pointed face and white-blond hair, Draco greatly resembled his father. His mother was blonde too; tall and slim, she would have been nice-looking if she hadn’t been wearing a look that suggested there was a nasty smell under her nose. »

  37. 哈利和德拉科·马尔福从他们第一次去霍格沃茨上学起,就一直是死对头。德拉科是一个肤色苍白的男孩,尖尖的脸、淡黄色的头发,和他的父亲长得非常像。他母亲也是浅肤色、黄头发,她本来长得不算难看,可就是老摆出一副厌恶的神情,就好像闻到了什么难闻的气味。 »

  38. It was a tense moment. Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy looked at each other and Harry vividly recalled the last time they had come face-to-face: It had been in Flourish and Blotts’ bookshop, and they had had a fight. »

  39. The Malfoys prided themselves on being purebloods; in other words, they considered anyone of Muggle descent, like Hermione, second-class »

  40. 马尔福一家一向为自己是纯种巫师而骄傲,也就是说,他们认为麻瓜的后代,比如赫敏,都是低人一等的。 »

  41. The veela had started to dance, and Harry’s mind had gone completely and blissfully blank. All that mattered in the world was that he kept watching the veela, because if they stopped dancing, terrible things would happen. … »

  42. 媚娃开始跳舞,哈利的脑子变得一片空白,只感到一种极度的喜悦。世界上的一切都不重要了,只要他能一直看着媚娃就行,因为如果她们停止跳舞,就会发生可怕的事…… »

  43. And as the veela danced faster and faster, wild, half-formed thoughts started chasing through Harry’s dazed mind. He wanted to do something very impressive, right now. Jumping from the box into the stadium seemed a good idea … but would it be good enough? »

  44. 随着媚娃的舞姿越来越快,一些疯狂的、不成形的念头开始在哈利晕晕乎乎的脑海里飞旋。他想做一件特别是了不起的事情,现在就做。 从包厢跳进体育馆怎么样?看来不错……可是够不够精彩呢? »

  45. They were now leading by one hundred and thirty points to ten, and the game was starting to get dirtier. »

  46. 他们现在以130:10领先,比赛开始变得不择手段了。 »

  47. The leprechauns had risen into the air again, and this time, they formed a giant hand, which was making a very rude sign indeed at the veela across the field. At this, the veela lost control. Instead of dancing, they launched themselves across the field and began throwing what seemed to be handfuls of fire at the leprechauns. Watching through his Omnioculars, Harry saw that they didn’t look remotely beautiful now. On the contrary, their faces were elongating into sharp, cruel-beaked bird heads, and long, scaly wings were bursting from their shoulders — »

  48. 小矮妖又全部升到空中,这次他们形成了一只巨手,朝场地那边的媚娃做出一个非常粗鲁的手势。媚娃一看,顿时失去了控制。她们没有跳舞,而是飞起来穿过赛场,开始将一把一把的火焰般的东西朝小矮妖们扔去。哈利通过望远镜看去,发现她们现在一点儿也不美丽了。相反,她们的脸拉长了,变成了尖尖的、长着利喙的鸟头,一对长长的、覆盖着鳞片的翅膀正从她们的肩膀上冒出来—— »

  49. And that, boys,” yelled Mr. Weasley over the tumult of the crowd below, “is why you should never go for looks alone »

  50. 明白了吧,孩子们,”韦斯莱先生的声音盖过下面人群的喧哗,“所以你们永远不能只追求外表!” »

  51. Harry wanted someone to realize that Krum was injured; even though he was supporting Ireland, Krum was the most exciting player on the field. Ron obviously felt the same. »

  52. 哈利真希望有人发现克鲁姆受伤了,尽管他是支持爱尔兰队的,但克鲁姆是场上最令人激动的队员。罗恩显然也有同感。 »

  53. KRUM GETS THE SNITCH — BUT IRELAND WINS — good lord, I don’t think any of us were expecting that!” »

  54. “克鲁姆抓到了金色飞贼——可是爱尔兰队获胜了——天哪,我想大家谁也没有料到会是这样的结局!” »

  55. He knew they were never going to catch up!” Harry shouted back over all the noise, also applauding loudly. “The Irish Chasers were too good. …He wanted to end it on his terms, that’s all. …” »

  56. 他知道他们永远也不可能追上来!”哈利也在大声欢呼。他盖过其他声音对罗恩喊道:“爱尔兰队的追球手太棒了……克鲁姆只想根据自己的情况结束比赛,就是这样……” »

  57. You can speak English!” said Fudge, sounding outraged. “And you’ve been letting me mime everything all day!” »

  58. “你会说英语!”福吉说道,语气非常恼火,“可你让我整天在这里比比划划!” »

  59. But he grinned happily as Troy and Quigley lifted the Cup into the air and the crowd below thundered its approval. Harry’s hands were numb with clapping. »

  60. 可是当特洛伊和奎格利把奖杯高高举起、观众们爆发出雷鸣般的鼓掌欢呼时,林齐也咧嘴露出了笑容。哈利的手掌都拍麻了。 »

  61. Everybody present knew that “Mudblood” was a very offensive term for a witch or wizard of Muggle parentage. »

  62. 在场的都知道,“泥巴种”是一句很难听的话,用来骂那些父母是麻瓜的巫师。 »

  63. “It’s people like you, Ron,” Hermione began hotly, “who prop up rotten and unjust systems, just because they’re too lazy to —” »

  64. “正是你们这样的人,罗恩,”赫敏激烈地说,“维护着这种腐朽的不合理的制度,就因为你们太懒惰……” »

  65. The point?” said Mr. Weasley with a hollow laugh. “Harry, that’s their idea of fun. Half the Muggle killings back when You-Know-Who was in power were done for fun. »

  66. “意义?”韦斯莱先生干笑一声,说道,“哈利,那就是他们作乐的方式。过去神秘人当道的时候,他们杀害麻瓜一半都是为了取乐。 »

  67. Harry got back into his bunk with his head buzzing. He knew he ought to feel exhausted: It was nearly three in the morning, but he felt wide-awake —wide-awake, and worried. »

  68. 哈利爬回到他的双层床上,脑袋里嗡嗡作响。他知道他应该感到精疲力竭才是:现在已是凌晨三点,可是他却感到异常清醒——清醒,而且担忧。 »

  69. Sometimes, when a person’s memory’s modified, it makes him a bit disorientated for a while … and that was a big thing they had to make him forget.” »

  70. What if You-Know-Who had got you, and the last thing I ever said to you was that you didn’t get enough O.W.L.s? Oh Fred … George …” »

  71. 如果神秘人把你们抓去,而我对你们说的最后一句话竟是你们O. W. Ls考试成绩不理想?哦,弗雷德……乔治……” »

  72. Yeah, I know,” said Harry, but there was a leaden feeling in his stomach as he looked out of the window at the Hedwig-free sky. »

  73. “是啊,我知道。”哈利说道,可是当他望着窗外的天空,不见海德薇的影子,心里还是感到沉甸甸的。 »

  74. Hermione left the room, muttering something that sounded very much like “Boys.” »

  75. 赫敏离开了房间,嘴里嘀咕着什么,好像是说:“这帮男生!” »

  76. . “They want compensation for their ruined property. Mundungus Fletcher’s put in a claim for a twelve-bedroomed tent with en-suite Jacuzzi, but I’ve got his number. I know for a fact he was sleeping under a cloak propped on sticks.” »

  77. “他们希望对他们被损坏的财物进行赔偿。蒙顿格斯·弗莱奇提出索赔一顶带有十二个卧室和配套按摩浴缸的帐篷,可是我摸透了他的底细。我知道他实际上是在一件用棍子支着的斗蓬下面过的夜。” »

  78. There were no numerals around the face, but descriptions of where each family member might be. “Home,” “school,” and “work” were there, but there was also “traveling,”“lost,” “hospital,” “prison,” and, in the position where the number twelve would be on a normal clock, “mortal peril.” »

  79. 钟面没有数字,却写着每位家庭成员可能会在的地方。有“家”、“学校”和“上班”,也有“路上”、“失踪”、“医院”、“监狱”,在普通钟上十二点的地方,标着“生命危险”。 »

  80. “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re still on holiday,” said Mrs. Weasley »

  81. “别丢人现眼了,现在正放假呢。”韦斯莱夫人说。 »

  82. He heaved a pile of parcels onto Harry’s camp bed and dropped the money bag and a load of socks next to it. »

  83. 罗恩把一大堆包裹搬到哈利的行军床上,又把钱袋和一大包袜子扔在包裹旁边。 »

  84. “Look, here’s the stuff Mum got for you in Diagon Alley. And she’s got some gold out of your vault for you … and she’s washed all your socks.” »

  85. “瞧,这些都是妈妈在对角巷给你买的东西。她还从你的保险柜里给你取了一些金币……还替你把所有的袜子都洗干净了。” »

  86. Harry looked away. He would willingly have split all the money in his Gringotts vault with the Weasleys, but he knew they would never take it. »

  87. 哈利移开了目光。他真愿意把他在古灵阁保险柜里的钱都拿出来,分给韦斯莱一家,但他知道他们不会接受的。 »

  88. “Fine,” snapped Mrs. Weasley. “Go naked. And, Harry, make sure you get a picture of him. Goodness knows I could do with a laugh.” »

  89. “好吧,”韦斯莱夫人严厉地反驳道,“你就光着身子吧。哈利,别忘了给他拍一张照片。上帝作证,我可以大笑一场了。” »

  90. There was a funny spluttering noise from behind them. Pigwidgeon was choking on an overlarge Owl Treat. »

  91. 喀喀喀,他们身后传来一种很奇怪的声音,小猪被一粒过大的猫头鹰食卡住了喉咙。 »

  92. Mr. Diggory’s head rolled its eyes. “Says he heard an intruder in his yard. Says he was creeping toward the house, but was ambushed by his dustbins.” »

  93. 迪戈里先生的头转了转眼珠。“他说听见有人闯进了他的院子。说他悄悄朝房子走去,可是遭到了他的垃圾箱的伏击。” »

  94. “Dumbledore’s not what you’d call normal, though, is he?” said Fred. “I mean, I know he’s a genius and everything …” »

  95. “邓布利多就不是你们所说的正常人,对吧?”弗雷德说,“我的意思是,我知道他是个天才,很了不起……” »

  96. 哈利没有告诉韦斯莱夫人,麻瓜出租车司机很少运送狂躁不安的猫头鹰,而小猪在那里一个劲儿地吵闹,声音震耳欲聋。更不用说弗雷德的箱子突然弹开,许多费力拔博士的自动点火、见水开花神奇烟火出人意料地炸响了,吓得那个搬箱子的司机大叫起来,而这时克鲁克山用尖利的爪子顺着那人的朋腿往上爬,使他的喊声里又多了一些痛苦。 »

  97. Harry didn’t like to tell Mrs. Weasley that Muggle taxi drivers rarely transported overexcited owls, and Pigwidgeon was making an earsplitting racket. Nor did it help that a number of Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No- Heat Fireworks went off unexpectedly when Fred’s trunk sprang open, causing the driver carrying it to yell with fright and pain as Crookshanks clawed his way up the man’s leg. »

  98. “There’s traditionally been a lot of rivalry between all the magic schools. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons like to conceal their whereabouts so nobody can steal their secrets,” said Hermione matter-of-factly. »

  99. “各个魔法学校之间始终存在着激烈的竞争。德姆斯特朗和布斯巴顿愿意把它们的校址隐藏起来,这样就没有人能窃取它们的秘密了。”赫敏一本正经地回答。 »

  100. “Maybe,” said Hermione, shrugging, “or it might have Muggle-repelling charms on it, like the World Cup stadium. And to keep foreign wizards from finding it, they’ll have made it Unplottable —” »

  101. “大概是吧,”赫敏耸了耸肩膀,说道,“或者它被施了驱逐麻瓜咒,就像世界杯赛的体育馆一样。为了不让外国的巫师发现它,还可以使它变得不可标绘——” »

  102. “Well, you can enchant a building so it’s impossible to plot on a map, can’t you?” »

  103. “是这样,你可以给建筑物施一个魔咒,别人就无法在地图上把它标绘出来了,明白吗?” »

  104. Dad could’ve got a promotion any time … he just likes it where he is. …” »

  105. 我爸爸随时都能提升……他只是喜欢现在这个位置……” »

  106. “All righ’, Harry?” Hagrid bellowed back, waving. “See yeh at the feast if we don’ drown!” »

  107. “你好,哈利!”海格粗声大气地回答,挥了挥手,“如果我们没被淹死的话,就在宴会上见吧!” »

  108. the line dwindling slowly as Professor McGonagall passed the L’s. »

  109. 队伍在慢慢减少,麦格教授已经念完了名单上以L开头 的名字。 »

  110. “I have only two words to say to you,” he told them, his deep voice echoing around the Hall. “Tuck in.” »

  111. “我只有两个字要对你们说,”他说道,浑厚的声音在礼堂里回响着,“吃吧!” »

  112. I mean, you’re not supposed to see them, are you? That’s the mark of a good house-elf, isn’t it, that you don’t know it’s there?” »

  113. 一个好的家养小精灵的标志就是你根本不知道他的存在,对吗? »

  114. “奴隶劳动,”赫敏说,呼吸变得非常粗重,“这顿晚饭就是这么来的。奴隶劳动。”她一口也不肯再吃了 »

  115. “Slave labor,” said Hermione, breathing hard through her nose. “That’s what made this dinner. Slave labor.”And she refused to eat another bite. »

  116. Harry grinned into his pillow, exceptionally glad that Ron couldn’t see what he could. »

  117. 哈利把脸埋在枕头里笑了,他特别感到欣慰的是罗恩没有看见他看见的东西。 »

  118. Professor Trelawney kept predicting Harry’s death, which he found extremely annoying. »

  119. 特里劳妮教授总是预言说哈利快要死了,这使他感到特别烦恼。 »

  120. “Eurgh” just about summed up the Blast-Ended Skrewts in Harry’s opinion. They looked like deformed, shell-less lobsters, horribly pale and slimy-looking, with legs sticking out in very odd places and no visible heads. There were about a hundred of them in each crate, each about six inches long, crawling over one another, bumping blindly into the sides of the boxes. They were giving off a very powerful smell of rotting fish. Every now and then, sparks would fly out of the end of a skrewt, and with a small phut, it would be propelled forward several inches. »

  121. “恶心”一词正好也概括了哈利对这种炸尾螺的印象。它们活像是变了形、去了壳的大龙虾,白灰灰、黏糊糊的,模样非常可怕,许多只脚横七竖八地伸出来,看不见脑袋在哪里。每只箱子里大约有一百条,每条都有六英寸左右长,互相叠在一起爬来爬去,昏头昏脑地撞在箱子壁上。它们还发出一股非常强烈的臭鱼烂虾的气味。时不时地,一条炸尾螺的尾部会射出一些火花,然后随着啪的一声轻响,炸尾螺就会向前推进几英寸。 »

  122. “Just because they’re not very pretty, it doesn’t mean they’re not useful,”Hermione snapped. “Dragon blood’s amazingly magical, but you wouldn’t want a dragon for a pet, would you?” »

  123. “它们的模样不太中看,并不意味着它们没有用处。”赫敏反驳道,“龙血具有神奇的功效,可是你愿意养一条龙作为宠物吗,啊?” »

  124. Harry looked around; the whole class was staring at him. He sat up straight; he had been almost dozing off, lost in the heat and his thoughts. »

  125. 哈利环顾四周,发现全班同学都在盯着他。他赶紧坐直身子。由于房间里太热,而且脑子里胡思乱想,他刚才差点儿睡着了。 »

  126. Malfoy, whose pale eyes were still watering with pain and humiliation, looked malevolently up at Moody and muttered something in which the words “my father” were distinguishable. »

  127. 马尔福浅色的眼睛仍然因痛苦和耻辱而汪着泪水,这时他恶毒地抬头望着穆迪,嘴里嘟囔着什么,其中几个词听得很清楚,是“我爸爸”。 »

  128. “Ah, yes,” said Moody appreciatively. “Your father would know that one. Gave the Ministry a lot of trouble at one time, the Imperius Curse.” »

  129. “啊,是的,”穆迪赞赏地说,“你父亲肯定知道那个咒语。想当年,夺魂咒给魔法部惹了不少麻烦。” »

  130. “Think it’s funny, do you?” he growled. “You’d like it, would you, if I did it to you?” »

  131. “你们觉得很好玩,是吗?”他粗着嗓子问,“如果我对你们来这一下,你们会喜欢吗?” »

  132. The Imperius Curse can be fought, and I’ll be teaching you how, but it takes real strength of character, and not everyone’s got it. Better avoid being hit with it if you can. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” he barked, and everyone jumped. »

  133. 夺魂咒是可以抵御的,我会把方法教给你们,但这需要很强的人格力量,不是每个人都能掌握的。你们最好尽量避免被它击中。随时保持警惕!”他突然大吼起来,把大家都吓了一跳。 »

  134. “Reducio,” Moody muttered, and the spider shrank back to its proper size. He put it back into the jar. »

  135. “极度痛苦。”穆迪轻声说,“如果你会念钻心咒,你折磨别人就不需要用拇指夹或刀子了……这个咒语一度也非常流行。” »

  136. There was a flash of blinding green light and a rushing sound, as though a vast, invisible something was soaring through the air — instantaneously the spider rolled over onto its back, unmarked, but unmistakably dead. Several of the students stifled cries; Ron had thrown himself backward and almost toppled off his seat as the spider skidded toward him. »

  137. 一道耀眼的绿光刺得人睁不开眼睛,同时还有一阵杂乱的声音,仿佛一个看不见的庞然大物在空中飞过——与此同时,那蜘蛛翻了过来,仰面躺在桌上,身上并无半点伤痕,但无疑已经死了。几个学生使劲忍住想要发出的喊叫;蜘蛛朝罗恩这边滑过来时,罗恩猛地往后一抑,差点儿从座位上摔了下来。 »

  138. So that was how his parents had died … exactly like that spider. Had they been unblemished and unmarked too? Had they simply seen the flash of green light and heard the rush of speeding death, before life was wiped from their bodies? »

  139. 原来,他父母就是这样死去的……和那只蜘蛛一模一样。他们也是没有一点痕迹,没有一点创伤吗?他们也是看见一道绿光一闪,听见死神匆匆赶来的脚步声,然后生命就从他们的身体里消失了吗? »

  140. Harry knew these details because he had heard his parents’ voices when he had fought the dementors last year — for that was the terrible power of the dementors: to force their victims to relive the worst memories of their lives, and drown, powerless, in their own despair. … »

  141. 哈利知道这些细节,因为他去年与摄魂怪搏斗时,曾经听见过父母的声音。摄魂怪具有可怕的魔力,能强迫别人想起一生中最痛苦的往事,陷入绝望的情绪中,瘫软无力,不能自拨…… »

  142. Moody was speaking again, from a great distance, it seemed to Harry. With a massive effort, he pulled himself back to the present and listened to what Moody was saying. »

  143. 穆迪又在说话了,哈利觉得他的声音来自一个很远很远的地方。哈利花了很大的努力,才使自己的注意力回到了眼前的现实中,听穆迪说话。 »

  144. “Now, if there’s no countercurse, why am I showing you? Because you’ve got to know. You’ve got to appreciate what the worst is. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re facing it. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” he roared, and the whole class jumped again. »

  145. “那么,既然没有解咒,我为什么要向你们展示这些呢?因为你们必须有所了解。你们必须充分意识到什么是最糟糕的。你们不希望发现自己遇到你们现在面对的局面吧。随时保持警惕!”他吼道,又把全班同学吓了一跳。 »

  146. “Now … those three curses — Avada Kedavra, Imperius, and Cruciatus — are known as the Unforgivable Curses. The use of any one of them on a fellow human being is enough to earn a life sentence in Azkaban. That’s what you’re up against. That’s what I’ve got to teach you to fight. You need preparing. You need arming. But most of all, you need to practice constant, never-ceasing vigilance. Get out your quills … copy this down. …” »

  147. “好了……这三个咒语——阿瓦达索命咒、夺魂咒、钻心咒——都被称为不可饶恕咒。把其中任何一个咒语用在人类身上,都足够在阿兹卡班坐上一辈子监牢。这就是你们要抵御的东西。这就是我要教你们抵御的东西。你们需要做好准备。你们需要有所戒备。不过最重要的是,你们需要时刻保持警惕,永远不能松懈。拿出羽毛笔……把这些记录下来……” »

  148. They were talking about the lesson, Harry thought, as though it had been some sort of spectacular show, but he hadn’t found it very entertaining —and nor, it seemed, had Hermione. »

  149. 哈利心想,听他们谈论这堂课的口气,就好像观看了一场精彩的滑稽表演,而他觉得这并不怎么有趣——赫敏对此也有同感。 »

  150. Apparently, Professor Sprout told Professor Moody I’m really good at Herbology,” Neville said. There was a faint note of pride in his voice that Harry had rarely heard there before. “He thought I’d like this.” »

  151. “看样子是斯普劳特教授告诉了穆迪教授,说我在草药学方面非常棒。”纳威说——他的声音里有一丝淡淡的骄傲,这是哈利以前很少听到的,“穆迪教授认为我会喜欢这本书。” »

  152. They continued to make up predictions (which grew steadily more tragic) for another hour, while the common room around them slowly emptied as people went up to bed. Crookshanks wandered over to them, leapt lightly into an empty chair, and stared inscrutably at Harry, rather as Hermione might look if she knew they weren’t doing their homework properly. »

  153. 他们编造着预言(悲剧的色彩越来越浓),就这样又过了一个小时,公共休息室里的人们陆续回去睡觉了,周围慢慢冷清下来。克鲁克山溜达着走过来,轻巧地跳上一张空椅子,用深奥莫测的目光望着哈利,那神情很像赫敏——如果赫敏知道他们做家庭作业时投机取巧,也会露出这样的神情。 »

  154. “Funny you should ask,” said Hermione, with a nasty look at Ron. She took off the lid and showed them the contents. »

  155. “你居然也知道问。”赫敏凶狠地看了罗恩一眼,说道。她揭开盒盖,给他们看里面的东西。 »

  156. “Not spew,” said Hermione impatiently. “It’s S-P-E-W. Stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.” »

  157. “不是呕吐,”赫敏不耐烦地说,“是S-P-E-W。意思是家养小精灵权益促进会。” »

  158. “I’ve been researching it thoroughly in the library. Elf enslavement goes back centuries. I can’t believe no one’s done anything about it before now.” »

  159. “我一直在图书馆深入研究这个问题。小精灵的奴隶身分可以追溯到好几个世纪以前。我无法相信居然一直没有人对此采取措施。” »

  160. There was a pause in which Hermione beamed at the pair of them, and Harry sat, torn between exasperation at Hermione and amusement at the look on Ron’s face. The silence was broken, not by Ron, who in any case looked as though he was temporarily dumbstruck, but by a soft tap, tap on the window. Harry looked across the now empty common room and saw, illuminated by the moonlight, a snowy owl perched on the windowsill. »

  161. 一时间,谁也没有说话,赫敏喜滋滋地看着他们俩。哈利坐在那里,既为赫敏的表现感到恼火,又被罗恩脸上的表情逗得想笑。最后沉默被打破了,但出声的不是罗恩,看他的样子,好像暂时还说不出话来。他们听见窗户上传来轻轻的敲打声,啪,啪。哈利的目光越过此刻空荡荡的公共休息室,看见在月光的映照下,一只雪白的猫头鹰栖息在窗台上。 »

  162. Hedwig gave him an extremely offended look and took off for the open window, cuffing him around the head with her outstretched wing as she went. »

  163. 海德薇非常生气地看了他一眼,就朝敞开的窗户飞去,用它伸展的翅膀拍打了一下哈利的脑袋。 »

  164. “Harry,” Hermione began, in a pacifying sort of voice »

  165. “哈利。”赫敏用息事宁人的口气说道。 »

  166. He heard Ron come up into the dormitory a short while later, but did not speak to him. For a long time, Harry lay staring up at the dark canopy of his bed. The dormitory was completely silent, and, had he been less preoccupied, Harry would have realized that the absence of Neville’s usual snores meant that he was not the only one lying awake. »

  167. 片刻后,他听见罗恩进了宿舍,但他没有跟他说话。哈利久久地躺在床上,瞪着漆黑的帐顶发愣。宿舍里一片寂静,如果哈利不是这样心事重重,他就会意识到宿舍里没有响起纳威惯常的鼾声,这说明今夜辗转难眠的不止他一个人。 »

  168. He spotted Hedwig nestled between a barn owl and a tawny, and hurried over to her, sliding a little on the dropping-strewn floor. »

  169. 哈利看见海德薇栖息在一只谷仓猫头鹰和一只黄褐色猫头鹰之间,便匆匆走过去,脚踩在洒满鸟粪的地上差点儿滑倒了。 »

  170. “Drop it,” said Ron sharply to Hermione as she opened her mouth to argue some more, and for once, Hermione heeded him, and fell silent. »

  171. “别说了。”赫敏张嘴还要辩论,罗恩很不客气地阻止了她。赫敏破天荒第一次听从了他,不再说什么了。 »

  172. The next thing Harry felt was considerable pain. He had both jumped and tried to prevent himself from jumping — the result was that he’d smashed headlong into the desk, knocking it over, and, by the feeling in his legs, fractured both his kneecaps. »

  173. 接下来,哈利便感到一阵剧痛。他跳了,同时又试图不让自己跳——其结果就是他一头撞在桌子上,把桌子撞翻了,腿上钻心地疼,看来他的两个膝盖骨都摔裂了。 »

  174. “The way he talks,” Harry muttered as he hobbled out of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class an hour later (Moody had insisted on putting Harry through his paces four times in a row, until Harry could throw off the curse entirely), “you’d think we were all going to be attacked any second.” »

  175. “听他说话的口气,”一小时后(穆迪坚持让哈利连续测试了四次,直到哈利能够完全摆脱那个咒语),哈利一瘸一拐地走出黑魔法防御术课的教室,嘴里嘀咕道,“你还以为我们随时都会受到攻击呢。” »

  176. Talk about paranoid »

  177. 说话像个偏执狂 »

  178. Brilliant!” said Harry. “It’s Potions last thing on Friday! Snape won’t have time to poison us all!” »

  179. 太棒了!”哈利说,“星期五的最后一堂课是魔药课!斯内普来不及给我们大家下毒了!” »

  180. Harry noticed too that the castle seemed to be undergoing an extra- thorough cleaning. Several grimy portraits had been scrubbed, much to the displeasure of their subjects, who sat huddled in their frames muttering darkly and wincing as they felt their raw pink faces. »

  181. 哈利还注意到,城堡似乎正在进行彻底的打扫。几幅肮脏的肖像画被擦洗干净了,那些被擦洗的人物对此十分不满。他们缩着身子坐在像框里,闷闷不乐地嘟囔着,每次一摸到脸上新露出的粉红色嫩肉,就疼得龇牙咧嘴。 »

  182. She noticed them all looking at her and said, with her usual air of impatience that nobody else had read all the books she had, “It’s all in Hogwarts, A History. Though, of course, that book’s not entirely reliable. A Revised History of Hogwarts would be a more accurate title. Or A Highly Biased and Selective History of Hogwarts, Which Glosses Over the Nastier Aspects of the School.” »

  183. 她注意到大家都在盯着她,便又摆出那副不耐烦的表情,因为居然没有一个人像她一样读过那么多书。她说:“这些都写在《霍格沃茨,一段校史》里呢。不过,当然啦,那本书并不完全可靠。也许叫它《一部被修改的霍格沃茨校史》更加合适,或者叫它《一部带有偏见和选择性的霍格沃茨校史,学校的阴暗面被掩盖了》。” »

  184. Some people, like Neville, had paid up just to stop Hermione from glowering at them. A few seemed mildly interested in what she had to say, but were reluctant to take a more active role in campaigning. Many regarded the whole thing as a joke. »

  185. 有一些人,比如纳威,无奈地付了钱,只是为了让赫敏别再恶狠狠地瞪着自己。也有个别人似乎对她说和话略有兴趣,但不愿意积极参加活动,为此奔走游说。许多人把整个这件事当作一个玩笑。 »

  186. He remembered what Mr. Weasley had said back at the campsite before the Quidditch World Cup: “always the same — we can’t resist showing off when we get together. …” »

  187. 他想起了在魁地奇世界杯决赛前,韦斯莱先生在营地说的话:“总是这样的——每当我们聚到一起,就忍不住要炫耀一番……” »

  188. “Bless you,” said Ron. »

  189. “好家伙。”罗恩说。 »

  190. “Yeah, I’ll just bet they are,” said Ron quietly. “Looks like they’ve finally found a food they like, doesn’t it? Hagrid’s fingers.” »

  191. “是啊,我猜肯定是这样,”罗恩小声说,“看来它们终于找到了一种爱吃的东西了,是吗?那就是海格的手指。” »

  192. “I’m telling you, that’s not a normal girl!” »

  193. “我说,那女生真是不一般!” »

  194. At the mention of the word “champions,” the attentiveness of the listening students seemed to sharpen. »

  195. 一听到“勇士”这个词,同学们似乎更专心了。 »

  196. “Bet some of them put it in last night after we’d all gone to bed,” said Harry. “I would’ve if it had been me … wouldn’t have wanted everyone watching. What if the goblet just gobbed you right back out again?” »

  197. “准是有人趁我们昨晚睡觉时把名字投了进去。”哈利说,“如果是我,就会这么做的……不想让大家看见。如果杯子把你的名字揉成一团扔出来,那多丢脸啊!” »

  198. “I did warn you,” said a deep, amused voice, and everyone turned to see Professor Dumbledore coming out of the Great Hall. He surveyed Fred and George, his eyes twinkling. “I suggest you both go up to Madam Pomfrey. She is already tending to Miss Fawcett, of Ravenclaw, and Mr. Summers, of Hufflepuff, both of whom decided to age themselves up a little too. Though I must say, neither of their beards is anything like as fine as yours.” »

  199. “我提醒过你们。”一个低沉的、被逗乐的声音说道,大家转过头来,看见邓布利多教授正从礼堂里走出来。他打量着弗雷德和乔治,眼里闪着光芒,“我建议你们俩都到庞弗雷夫人那里去一趟。她已经在护理拉文克劳的福西特小姐和赫奇帕奇的萨默斯先生了,他俩也是打定主意要让自己的年龄增加一点儿。不过我必须说一句,他俩的胡子远远不如你们的漂亮。” »

  200. “好吧,”罗恩说,“但愿他不要叫我们也捐献几根手指给炸尾螺。”赫敏脸上突然露出极为兴奋的表情。 »

  201. “Okay,” said Ron, “just as long as he doesn’t ask us to donate a few fingers to the skrewts.”A look of great excitement suddenly dawned on Hermione’s face. »

  202. “It’d be doin’ ’em an unkindness, Hermione,” he said gravely, threading a massive bone needle with thick yellow yarn. “It’s in their nature ter look after humans, that’s what they like, see? Yeh’d be makin’ ’em unhappy ter take away their work, an’ insultin’ ’em if yeh tried ter pay ’em.” »

  203. “这对他们来说不是一件好事,赫敏,”他严肃地说,用黄色粗纱线穿过一根粗大的骨针,“他们的天性就是照顾人类,他们喜欢这样,明白吗?如果不让他们工作,他们会感到悲哀的,而给他们付工钱对他们来说是一种侮辱。” »

  204. “But Harry set Dobby free, and he was over the moon about it!” said Hermione. “And we heard he’s asking for wages now!”“Yeah, well, yeh get weirdos in every breed. I’m not sayin’ there isn’t the odd elf who’d take freedom, but yeh’ll never persuade most of ’em ter do it — no, nothin’ doin’, Hermione.” »

  205. “可是哈利解放了多比,多比别提多高兴了!”赫敏说,“而且我们听说他现在正要求别人付他工钱呢!”“是啊,是啊,每一种生物里都有一些怪胎。我并不否认有个别古怪的小精灵愿意获得自由,但你永远不可能说服大多数小精灵争取自由——真的,这不可能,赫敏。” »

  206. “Knew you had it in you! »

  207. “我知道你注定就是勇士!” »

  208. He just stood there, looking at the three champions. It struck him how very tall all of them were. »

  209. 他只是站在那里,望着那三位勇士。他突然觉得他们一个个真高啊。 »

  210. “Madame Maxime!” said Fleur at once, striding over to her headmistress. “Zey are saying zat zis little boy is to compete also!”Somewhere under Harry’s numb disbelief he felt a ripple of anger. Little boy? »

  211. “马克西姆夫人!”芙蓉立刻说道,一边大步朝她的校长走去,“他们说这个小男孩也要参加比赛!”哈利尽管觉得不可思议,大脑一片麻木,却也感到心头掠过一丝怒火。小男孩? »

  212. “Maybe someone’s hoping Potter is going to die for it,” said Moody, with the merest trace of a growl. »

  213. “也许有人希望波特为此送命。”穆迪说,语气里带着一丝咆哮。他的话说完后,是一阵极度紧张的沉默。 »

  214. “Because they hoodwinked a very powerful magical object!” said Moody. “It would have needed an exceptionally strong Confundus Charm to bamboozle that goblet into forgetting that only three schools compete in the tournament. … I’m guessing they submitted Potter’s name under a fourth school, to make sure he was the only one in his category. …” »

  215. “因为他们骗过了一个法术十分高强的魔法物体!”穆迪说,“要蒙蔽那只高脚杯,使他忘记只有三个学校参加争霸赛,这需要一个特别厉害的混淆咒……我猜想,他们一定是把波特的名字作为第四个学校的学生报了进去,确保他是那个学校惟一的人选……” »

  216. My dear Madame Maxime, if you have an alternative, I would be delighted to hear it.” »

  217. “我亲爱的马克西姆夫人,如果你有另外的解决方法,我愿意洗耳恭听。” »

  218. “Harry, Cedric, I suggest you go up to bed,” said Dumbledore, smiling at both of them. “I am sure Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are waiting to celebrate with you, and it would be a shame to deprive them of this excellent excuse to make a great deal of mess and noise.” »

  219. “哈利、塞德里克,我建议你们回去睡觉。”邓布利多说,笑眯眯地看看他们俩,“我相信,格兰芬多和赫奇帕奇的同学都在等着和你们一起庆祝呢。他们好不容易有个借口大吵大闹一番,要夺走他们的这个机会就太不应该了。” »

  220. Yes, he’d thought about it … he’d fantasized about it …but it had been a joke, really, an idle sort of dream … he’d never really, seriously considered entering. …But someone else had considered it … someone else had wanted him in the tournament, and had made sure he was entered. Why? To give him a treat? He didn’t think so, somehow. … »

  221. 啊,他曾经设想过……他曾经幻想过……但那只是闹着玩儿的,是想入非非,白日做梦……他从来没有真正地、认真地考虑过要参加……然而有人考虑了……有人想要他参加比赛,并且确保他能够入选。 为什么?为了给他一个大好处?不知怎的,他并不这样认为…… »

  222. The blast of noise that met Harry’s ears when the portrait opened almost knocked him backward. Next thing he knew, he was being wrenched inside the common room by about a dozen pairs of hands, and was facing the whole of Gryffindor House, all of whom were screaming, applauding, and whistling. »

  223. 肖像画打开时,突然灌进耳朵的喧哗声震得哈利差点仰面摔倒。接着,他只知道自己被大约十几双手拽进了公共休息室,面对着格兰芬多学院的全体同学。他们全都在尖叫、欢呼、吹口哨。 »

  224. “You’ll be able to pay back Diggory for that last Quidditch match, Harry!” shrieked Katie Bell, another of the Gryffindor Chasers. »

  225. “你可以为上次的魁地奇比赛向迪戈里报一箭之仇了,哈利!”凯蒂·贝尔尖叫道,她也是格兰芬多球队的一名追球手。 »

  226. “Oh Harry, isn’t it obvious?” Hermione said despairingly. “He’s jealous!” »

  227. “唉,哈利,这难道还不明白吗?”赫敏没有办法地说,“他是嫉妒呢!” »

  228. “Look,” said Hermione patiently, “it’s always you who gets all the attention, you know it is. I know it’s not your fault,” she added quickly, seeing Harry open his mouth furiously. “I know you don’t ask for it … but —well — you know, Ron’s got all those brothers to compete against at home, and you’re his best friend, and you’re really famous — he’s always shunted to one side whenever people see you, and he puts up with it, and he never mentions it, but I suppose this is just one time too many. …” »

  229. “想一想吧,”赫敏耐心地说,“你知道,引起所有人注意的永远是你。我知道这不是你的错,”她看到哈利气愤地张开嘴巴,便赶紧补充道,“我知道你并没有追求这个……可是——怎么说呢——你知道的,罗恩在家里要跟那么多哥哥竞争较量,你作为他最好的朋友,又是那么大名鼎鼎——每次别人一看见你,他就被冷落到一边,对此他都默默地忍受了,从来不提一个字,我想这一次恰好使他忍无可忍了……” »

  230. He paused at this point, thinking. He had an urge to say something about the large weight of anxiety that seemed to have settled inside his chest since last night, but he couldn’t think how to translate this into words, so he simply dipped his quill back into the ink bottle and wrote, Hope you’re okay, and Buckbeak — Harry »

  231. 写到这里,他停下笔思索着。他多么想讲一讲从昨晚开始盘踞在他心头的那种沉重的焦虑啊,可是他不知道怎样把这种情绪用文字表达出来。于是,他又把羽毛笔在墨水瓶里蘸了蘸,写道——希望你一切都好,向巴克比克问好。——哈利 »

  232. At this, Hedwig came fluttering down onto his shoulder and held out her leg. “I can’t use you,” Harry told her, looking around for the school owls. “I’ve got to use one of these. …” »

  233. 海德薇见了,赶紧扑棱棱地飞到他的肩头,伸出一条腿来。 “我不能用你,”哈利对它说,一边左右张望着找寻学校的猫头鹰,“我必须在它们中间挑一只……” »

  234. Hagrid’s beetle-black eyes looked very anxious under his wild eyebrows. “No idea who put yeh in fer it, Harry?”“You believe I didn’t do it, then?” said Harry, concealing with difficulty the rush of gratitude he felt at Hagrid’s words. “ ’Course I do,” Hagrid grunted. “Yeh say it wasn’ you, an’ I believe yeh — an’ Dumbledore believes yer, an’ all.” »

  235. 海格浓密蓬乱的眉毛下,甲壳虫一般黑亮的眼睛显得非常担忧。 “不知道是谁把你的名字投进去的,哈利?”“怎么,你相信我没有这么做?”哈利说,竭力掩饰他听到海格的话后突然涌起的感激之情。 “我当然相信,”海格咕哝着说,“你说不是你干的,我相信你——邓布利多也相信你,大家都相信你。” »

  236. The next few days were some of Harry’s worst at Hogwarts. The closest he had ever come to feeling like this had been during those months, in his second year, when a large part of the school had suspected him of attacking his fellow students. But Ron had been on his side then. He thought he could have coped with the rest of the school’s behavior if he could just have had Ron back as a friend, but he wasn’t going to try and persuade Ron to talk to him if Ron didn’t want to. Nevertheless, it was lonely with dislike pouring in on him from all sides. »

  237. 接下来的几天是哈利在霍格沃茨最难熬的日子。记得还是在二年级的那几个月里,学校里许多同学都怀疑是他攻击了自己的同学,那时他的日子也差不多像现在这样难过。不过当时罗恩跟他站在一边。哈利认为,只要罗恩依然是他的好朋友,全校其他同学不管怎么样他都能对付,但是既然罗恩无意与他和好,他也决不愿意死乞白赖地求罗恩跟他说话。可是,唉,反感和不满从四面八方朝他涌来,他是多么孤单啊。 »

  238. Meanwhile there was no reply from Sirius, Hedwig was refusing to come anywhere near him, Professor Trelawney was predicting his death with even more certainty than usual, and he did so badly at Summoning Charms in Professor Flitwick’s class that he was given extra homework — the only person to get any, apart from Neville. »

  239. 与此同时,小天狼星那里还是毫无音讯;海德薇呢,死活都不肯接近他;特里劳妮教授又在预言他的死亡了,言之凿凿,语气比往常还要肯定;他在弗立维教授的课上学习飞来咒时,表现得一塌糊涂,结果教授给他布置了额外的家庭作业——除了纳威,他是惟一被罚作业的人。 »

  240. It was lucky, perhaps, that both Harry and Ron started shouting at Snape at the same time; lucky their voices echoed so much in the stone corridor, for in the confused din, it was impossible for him to hear exactly what they were calling him. He got the gist, however. »

  241. 幸亏哈利和罗恩同时冲着斯内普大喊大叫,幸亏他们俩的声音在石头走廊里造成那么大的回音,幸亏在这样乱哄哄的噪声中,斯内普不可能听清楚他们究竟骂了他什么。不过,他还是猜出了主要的意思。 »

  242. “Great,” said Harry dully. “Exactly what I need. More publicity.” »

  243. “太棒了,”哈利愁闷地说,“正是我想要的。进一步丢人现眼。” »

  244. Harry was feeling really annoyed now. How on earth was he to know how his parents would feel if they were alive? He could feel Rita Skeeter watching him very intently. Frowning, he avoided her gaze and looked down at words the quill had just written: Tears fill those startling green eyes as our conversation turns to the parents he can barely remember. »

  245. 哈利现在真的感到恼怒了。他父母活着会有什么感觉,他怎么可能知道呢?他可以感到丽塔·斯基特的目光牢牢盯在他身上。他皱起眉头,躲开她的视线,低头看着羽毛笔刚刚写出的文字:当我们的谈话转向他已几乎毫无印象的父母时,那双绿得惊人的眼睛里充满了泪水。 »

  246. “Enchantingly nasty,” said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling. “I particularly enjoyed your description of me as an obsolete dingbat.” »

  247. “真是棒极了,”邓布利多说,两只眼睛灼灼发亮,“我特别爱读你把我描写成一个僵化的老疯子的那一段。” »

  248. Harry could remember too. He could remember it as though it had happened yesterday. … »

  249. 哈利同样记忆犹新,一切就好像发生在昨天…… »

  250. He then walked straight out of the room, not looking at Harry. For a moment, Harry considered going after him — he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to talk to him or hit him, both seemed quite appealing — but the lure of Sirius’s answer was too strong. Harry strode over to the barn owl, took the letter off its leg, and unrolled it. »

  251. 说完,他径直走出了房间,看也不看哈利一眼。一时间,哈利考虑是否追出去——他搞不清自己是想跟罗恩谈谈,还是想揍他一顿,这两件事似乎都很吸引人——可是小天狼星回信的诱惑力太强了。哈利大步走向谷仓猫头鹰,从它脚上解下那封信,把它展开来。 »

  252. Entering you in that tournament would have been very risky, especially right under Dumbledore’s nose. »

  253. 给你报名参加争霸赛是非常冒险的,特别是在邓布利多的鼻子底下这么做。 »

  254. But Rita Skeeter had gone even further than transforming his “er’s” into long, sickly sentences: She had interviewed other people about him too. »

  255. 这还不算,丽塔·斯基特不光把他的支支吾吾变成了许多令人恶心的长篇大论,而且还询问了其他人对他的看法。 »

  256. It was Cho. Harry felt the color rising in his face. “Oh — right — sorry,” he muttered, taking the quill back. “Er … good luck on Tuesday,” she said. “I really hope you do well.”Which left Harry feeling extremely stupid »

  257. 原来是秋·张。哈利觉得自己的脸腾地红了。 “噢——好的——对不起。”他低声嘟囔着,接过了羽毛笔。 “嗯……祝你星期二好运,”她说,“我真心希望你发挥出色。”这使哈利觉得恍恍惚惚,脑子里一片空白。 »

  258. “Ignore it,” Hermione said in a dignified voice, holding her head in the air and stalking past the sniggering Slytherin girls as though she couldn’t hear them. “Just ignore it, Harry.” »

  259. “别理它,”赫敏用不失尊严的口吻说,一边把脑袋昂得高高的,从咯咯窃笑的斯莱特林女生身边大步走过,就好像她什么也没听见,“别理它就行了,哈利。” »

  260. Harry had had enough. Trusting to the fact that Hagrid wouldn’t miss him, with the attractions of four dragons and Madame Maxime to occupy him, he turned silently and began to walk away, back to the castle. »

  261. 哈利觉得自己不能再待下去了。他相信,海格的心已经被迷人的四条巨龙和马克西姆夫人填得满满的,不会惦记自己了,于是他悄悄地转过身,开始返回城堡。 »

  262. Sirius’s head was sitting in the fire. If Harry hadn’t seen Mr. Diggory do exactly this back in the Weasleys’ kitchen, it would have scared him out of his wits. Instead, his face breaking into the first smile he had worn for days, he scrambled out of his chair, crouched down by the hearth, and said, “Sirius — how’re you doing?” »

  263. 小天狼星的脑袋端端正正地立在火焰中。如果哈利没有在韦斯莱家的厨房里看见迪戈里先生有过同样的举动,他肯定会被吓得魂飞魄散。 此刻,他不仅没有害怕,脸上反而绽开了笑容,这是许多日子以来的第一次。他爬下椅子,跪坐在壁炉边,说道:“小天狼星——你怎么样啊?” »

  264. Sirius looked at him, eyes full of concern, eyes that had not yet lost the look that Azkaban had given them — that deadened, haunted look. »

  265. 小天狼星望着他,眼睛里满含着关切,这双眼睛还没有完全摆脱阿兹卡班留给它们的神情——那种呆滞的忧郁的神情。他 »

  266. And she was an idiot. Very nosy, but no brains, none at all. It’s not a good combination, Harry. I’d say she’d be very easy to lure into a trap. »

  267. 特别爱管闲事,可是没有头脑,完全没有头脑。这两样结合在一起可就糟糕透了,哈利。我认为她这个人经不起诱惑,很容易就中了别人的圈套。” »

  268. Harry got up on Sunday morning and dressed so inattentively that it was a while before he realized he was trying to pull his hat onto his foot instead of his sock. When he’d finally got all his clothes on the right parts of his body, he hurried off to find Hermione, locating her at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, where she was eating breakfast with Ginny. »

  269. 星期日早晨,哈利一觉醒来,心不在焉地穿着衣服,过了一会儿他才意识到自己正把帽子当袜子往脚上套呢。他终于把每件衣服都穿在了合适的部位,便匆匆出来寻找赫敏,最后在礼堂里格兰芬多的桌子旁找到了她。赫敏正和金妮一起吃早饭呢。 »

  270. “ ‘Dragons are extremely difficult to slay, owing to the ancient magic that imbues their thick hides, which none but the most powerful spells can penetrate …’ But Sirius said a simple one would do it. …” »

  271. “‘龙是极难宰杀的,因为它们的厚皮里渗透着古代魔法,只有最强大的魔咒才能穿透……’可是小天狼星说,一个简单的咒语就能解决问题……” »

  272. Harry barely slept that night. When he awoke on Monday morning, he seriously considered for the first time ever just running away from Hogwarts. »

  273. 哈利那天夜里几乎没有睡着。星期一早晨他醒来时,生平第一次开始认真考虑从霍格沃茨逃跑。 »

  274. Harry looked at him in disbelief. He was sure Cedric wouldn’t have asked that if he had seen the dragons himself. Harry wouldn’t have let his worst enemy face those monsters unprepared — well, perhaps Malfoy or Snape … »

  275. 哈利不敢相信地望着他。他可以肯定,如果塞德里克亲眼看见了那些火龙,就不会问这个问题了。哈利不能让他最强劲的竞争对手在毫无防备的情况下面对那些庞然大物——也许,换了马尔福或斯内普就…… »

  276. “That was a very decent thing you just did, Potter,” Moody said quietly. »

  277. “你刚才做了一件很有风度的事,波特。”穆迪轻声地说。 »

  278. “Cheating’s a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament and always has been.” »

  279. “作弊向来是三强争霸赛的传统组成部分。” »

  280. Moody grinned. “I wasn’t accusing you, laddie. I’ve been telling Dumbledore from the start, he can be as high-minded as he likes, but you can bet old Karkaroff and Maxime won’t be. They’ll have told their champions everything they can. They want to win. They want to beat Dumbledore. They’d like to prove he’s only human.” »

  281. 穆迪咧开嘴笑了。“我没有责备你,孩子。我从一开始就告诉邓布利多,他尽可以发扬高尚的风格,但我敢说卡卡洛夫和马克西姆绝没有这样超脱。他们会尽可能把一切都告诉他们的勇士。他们想赢。他们想打败邓布利多。他们希望证明他只是一个凡人。” »

  282. “My second piece of general advice,” said Moody loudly, interrupting him, “is to use a nice, simple spell that will enable you to get what you need.” »

  283. “我给你的第二条泛泛的忠告是,”穆迪打断了他,大声地说,“念一个简单而有效的咒语,使你能够得到你需要的东西。” »

  284. He therefore had to endure over an hour of Professor Trelawney, who spent half the lesson telling everyone that the position of Mars with relation to Saturn at that moment meant that people born in July were in great danger of sudden, violent deaths. »

  285. 因此,他只好又花一个多小时忍受特里劳妮教授的唠叨,特里劳妮教授用半节课的时间告诉全班同学,从当时火星与土星的相对位置来看,七月份出生的人将有突然惨死的巨大危险。 »

  286. “Well, now we know what to do next time I can’t manage a spell,” Harry said, throwing a rune dictionary back to Hermione, so he could try again, “threaten me with a dragon. Right …” He raised his wand once more. “Accio Dictionary!” »

  287. “噢,现在我知道下次我学不会魔咒该怎么办了,”哈利说着,把一本魔文词典扔还给赫敏,这样他可以再试一次,“就拿一条火龙来威胁我。没错……”他又一次举起魔杖。“词典飞来!” »

  288. The main thing is just to do your best, and nobody will think any the worse of you. …Are you all right?” »

  289. 最重要的是充分发挥你自己的能力,谁也不会认为你比别人逊色……你没事吧?” »

  290. Perhaps they thought they might be sick if they opened their mouths; that was certainly how Harry felt. »

  291. 大概他们觉得一旦开口说话,就会心慌得呕吐吧。这正是哈利的感觉。 »

  292. Got a plan?” »

  293. 心里有谱了吗? »

  294. Harry tried to wish him luck as he walked past, but all that came out of his mouth was a sort of hoarse grunt. »

  295. 两人擦肩而过时,哈利本想祝他好运,但嘴里只发出了一声粗哑的嘟哝。 »

  296. And then he heard it, speeding through the air behind him; he turned and saw his Firebolt hurtling toward him around the edge of the woods, soaring into the enclosure, and stopping dead in midair beside him, waiting for him to mount. »

  297. 接着,他听见了,什么东西在他后面嗖嗖地穿过空气疾飞而来。他转过身,看见他的火弩箭绕过禁林边缘,朝他快速飞来;它飞进场地,猛地停在他身旁的半空中,等着他跨上去。 »

  298. As he soared upward, as the wind rushed through his hair, as the crowd’s faces became mere flesh-colored pinpricks below, and the Horntail shrank to the size of a dog, he realized that he had left not only the ground behind, but also his fear. … He was back where he belonged. … »

  299. 当他飞速地盘旋而上,当风呼呼地吹动他的头发,当下面观众们的脸都变成了肉色的小针眼,树蜂缩小成一条狗那么大时,他意识到了:他抛弃的不仅是地面,更有他的恐惧……他回到了他如鱼得水的地方…… »

  300. The trick was to do it carefully, gradually. … »

  301. 诀窍就是要循序渐进,步步为营…… »

  302. Harry saw the dragon keepers rushing forward to subdue the Horntail, and, over at the entrance to the enclosure, Professor McGonagall, Professor Moody, and Hagrid hurrying to meet him, all of them waving him toward them, their smiles evident even from this distance. »

  303. 哈利看见驯龙者纷纷冲过去,平息树蜂的怒火。在场地的入口处那边,麦格教授、穆迪教授和海格匆匆走过来迎接他。他们都在朝他招手,要他过去,即使隔着这么远的距离,他们脸上的笑容也清晰可见。 »

  304. “Nice and easy does the trick, Potter,” he growled. »

  305. “你那一招既漂亮又干脆,波特。”他粗声粗气地说。 »

  306. “Harry, you were brilliant!” Hermione said squeakily. There were fingernail marks on her face where she had been clutching it in fear. “You were amazing! You really were!” »

  307. “哈利,你真出色!”赫敏尖声尖气地说道。她脸上左一道右一道的,都是指甲抓的痕迹,因为她一直在惊恐地抓挠自己的脸。“你真是太棒了!真是太棒了!” »

  308. But Harry was looking at Ron, who was very white and staring at Harry as though he were a ghost. “Harry,” he said, very seriously, “whoever put your name in that goblet — I — I reckon they’re trying to do you in!” »

  309. 然而哈利正望着罗恩。罗恩的脸白得吓人,他呆呆地瞪着哈利,就好像哈利是一个鬼魂。 “哈利,”他说,神情非常严肃,“不管是什么人把你的名字扔进了那只火焰杯——我——我认为他们是想要你的命!” »

  310. “Caught on, have you?” said Harry coldly. “Took you long enough.” »

  311. “你终于明白了?”哈利冷冷地说,“时间够长的啊。” »

  312. Ron grinned nervously at him, and Harry grinned back. Hermione burst into tears. “There’s nothing to cry about!” Harry told her, bewildered. “You two are so stupid!” she shouted, stamping her foot on the ground, tears splashing down her front. Then, before either of them could stop her, she had given both of them a hug and dashed away, now positively howling. »

  313. 罗恩局促不安地咧嘴朝他微笑着,哈利也对他报以微笑。 赫敏突然哭了起来。 “这有什么可哭的!”哈利感到莫名其妙,对她说。 “你们俩个真傻!”她大声喊道,一边使劲儿用脚跺着地面,眼泪扑簌簌地洒到胸前。然后,没等他们俩来得及阻止,她就拥抱了他们一下,转身奔走了,这时她已是在号啕大哭了。 »

  314. Picking up the golden egg and his Firebolt, feeling more elated than he would have believed possible an hour ago, Harry ducked out of the tent, Ron by his side, talking fast. »

  315. 哈利拿起金蛋和火弩箭,觉得心情无比愉快,一小时前他简直不相信自己会有这么好的心情。他低头走出帐篷,罗恩跟在他身旁,像连珠炮一样说个不停。 »

  316. But Harry didn’t care, he wouldn’t have cared if Karkaroff had given him zero; Ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him. »

  317. 可是哈利并不在乎,即使卡卡洛夫给他零分,他也不会在乎。罗恩为他打抱不平,这对他来说比一百分还宝贵。 »

  318. When it had come to it, when they had seen what he was facing, most of the school had been on his side as well as Cedric’s. … He didn’t care about the Slytherins, he could stand whatever they threw at him now. »

  319. 事到临头,当他们看到哈利所面对的挑战时,学校的大多数同学都开始支持他,就像支持塞德里克一样……他不在乎斯莱特林的学生,现在不管他们朝他泼什么脏水,他都能够忍受。 »

  320. “Congratulations, Harry!” she said, beaming at him. “I wonder if you could give me a quick word? How you felt facing that dragon? How you feel now, about the fairness of the scoring?”“Yeah, you can have a word,” said Harry savagely. “Good-bye.”And he set off back to the castle with Ron. »

  321. “祝贺你,哈利!”她说,满脸微笑地看着哈利,“不知道你能不能跟我说一句话?你面对火龙时有什么感觉?你现在有什么感觉,你觉得裁判打分是否公平?”“好的,我可以跟你说一句话,”哈利恼火地说,“再见。”说完,他和罗恩一起拔腿朝城堡走去。 »

  322. “I was supposed to work out how to get past the dragon on my own too,”Harry muttered, so only Hermione could hear him, and she grinned rather guiltily. »

  323. “我也应该自己解决怎样穿越火龙的问题呀。”哈利嘀咕了一句。他的声音很低,只有赫敏能够听见,赫敏心虚地咧开嘴笑了。 »

  324. Hermione looked doubtfully at the plate he was offering her. Fred grinned. “It’s all right,” he said. “I haven’t done anything to them. It’s the custard creams you’ve got to watch —” »

  325. 赫敏怀疑地望着他递过来的盘子。弗雷德咧开嘴笑了。 “你放心,”他说,“我没有对它们做什么手脚。你需要留神的是蛋奶饼干——” »

  326. They’re dead helpful … get me a roast ox if I said I was peckish.” »

  327. ’他们真是热心啊……只要我一说我有点儿饿了,他们就会给我烤一头牛。” »

  328. “Just as long as he didn’t import those skrewts illegally or anything,” said Hermione desperately. They looked at one another — it was exactly the sort of thing Hagrid might do. »

  329. “但愿海格没有非法进口那些炸尾螺和其他东西。”赫敏焦虑地说。 他们互相对望着——这正是海格可能做的事情。 »

  330. “Professor Dumbledore offered Dobby ten Galleons a week, and weekends off,” said Dobby, suddenly giving a little shiver, as though the prospect of so much leisure and riches were frightening, “but Dobby beat him down, miss. … Dobby likes freedom, miss, but he isn’t wanting too much, miss, he likes work better.” »

  331. “邓布利多教授本来要给多比一星期十个加隆,周末放假,”多比说着,突然打了个寒噤,好像这么多财富和闲暇时间是非常可怕的,“可是多比跟他讨价还价,小姐……多比喜欢自由,小姐,但他不想要太多自由,他更喜欢工作!” »

  332. “Winky is a disgraced elf, but Winky is not yet getting paid!” she squeaked. “Winky is not sunk so low as that! Winky is properly ashamed of being freed!” »

  333. “闪闪是一个被扫地出门的家养小精灵,但闪闪还没到拿工钱的地步!”她尖声刺耳地说,“闪闪还没有堕落到那个程度!闪闪为自由感到羞愧!” »

  334. Dobby looked suddenly nervous and beckoned Harry closer. Harry bent forward. Dobby whispered, “He said we is free to call him a — a barmy old codger if we likes, sir!” »

  335. 多比突然显得局促不安,凑到哈利跟前来,哈利倾下身子。多比小声说道:“他说如果我们愿意,可以叫他傻瓜大笨蛋,先生!” »

  336. A week ago, Harry would have said finding a partner for a dance would be a cinch compared to taking on a Hungarian Horntail. But now that he had done the latter, and was facing the prospect of asking a girl to the ball, he thought he’d rather have another round with the dragon. »

  337. 一星期前哈利会说,找一个舞伴跟对付一条匈牙利树蜂比起来,简直是小菜一碟。可是现在他战胜了树蜂,正面临着找一个姑娘跳舞的挑战。他觉得自己宁愿再与火龙搏斗一个回合。 »

  338. Ron seemed to know what was going on inside Harry’s head. »

  339. 罗恩似乎看透了哈利的内心。 »

  340. It was odd; a moment before his insides had been writhing like snakes, but suddenly he didn’t seem to have any insides at all. »

  341. 这感觉真是古怪:一分钟前,他觉得内脏像蛇一般地蠕动不停,现在突然之间,他觉得自己仿佛根本没有内脏了。 »

  342. His insides had come back again. It felt as though they had been filled with lead in their absence. »

  343. 他的内脏又回来了。他觉得它们刚才被人拿去灌满了铅。 »

  344. “Oh did I?” said Hermione, and her eyes flashed dangerously. “Just because it’s taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn’t mean no one else has spotted I’m a girl!” »

  345. “哦,是吗?”赫敏说,她的眼里放出吓人的光,“你花了三年时间才发现我是个好姑娘,罗恩,这并不意味着就没有别人注意到这一点!” »

  346. Harry made a mental note never to accept so much as a crisp from Fred and George in future. He still hadn’t forgotten Dudley and the Ton-Tongue Toffee. »

  347. 哈利告诫自己,以后千万不能接受弗雷德和乔治递过来的任何东西,哪怕是一个土豆片。他仍然没有忘记德思礼一家和肥舌太妃糖的事。 »

  348. Hermione suddenly smiled very mischievously, and Harry noticed it too: It was a very different smile from the one he remembered. »

  349. 赫敏突然非常调皮地笑了,于是哈利也注意到了:赫敏的笑容确实和他记忆中的大不一样了。 »

  350. It worked fairly well; at least he was now lace-free, although he hadn’t done a very neat job, and the edges still looked depressingly frayed as the boys set off downstairs. »

  351. 还算管用,至少衣服上的花边没有了,但他的活儿干得并不利索,当几个男生动身下楼时,他的领口袖口仍然泛着毛边,真令人泄气。 »

  352. Harry took the hint and sat down next to Percy, who was wearing brand-new, navy-blue dress robes and an expression of such smugness that Harry thought it ought to be fined. »

  353. 哈利明白了他的意思,就在珀西旁边坐了下来。珀西穿着一件崭新的藏青色礼袍,脸上一副得意洋洋、自命不凡的样子。 »

  354. “Momen’ I saw yeh, I knew,” he was saying, in an oddly husky voice. »

  355. “我一看见你,心里就明白了。”他用一种很异样的嘶哑声音说。 »

  356. Brought up by the Dursleys, there were many things that wizards took for granted that were revelations to Harry, but these surprises had become fewer with each successive year. »

  357. 他在德思礼家里长大,巫师们认为理所当然的许多事,对他来说都是新奇的发现,但随着时间一年年过去,这种大惊小怪的情况越来越少了。 »

  358. Harry tried not to watch Cho and Cedric too much; it gave him a strong desire to kick something. »

  359. 哈利克制着自己不去注视秋·张和塞德里克,那会使他产生踢东西的强烈冲动。 »

  360. “Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!” »

  361. “下次再有舞会,你就赶在别人之前邀请我,别等到没办法了才想到我!” »

  362. Ron too much to speak his mind right now — but he somehow thought that Hermione had gotten the point much better than Ron had. »

  363. 他很珍惜现在他和罗恩又说话了,因此他谨慎地保持沉默,没有说出自己的观点——实际上,他认为跟罗恩比起来,赫敏才更准确地抓住了问题的实质。 »

  364. they struggled toward her through the snow. »

  365. 他们深一脚浅一脚地在雪地里穿行,朝她走去。 »

  366. The whole pub had gone very quiet. Madam Rosmerta was staring over from behind the bar, apparently oblivious to the fact that the flagon she was filling with mead was overflowing. »

  367. 整个小酒馆一下子变得鸦雀无声。罗斯默塔夫人从吧台后面朝这边望着——她正在往大酒壶里倒蜂蜜酒,大酒壶都满得溢出来了,她也没有觉察。 »

  368. “Let her try!” said Hermione defiantly; she was shaking with rage. “I’ll show her! Silly little girl, am I? Oh, I’ll get her back for this. First Harry, then Hagrid …” »

  369. “让她试试吧!”赫敏满不在乎地说,但气得浑身发抖,“我会给她点厉害尝尝!我是傻乎乎的小丫头?哼,我会让她付出代价的。先是为哈利,然后是为海格……” »

  370. The last time Harry had seen Hermione in a rage like this, she had hit Draco Malfoy around the face. “ »

  371. 上次哈利看见赫敏气成这样,是她打了德拉科·马尔福一记耳光的时候。 »

  372. “Of course we still want to know you!” Harry said, staring at Hagrid. “You don’t think anything that Skeeter cow — sorry, Professor,” he added quickly, looking at Dumbledore. “I have gone temporarily deaf and haven’t any idea what you said, Harry,” said Dumbledore, twiddling his thumbs and staring at the ceiling. »

  373. “我们当然还愿意同你交朋友!”哈利望着海格,说,“你难道认为斯基特那头母牛——对不起,教授。”他赶紧说道,转眼望着邓布利多。 “我一时耳聋,没听见你在说什么,哈利。”邓布利多说。他玩弄着两个大拇指,眼睛瞪着天花板。 »

  374. Really, Hagrid, if you are holding out for universal popularity, I’m afraid you will be in this cabin for a very long time,” said Dumbledore »

  375. “说实在的,海格,如果你想等到全世界人的支持,恐怕就要在这个小屋里待很长时间了。”邓布利多说 »

  376. Hermione kept patting his arm, and at last, Hagrid looked up, his eyes very red indeed, and said, “Great man, Dumbledore … great man …” »

  377. 赫敏不停地拍着他的胳膊,最后,海格终于抬起了头,两只眼睛通红,他说道:“真是了不起的人啊,邓布利多……了不起的人……” »

  378. “Yeh know wha’, Harry?” he said, looking up from the photograph of his father, his eyes very bright, “when I firs’ met you, you reminded me o’ me a bit. Mum an’ Dad gone, an’ you was feelin’ like yeh wouldn’ fit in at Hogwarts, remember? Not sure yeh were really up to it … an’ now look at yeh, Harry! School champion!” »

  379. “你知道吗,哈利?”他说,从他父亲的照片上抬起头来,眼睛非常明亮,“当我第一次见到你时,你使我想起了我自己。你父母双亡,担心自己在霍格沃茨不适应,记得吗?你不相信自己真的有能力……可是现在再看看你,哈利!学校的勇士!” »

  380. Lying to Hagrid wasn’t quite like lying to anyone else. »

  381. 对海格撒谎和对别人撒谎的感觉不一样。 »

  382. it was time to shelve his pride and see if Cedric’s hint was worth anything. »

  383. 放下自己的傲气,考虑一下塞德里克的提示是否管用。 »

  384. “Myrtle, there aren’t merpeople in there, are there?”“Oooh, very good,” she said, her thick glasses twinkling, “it took Diggory much longer than that! And that was with her awake too” — Myrtle jerked her head toward the mermaid with an expression of great dislike on her glum face — “giggling and showing off and flashing her fins. …” »

  385. “桃金娘,那里没有人鱼吧,有吗?”“喔,很好,”她说道——厚厚的镜片闪闪发亮,“迪戈里花的时间要长得多!而且当时她还是醒着的,”——桃金娘用脑袋指了指美人鱼,愁苦的脸上带着非常反感的表情——“咯咯笑着,搔首弄姿,炫耀她的鳍……” »

  386. “Talking about breathing in front of me!” she said shrilly, and her voice echoed loudly around the bathroom. “When I can’t … when I haven’t … not for ages …” »

  387. “你竟然在我面前讨论呼吸!”她尖声叫道,声音在洗澡间里发出响亮的回音,“明知道我不能……明知道我……好长好长时间……都没有……” »

  1. Harry could tell he was putting two and two together, as only Snape could. … »

  2. 哈利看得出来,他把这两件事联系起来了,只有斯内普能做到这点…… »

  3. Snape turned again to look at Moody, his hands still outstretched, inches from Harry’s chest. »

  4. 斯内普又转头望着穆迪,双手仍然张开着,离哈利的胸脯只差几寸。 »

  5. This … this is some map, Potter! »

  6. 这……这张地图可不同一般,波特! »

  7. It was a penetrating glare, and Harry had the impression that Moody was sizing him up, wondering whether to answer or not, or how much to tell him. »

  8. 这是一种具有穿透力的凝视,哈利感到穆迪在审视他,在考虑要不要回答他,在考虑告诉他多少。 »

  9. You’re a sharp boy, Potter, »

  10. 你是个目光很敏锐的孩子,波特。” »

  11. “You ever thought of a career as an Auror, Potter?”“No,” said Harry, taken aback. “You want to consider it,” said Moody, nodding and looking at Harry thoughtfully. »

  12. 停住脚步,抬头望着哈利。 “你有没有想过以后当一名傲罗,波特?”“没有。”哈利说,感到很吃惊。 “你需要考虑一下了,”穆迪说,他点着头, »

  13. he’d like to check how scarred the rest of them were before he chose it as a career »

  14. 他还要检查一下其他傲罗身上有多少伤疤,再决定以后当不当傲罗。 »

  15. This class was an ideal cover for a private conversation, as everyone was having far too much fun to pay them any attention. »

  16. 这堂课是进行秘密交谈的理想的保护伞,因为同学们都玩得很开心,根本顾不上注意他们。 »

  17. What had he expected? Advice on how to survive underwater? He had been so intent on telling Sirius all about Snape and Moody he had completely forgotten to mention the egg’s clue. »

  18. 他原先指望得到什么呢?指望小天狼星告诉他如何在水下存活?他写信时只顾告诉小天狼星关于斯内普和穆迪的事了,把金蛋忘得一干二净,只字未提。 »

  19. She seemed to be taking the library’s lack of useful information on the subject as a personal insult; it had never failed her before. »

  20. 她似乎把图书馆缺乏有用资料看成是对她自己的侮辱,以前她的问题总能在书本里找到答案。 »

  21. Forgetting that Crookshanks was on his lap, Harry stood up very suddenly; Crookshanks hissed angrily as he landed on the floor, gave Harry a disgusted look, and stalked away with his bottlebrush tail in the air, »

  22. 哈利忘记了腿上的克鲁克山,猛地站了起来。克鲁克山掉到地板上,气呼呼地嘶嘶地叫着,厌恶地白了哈利一眼,迈着大步走开了,那根瓶刷子般的尾巴高高翘在半空。 »

  23. He would grab the Invisibility Cloak and go back to the library, he’d stay there all night if he had to. … »

  24. 他去拿隐形衣,然后再溜回图书馆,如果必要的话,他要在那里熬一个通宵…… »

  25. “You has to eat this, sir!” squeaked the elf, and he put his hand in the pocket of his shorts and drew out a ball of what looked like slimy, grayish- green rat tails. “Right before you go into the lake, sir — gillyweed!” »

  26. “你必须把这个吃下去,先生!”小精灵尖声说着,把手伸进短裤口袋,掏出一团东西,像是无数根滑溜溜的、灰绿色的老鼠尾巴。“就在你下水前吃,先生——鳃囊草!” »

  27. “An hour long you’ll have to look, And to recover what we took …” »

  28. “… your time’s half gone, so tarry not Lest what you seek stays here to rot. …” »

  29. Harry kicked his legs so hard and fast it felt as though his muscles were screaming in protest; his very brain felt waterlogged, he couldn’t breathe, he needed oxygen, he had to keep going, he could not stop — »

  30. 哈利踢蹬着双腿,速度那么快,用了那么大的力气,他的肌肉似乎都在尖叫着发出抗议了;他的脑袋里仿佛也浸满了水,他喘不上气来,他需要氧气,他必须前进,不能停止—— »

  31. Harry felt both stupid and annoyed. It was all very well for Ron; he’d been asleep, he hadn’t felt how eerie it was down in the lake, surrounded by spear-carrying merpeople who’d looked more than capable of murder. »

  32. 哈利觉得又泄气又恼火。对罗恩来说这一切都没什么,他睡着了,他感觉不到在湖底下是多么阴森恐怖,周围都是拿着长矛的人鱼,一个个都像是杀人的老手。 »

  33. “She’s fine!” Harry tried to tell her, but he was so exhausted he could hardly talk, let alone shout »

  34. “她很好!”哈利想告诉她,但他太疲劳了,连话都说不出,更别说大声喊叫了。 »

  35. Harry’s feeling of stupidity was growing. Now he was out of the water, it seemed perfectly clear that Dumbledore’s safety precautions wouldn’t have permitted the death of a hostage just because their champion hadn’t turned up. Why hadn’t he just grabbed Ron and gone? He would have been first back. … Cedric and Krum hadn’t wasted time worrying about anyone else; they hadn’t taken the mersong seriously. … »

  36. 哈利越来越觉得自己真是傻透了。现在他离开了水面,便完全清楚邓布利多肯定布置了有效的安全防御措施,不会允许人质因为勇士没有露面而丧失的,这是明摆着的事呀。他为什么不能抓起罗恩就走呢?他完全可以第一个回来的……塞德里克和克鲁姆就没有浪费时间替别人操心,他们没有把人鱼的歌声当真…… »

  37. Fleur swooped down on him too and kissed him. Hermione looked simply furious, »

  38. 芙蓉扑过来,也亲了他几口。赫敏看上去气得要命, »

  39. However, the Merchieftainess informs us that Mr. Potter was first to reach the hostages, and that the delay in his return was due to his determination to return all hostages to safety, not merely his own »

  40. 然而,人鱼女首领告诉我们,波特先生是第一个找到人质的,他没能及时返回,是因为他要确保所有的人质都安全返回,而不是只关心他自己的人质。 »

  41. Next time he was in Hogsmeade, Harry decided as he walked back up the stone steps into the castle, he was going to buy Dobby a pair of socks for every day of the year. »

  42. 哈利踏上进入城堡的石阶时,心里想道,下次再去霍格莫德村,一定要给多比买一大堆袜子,让他一年到头每天都能穿上一双新袜子。 »

  43. People had been teasing her so much about being the thing that Viktor Krum would most miss that she was in a rather tetchy mood. »

  44. 她成了威克多尔·克鲁姆最心爱的宝贝,大家整天拿这件事来取笑她,所以她现在脾气非常暴躁。 »

  45. Harry had no sooner torn off Sirius’s reply than it took flight, clearly afraid it was going to be sent outside again. »

  46. 哈利刚把小天狼星的信扯下来,猫头鹰就急忙飞走了,显然是害怕再被派出去送信。 »

  47. Hermione, Harry, and Ron headed for a table at the back of the dungeon as usual »

  48. 赫敏、哈利和罗恩像往常一样走向教室后面的一张桌子。 »

  49. never felt this way about any other girl. »

  50. 从未对其他女孩有过这种感觉” »

  51. What a pile of old rubbish. »

  52. 整个一堆破烂儿。 »

  53. Hermione gave them a sarcastic smile and a wave »

  54. 赫敏对他们露出讽刺的笑容,还朝他们挥了挥手 »

  55. The article sounded ten times worse when read by Snape. »

  56. 这篇文章经斯内普的嘴一念,效果更糟糕十倍。 »

  57. Determined not to look at Snape, Harry resumed the mashing of his scarab beetles, imagining each one to have Snape’s face »

  58. 哈利打定主意不去看斯内普,开始捣他的圣甲虫,幻想着每只甲虫都长着一张斯内普的脸。 »

  59. No doubt he was hoping for an excuse to take a round fifty points from Gryffindor before the end of the class. »

  60. 不用说,他是想找借口赶在下课前扣掉格兰芬多五十多分。 »

  61. I’ll bear that in mind if I ever get the urge to go in there. »

  62. 我会记住这一点的,以免我什么时候心血来潮想去那儿。 »

  63. wondered whether he ought to take a leaf out of Moody’s book and start drinking only from a private hip flask. »

  64. 不知是否应该学学穆迪的榜样,也在裤袋里挂一个弧形酒瓶,从此只喝那里面的东西。 »

  65. It was easy for him, with his four paws, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione were soon out of breath. »

  66. 因为有四个爪子,走起来轻松自如,可是哈利、罗恩和赫敏很快就累得气喘吁吁了。 »

  67. Fulfilling my duty as godfather »

  68. 履行我作为教父的义务, »

  69. Let me get this straight »

  70. 我来把这件事搞清楚, »

  71. If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” »

  72. 如果你想了解一个人的为人,就要留意他是如何对待他的下级的,而不能光看他如何对待与他地位相等的人。 »

  73. Oh I know Crouch all right,” he said quietly. “He was the one who gave the order for me to be sent to Azkaban — without a trial. »

  74. “哦,我当然认识克劳奇,”他轻声说,“就是他下令把我送到阿兹卡班的——连审判也免了。” »

  75. Well, times like that bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. »

  76. 唉,像这样的时候,总能使好人体现出最好的品德,使坏人暴露最恶劣的本质。 »

  77. but he might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like the house-elf. »

  78. 他也许只是不该在那个时候出现在那个地点,就像那个家养小精灵一样。” »

  79. He was screaming for his mother by nightfall. He went quiet after a few days, though … they all went quiet in the end … except when they shrieked in their sleep. … »

  80. 傍晚的时候,他尖声叫喊着妈妈。不过几天之后,他就无声无息了……他们最后都无声无息了……只偶尔在睡梦中发出尖叫……” »

  81. how a nice young lad from a good family had gone so badly astray. The conclusion was that his father never cared much for him. »

  82. 为什么一个来自良好家庭的孩子会走上这样的邪路?得出的结论是他父亲从来不怎么关心他。 »

  83. He must really like you, Harry. … Imagine having to live off rats. »

  84. 一定非常爱你,哈利……想象一下吧,靠吃老鼠过活。 »

  85. Harry could tell Snape was thoroughly enjoying himself, denying Harry the thing he wanted when he was so panicky. »

  86. 哈利看得出来,斯内普在他这样惊慌失措的时候不让他得到想要的东西,心里正感到快意得很呢。 »

  87. but all the same … you can never have too many eyes out. »

  88. 不过……多几双眼睛总是好的。” »

  89. “Once you’re Stunned, you can’t aim too well, Hermione!” said Ron angrily. »

  90. “被击昏后不可能瞄得那么准,赫敏!”罗恩生气地说 »

  91. “Nagini,” said the cold voice, “you are out of luck. I will not be feeding Wormtail to you, after all … but never mind, never mind … there is still Harry Potter. …” »

  92. “纳吉尼,”那个冷酷的声音说,“你运气不好。我不打算用虫尾巴喂你了……不过没关系……还有哈利·波特……” »

  93. He felt much calmer, somehow, now that he was in Dumbledore’s office, knowing he would shortly be telling him about the dream. »

  94. 置身于邓布利多的办公室,而且知道马上就可以把那个梦告诉校长,哈利感觉平静多了。他 »

  95. He wanted to touch it, to find out what it felt like, but nearly four years’experience of the magical world told him that sticking his hand into a bowl full of some unknown substance was a very stupid thing to do. »

  96. 他想碰碰它,看会是什么感觉。但在魔法世界将近四年的经验告诉他,把手伸进盛满未知物体的盆里是非常愚蠢的。 »

  97. But he didn’t look it. Harry could tell that this news had come as a real blow to him. One of his names was worthless. »

  98. 但是他看上去并不高兴。哈利看出这个消息对他是个沉重的打击。 他手里的一个名字已经没用了。 »

  99. “I have given evidence already on this matter,” he said calmly. “Severus Snape was indeed a Death Eater. However, he rejoined our side before Lord Voldemort’s downfall and turned spy for us, at great personal risk. He is now no more a Death Eater than I am.” »

  100. “我已经就此事作过证了,”他平静地说,“西弗勒斯·斯内普确实曾经是一个食死徒。可他在伏地魔垮台之前就投向了我们一边,冒着很大的危险为我们做间谍。他现在和你我一样,不再是个食死徒了。” »

  101. You never spoke a truer word, boy, »

  102. 这话再对不过了,老兄。 »

  103. There was an Albus Dumbledore sitting on his right, watching Crouch’s son being dragged away by the dementors — and there was an Albus Dumbledore on his left, looking right at him. »

  104. 他右边坐着一位阿不思·邓不利多,看着克劳奇的儿子被摄魂怪拽走了——而左边还有一位阿不思·邓不利多,正在注视着他。 »

  105. “This? It is called a Pensieve,” said Dumbledore. “I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind.” »

  106. “这个吗?它叫冥想盆,”邓布利多说,“有时候我觉得脑子里塞了太多的思想和回忆,我相信你了解这种感觉。” »

  107. “I’m sorry,” Harry mumbled. Dumbledore shook his head. “Curiosity is not a sin,” he said. “But we should exercise caution with our curiosity … yes, indeed …” »

  108. “对不起。”哈利嗫嚅地说。 邓布利多摇了摇头。“好奇心不是罪过,”他说,“但我们在好奇的时候应当小心……真的……” »

  109. “It is possible,” said Dumbledore. “I would say — probable. Harry — did you see Voldemort?”“No,” said Harry. “Just the back of his chair. But — there wouldn’t have been anything to see, would there? I mean, he hasn’t got a body, has he? But … but then how could he have held the wand?” Harry said slowly. “How indeed?” muttered Dumbledore. “How indeed …” »

  110. “有可能,”邓布利多说,“我要说——很有可能。哈利——你看见伏地魔了吗?”“没有,”哈利说,“只看见了他的椅背。不过——本来也看不到什么,是吧?他没有身体,对不对?可是……那他怎么可能拿魔杖呢?”哈利慢慢地说。 “是啊,”邓布利多喃喃道,“怎么可能呢……” »

  111. You see, I read the Muggle newspapers, unlike most of my Ministry friends. »

  112. 知道,我看麻瓜的报纸,这一点我和部里的大多数朋友不一样。 »

  113. “So they’re dead?” said Harry quietly. “No,” said Dumbledore, his voice full of a bitterness Harry had never heard there before. “They are insane. They are both in St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. I believe Neville visits them, with his grandmother, during the holidays. They do not recognize him.” »

  114. “他们死了吗?”哈利轻声问道。 “没有,”邓布利多的声音中充满了哈利从未听到过的悲痛,“他们疯了。两人住在圣芒戈魔法伤病医院。我想纳威每到假期都和奶奶一起去探望他们。他们不认识他了。” »

  115. Harry sat there, horror-struck. He had never known … never, in four years, bothered to find out … »

  116. 哈利恐惧地坐在那里。他一直不知道……四年了,从来没有想到问一问…… »

  117. Dumbledore held Harry’s gaze for a few seconds, and then said, “That, Harry, is a matter between Professor Snape and myself.” »

  118. 邓布利多和哈利对视了几秒钟,然后说:“这是斯内普教授和我两个人之间的事情,哈利。” »

  119. “Harry,” he said as Harry reached the door. “Please do not speak about Neville’s parents to anybody else. He has the right to let people know, when he is ready.” »

  120. “哈利,”哈利走到门口时,邓布利多说。“请不要纳威父母的事告诉其他人。应当由他来告诉大家,等他愿意说的时候。” »

  121. Ron and Hermione were supposed to be studying for their exams, which would finish on the day of the third task, but they were putting most of their efforts into helping Harry prepare. »

  122. 罗恩和赫敏的考试将在进行第三个项目那天结束,他们本来应该抓紧时间复习的,但却花了大量精力帮助哈利做准备。 »

  123. Sirius was sending daily owls now. Like Hermione, he seemed to want to concentrate on getting Harry through the last task before they concerned themselves with anything else. He reminded Harry in every letter that whatever might be going on outside the walls of Hogwarts was not Harry’s responsibility, nor was it within his power to influence it. »

  124. 小天狼星现在每天都派猫头鹰送信来。他和赫敏一样,似乎一心要帮哈利通过每三个项目,然后才会考虑其他事情。他在每封信中都提醒哈利,霍格沃茨围墙以外的事你没有责任去管,你也没有能力对它们施加影响。 »

  125. “What were you doing out of your dormitory at four in the morning?”said Bill, surveying his mother with amazement. Mrs. Weasley grinned, her eyes twinkling. “Your father and I had been for a nighttime stroll,” she said. “He got caught by Apollyon Pringle — he was the caretaker in those days — your father’s still got the marks.” »

  126. “你凌晨四点在宿舍外面干什么?”比尔惊诧地望着他母亲说。 韦斯莱夫人笑了,眼睛亮晶晶的。 “我和你爸爸散步来着。他被当时的舍监阿波里昂·普林洛抓住了——你爸爸身上现在还带着印记呢。” »

  127. Fred, George, and Ginny came to sit next to them too, and Harry was having such a good time he felt almost as though he were back at the Burrow; »

  128. 弗雷德、乔治和金妮也坐过来了,哈利开心极了,好像又回到了陋居一样。 »

  129. He gave a short blast on his whistle, and Harry and Cedric hurried forward into the maze. »

  130. 随着一声短促的哨音,哈利和塞德里克急忙奔进了迷宫。 »

  131. He had two choices — try and move, or send up red sparks, and get rescued and disqualified from the task. »

  132. 他有两个选择——要么鼓起勇气挪动脚步,要么发射红色火花求援,被淘汰出局。 »

  133. But Cedric didn’t move. He merely stood there, looking at Harry. Then he turned to stare at the cup. Harry saw the longing expression on his face in its golden light. Cedric looked around at Harry again, who was now holding onto the hedge to support himself. Cedric took a deep breath. »

  134. 塞德里克没有动。他站在那里看着哈利,然后回头望着奖杯,在奖杯的金光映照下,哈利能看到塞德里克脸上渴望的表情。塞德里克又回头看看哈利,哈利正扶着树篱勉强站起来。塞德里克深深吸了口气。 »

  135. “That’s not how it’s supposed to work,” Harry said. He felt angry; his leg was very painful, he was aching all over from trying to throw off the spider, and after all his efforts, Cedric had beaten him to it, just as he’d beaten Harry to ask Cho to the ball. “The one who reaches the cup first gets the points. That’s you. I’m telling you, I’m not going to win any races on this leg.” »

  136. “规则不是这样的。”哈利说。他感到恼火,他的腿疼得厉害,为了甩掉蜘蛛,他现在浑身都疼,在那么多努力之后,却败给了塞德里克,就像那次请秋跳舞一样。“谁先到谁得分,是你先到。我说的是真的,我这条腿可没法赛跑。” »

  137. “Yeah,” said Harry. “Yeah … we’ve helped each other out, haven’t we? We both got here. Let’s just take it together.” »

  138. “当然,”哈利说,“当然……我们互相帮助克服了困难,对不对?我们两个一起到了这里,让我们一起去拿吧。” »

  139. Cedric was lying spread-eagled on the ground beside him. He was dead. »

  140. 塞德里克四肢伸开躺在地上,他死了。 »

  141. Harry had never seen anything less like a child. It was hairless and scaly-looking, a dark, raw, reddish black. Its arms and legs were thin and feeble, and its face — no child alive ever had a face like that — flat and snakelike, with gleaming red eyes. »

  142. 哈利从来没有见过比它更不像婴儿的东西了。 它没有毛发,身上仿佛长着鳞片,皮色暗暗的、红红的,像受了伤的嫩肉。它的胳膊和腿又细又软,它的脸——没有哪个活的孩子长着这样一张脸——是一张扁平的蛇脸,上面有一双闪闪发光的红眼睛。 »

  143. Wormtail was speaking. His voice shook; he seemed frightened beyond his wits. He raised his wand, closed his eyes, and spoke to the night. “Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!” »

  144. The surface of the grave at Harry’s feet cracked. Horrified, Harry watched as a fine trickle of dust rose into the air at Wormtail’s command and fell softly into the cauldron. The diamond surface of the water broke and hissed; it sent sparks in all directions and turned a vivid, poisonous-looking blue. »

  145. 哈利脚下的坟墓裂开了,哈利惊恐地看见一小缕灰尘应虫尾巴的召唤升到了空中,轻轻落进坩埚里。钻石般的液面破裂了,嘶嘶作响,火花四溅,液体变成了鲜红的蓝色,一看便知有毒。 »

  146. And now Wormtail was whimpering. He pulled a long, thin, shining silver dagger from inside his cloak. His voice broke into petrified sobs. “Flesh — of the servant — w-willingly given — you will — revive —your master.” »

  147. “B-blood of the enemy … forcibly taken … you will … resurrect your foe.” »

  148. “仇……仇敌的血……被迫献出……可使你的敌人……复活。” »

  149. The cauldron was simmering, sending its diamond sparks in all directions, so blindingly bright that it turned all else to velvety blackness. Nothing happened. … »

  150. 坩埚快要沸腾了,钻石般的火星向四外飞溅,如此明亮耀眼,使周围的一切都变成了黑天鹅绒般的颜色。 »

  151. But then, through the mist in front of him, he saw, with an icy surge of terror, the dark outline of a man, tall and skeletally thin, rising slowly from inside the cauldron. »

  152. 接着,透过眼前的白雾,他毛骨悚然地看到坩埚中缓缓升起一个男人的黑色身形,又高又瘦,像一具骷髅。 »

  153. The thin man stepped out of the cauldron, staring at Harry … and Harry stared back into the face that had haunted his nightmares for three years. Whiter than a skull, with wide, livid scarlet eyes and a nose that was flat as a snake’s with slits for nostrils …Lord Voldemort had risen again. »

  154. 瘦男人跨出坩埚,眼睛盯着哈利……哈利看到了三年来经常在他噩梦中出现的面孔,比骷髅还要苍白,两只大眼睛红通通的,鼻子像蛇的鼻子一样扁平,鼻孔是两条细缝……伏地魔复活了。 »

  155. a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth — the image that had appeared in the sky at the Quidditch World Cup: the Dark Mark. »

  156. 一个骷髅嘴里吐出一条蛇,是魁地奇世界杯赛上出现过的那个图形:黑魔标记。 »

  157. The scar on Harry’s forehead seared with a sharp pain again, and Wormtail let out a fresh howl; Voldemort removed his fingers from Wormtail’s mark, and Harry saw that it had turned jet black. »

  158. 哈利前额的伤痛再一次剧痛起来,虫尾巴又发出一声哀号。伏地魔把手指从虫尾巴的印记上拿开,哈利看见印记变成了漆黑的颜色。 »

  159. The air was suddenly full of the swishing of cloaks. Between graves, behind the yew tree, in every shadowy space, wizards were Apparating. All of them were hooded and masked. And one by one they moved forward …slowly, cautiously, as though they could hardly believe their eyes. Voldemort stood in silence, waiting for them. Then one of the Death Eaters fell to his knees, crawled toward Voldemort, and kissed the hem of his black robes. »

  160. 空气中突然充满了斗篷的窸窸窣窣声。在坟墓之间,在杉树后面, 每一处阴暗的地方都有巫师幻影显形。他们全都戴着兜帽,蒙着面孔。 他们一个个走过来……走得很慢,小心翼翼,仿佛不敢相信自己的眼睛。伏地魔沉默地站在那里等着。一个食死徒跪倒在地,爬到伏地魔跟前,亲吻他黑袍的下摆。 »

  161. “I smell guilt,” he said. “There is a stench of guilt upon the air.”A second shiver ran around the circle, as though each member of it longed, but did not dare, to step back from him. “I see you all, whole and healthy, with your powers intact — such prompt appearances! — and I ask myself … why did this band of wizards never come to the aid of their master, to whom they swore eternal loyalty?” »

  162. “我闻到了愧疚,”他说,“空气中有一股愧疚的臭味。”圈子又哆嗦了一下,似乎每个人都想向后退,但又不敢动。 “我看见你们,健康无恙,魔力一如从前——这样迅速地赶到! ——我问我自己……为什么这帮巫师一直不来帮助他们的主人,帮助他们宣誓要永远效忠的人?” »

  163. “And I answer myself,” whispered Voldemort, “they must have believed me broken, they thought I was gone. They slipped back among my enemies, and they pleaded innocence, and ignorance, and bewitchment. … »

  164. “我回答自己,”伏地魔轻声说,“他们一定是相信我不行了,以为我完蛋了。他们溜回到我的敌人中间,说自己是无辜的,不知情,中了妖术……” »

  165. “Get up, Avery,” said Voldemort softly. “Stand up. You ask for forgiveness? I do not forgive. I do not forget. Thirteen long years … I want thirteen years’ repayment before I forgive you. Wormtail here has paid some of his debt already, have you not, Wormtail?” »

  166. “起来吧,埃弗里,”伏地魔轻声说道,“站起来。你求我饶恕?我不会饶恕。我不会忘记。漫长的十三年……我要你们还清十三年的债, 然后才会饶恕你们。虫尾巴已经还了一些债,是不是,虫尾巴?” »

  167. “You returned to me, not out of loyalty, but out of fear of your old friends. You deserve this pain, Wormtail. You know that, don’t you?” »

  168. “你回到我身边,不是出于忠诚,而是因为害怕你的老朋友们。你活该忍受这种痛苦,虫尾巴。你知道这一点,是不是?” »

  169. “Yet you helped return me to my body,” said Voldemort coolly, watching Wormtail sob on the ground. “Worthless and traitorous as you are, you helped me … and Lord Voldemort rewards his helpers. …” »

  170. “可是你帮助我获得了肉身,”伏地魔看着虫尾巴在地上抽泣,冷漠地说,“尽管你是一个卑鄙的叛徒,可是你帮助了我……伏地魔不会亏待帮助过他的人……” »

  171. “Lucius, my slippery friend,” he whispered, halting before him. “I am told that you have not renounced the old ways, though to the world you present a respectable face. You are still ready to take the lead in a spot of Muggle-torture, I believe? Yet you never tried to find me, Lucius. … Your exploits at the Quidditch World Cup were fun, I daresay … but might not your energies have been better directed toward finding and aiding your master?” »

  172. “卢修斯,我狡猾的朋友,”他在那人面前停住,低声说道,“我听说你并没有放弃过去的行为,尽管你在世人面前装出一副道貌岸然的面孔。我相信你仍然愿意带头折磨麻瓜吧?可你从来没有去寻找我,卢修斯……你在魁地奇世界杯上的举动倒是挺有趣……但如果你把精力花在寻找和帮助你的主人上面,不是更好吗?” »

  173. “And yet you ran from my Mark, when a faithful Death Eater sent it into the sky last summer?” said Voldemort lazily, and Mr. Malfoy stopped talking abruptly. “Yes, I know all about that, Lucius. … You have disappointed me. … I expect more faithful service in the future.” »

  174. “可去年夏天一名忠实的食死徒把我的标记发射到空中后,你却逃走了。”伏地魔懒洋洋地说——马尔福先生突然闭了嘴,“是啊,我都知道,卢修斯……你令我失望……我希望你以后更忠诚地为我效力。” »

  175. “The Lestranges should stand here,” said Voldemort quietly. “But they are entombed in Azkaban. They were faithful. They went to Azkaban rather than renounce me. … When Azkaban is broken open, the Lestranges will be honored beyond their dreams. The dementors will join us … they are our natural allies … we will recall the banished giants … I shall have all my devoted servants returned to me, and an army of creatures whom all fear. …” »

  176. “莱斯特夫妇应该站在这里,”伏地魔轻声说,“可是他们被活埋在了阿兹卡班。他们是忠诚的。他们宁肯进阿兹卡班也不愿背弃我……当阿兹卡班被攻破之后,莱斯特夫妇将得到他们梦想不到的奖赏。摄魂怪将加入我们……他们是我们的天然同盟……我们将召回被驱逐的巨人……我将找回我所有忠诚的仆人,重新拥有一批人人畏惧的神奇生物……” »

  177. “And here we have six missing Death Eaters … three dead in my service. One, too cowardly to return … he will pay. One, who I believe has left me forever … he will be killed, of course … and one, who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already reentered my service.” »

  178. “这里少了六个食死徒……有三个为我死了,有一个没胆子回来……会付出代价的。另一个,我想是永远离开我了……他当然会被处死……还有一个仍然是我最忠诚的仆人,他已经重新为我服务了。” »

  179. “He is at Hogwarts, that faithful servant, and it was through his efforts that our young friend arrived here tonight. … »

  180. “他在霍格沃茨,我那个忠诚的仆人,靠了他的努力,我们的小朋友今晚才会来到这里……” »

  181. “You know, of course, that they have called this boy my downfall?”Voldemort said softly, his red eyes upon Harry, whose scar began to burn so fiercely that he almost screamed in agony. “You all know that on the night I lost my powers and my body, I tried to kill him. His mother died in the attempt to save him — and unwittingly provided him with a protection I admit I had not foreseen. … I could not touch the boy.” »

  182. “你们当然知道,他们说这个男孩是我的克星,是吗?”伏地魔轻声说,他的红眼睛盯着哈利,哈利的伤疤火辣辣地剧痛,使他差点尖叫起来,“你们都知道,在我失去魔力和肉体的那个夜晚,我想要杀死他。 他母亲为救他而死——无意中使他获得了某种保护,我承认这是我没有料到的……我不能碰那个男孩。” »

  183. “I miscalculated, my friends, I admit it. My curse was deflected by the woman’s foolish sacrifice, and it rebounded upon myself. Aaah … pain beyond pain, my friends; nothing could have prepared me for it. I was ripped from my body, I was less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost … but still, I was alive. What I was, even I do not know … I, who have gone further than anybody along the path that leads to immortality. You know my goal — to conquer death. And now, I was tested, and it appeared that one or more of my experiments had worked … for I had not been killed, though the curse should have done it. Nevertheless, I was as powerless as the weakest creature alive, and without the means to help myself … for I had no body, and every spell that might have helped me required the use of a wand. … »

  184. “朋友们,我承认我失算了。我的咒语被那女人愚蠢的牺牲一挡, 弹回到我自己身上。啊……痛苦得超过了一切,朋友们,什么也抗不住它。我被剥离了肉体,比幽灵还不如,比最卑微的游魂还不如……但我还活着。我是什么,到现在我都不知道……我,在长生的路上比谁走得都远的人。你们知道我的目标——征服死亡。现在我受到了考验,看来我的那些实验中至少有一两个起了作用……因为我没有死,尽管那个咒语是致命的。然而,我却像最弱小的生物一样无力,没有办法自助……我没有肉体,而能够帮助我的每个咒语都需要使用魔杖……” »

  185. “I remember only forcing myself, sleeplessly, endlessly, second by second, to exist. … I settled in a faraway place, in a forest, and I waited. …Surely, one of my faithful Death Eaters would try and find me … one of them would come and perform the magic I could not, to restore me to a body …but I waited in vain. …” »

  186. “我记得在那无法合眼的日日夜夜,我一秒一秒地只是反复强迫自己活下去……我躲到一处遥远的森林里,等待着……我的忠诚的食死徒们肯定会想办法找到我的……肯定会有一个人来用我自己无法施展的魔法,还我一个肉身……但我却白等了……” »

  187. The shiver ran once more around the circle of listening Death Eaters. Voldemort let the silence spiral horribly before continuing. »

  188. 食死徒的圈子又打了一个寒噤。伏地魔让恐怖在沉默中升级 »

  189. “Only one power remained to me. I could possess the bodies of others. But I dared not go where other humans were plentiful, for I knew that the Aurors were still abroad and searching for me. I sometimes inhabited animals — snakes, of course, being my preference — but I was little better off inside them than as pure spirit, for their bodies were ill adapted to perform magic …and my possession of them shortened their lives; none of them lasted long. … »

  190. 我只剩下一个魔力,我可以附在别人的身上。但我不敢到人多的地方去,因为我知道傲罗还在到处找我。我有时附在动物身上——蛇当然是我最喜欢用的——但在它们身上比当纯粹的幽灵好不了多少, 因为它们的身体不适合施魔法……而且我的附身缩短了它们的寿命,它们都没活多久……” »

  191. “Then … four years ago … the means for my return seemed assured. A wizard — young, foolish, and gullible — wandered across my path in the forest I had made my home. Oh, he seemed the very chance I had been dreaming of … for he was a teacher at Dumbledore’s school … he was easy to bend to my will … he brought me back to this country, and after a while, I took possession of his body, to supervise him closely as he carried out my orders. But my plan failed. I did not manage to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was not to be assured immortal life. I was thwarted … thwarted, once again, by Harry Potter. …” »

  192. “后来……四年前……我的复活似乎有了指望。一个年轻愚蠢、容易上当的巫师走进了我落脚的那片森林,偏巧被我撞上。哦,那似乎是我梦寐以求的机会……因为他是邓布利多学校里的教师……他很容易受我摆布……他把我带回这个国家,后来我附在他身上,密切监视他,指导他执行我的命令。但是我的计划失败了,我没偷到魔法石,不能保证长生不死。我被挫败了……又是被哈利·波特挫败了……” »

  193. a servant returned to me. Wormtail here, who had faked his own death to escape justice, was driven out of hiding by those he had once counted friends, and decided to return to his master. He sought me in the country where it had long been rumored I was hiding … helped, of course, by the rats he met along the way. Wormtail has a curious affinity with rats, do you not, Wormtail? His filthy little friends told him there was a place, deep in an Albanian forest, that they avoided, where small animals like themselves had met their deaths by a dark shadow that possessed them. … »

  194. 一个仆人找到了我。就是这位虫尾巴,他装死逃避了审判,被他以前看作朋友的人追赶得无处藏身,所以决定回到他的主人身边。他在长期以来人们传说是我的藏身地的国家寻找我……当然,一路上得到了耗子的帮助。虫尾巴和耗子有一种奇特的亲近关系,是不是,虫尾巴? 他的龌龊的小朋友告诉他,在阿尔巴尼亚的密林深处有一个地方它们都不敢靠近,许多像它们这样的小动物都在那里被一个黑影附身,随后就死掉了……” »

  195. Voldemort smiled his terrible smile, his red eyes blank and pitiless. »

  196. 伏地魔露出可怕的笑容,红眼睛变得空洞而冷漠无情。 »

  197. “There was no hope of stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone anymore, for I knew that Dumbledore would have seen to it that it was destroyed. But I was willing to embrace mortal life again, before chasing immortality. I set my sights lower … I would settle for my old body back again, and my old strength. »

  198. “偷魔法石是没希望了,因为我知道邓布利多一定会把它毁掉。但我愿意重新享受凡间的生活,然后再去追求长生不死。我把眼光放低了一些……只要恢复我原来的身体,我原来的力量。” »

  199. “I knew that to achieve this — it is an old piece of Dark Magic, the potion that revived me tonight — I would need three powerful ingredients. Well, one of them was already at hand, was it not, Wormtail? Flesh given by a servant. … »

  200. “我知道要做到这一点,我需要三样强效的药引子,才能配成今天使我复活的魔药——这是一个古老的黑魔法。其中一样就在手头,是不是,虫尾巴?仆人的肉……” »

  201. “My father’s bone, naturally, meant that we would have to come here, where he was buried. But the blood of a foe … Wormtail would have had me use any wizard, would you not, Wormtail? Any wizard who had hated me …as so many of them still do. But I knew the one I must use, if I was to rise again, more powerful than I had been when I had fallen. I wanted Harry Potter’s blood. I wanted the blood of the one who had stripped me of power thirteen years ago … for the lingering protection his mother once gave him would then reside in my veins too. … »

  202. “我父亲的骨头,自然意味着我们会到这里来,这里是埋葬他的地方。可是仇敌的血……虫尾巴建议我用任何巫师的血,是不是,虫尾巴?任何恨我的巫师……因为有那么多人仍然恨着我。但我知道我必须用谁……如果我要复活,并且比失败前更加强大的话。我要哈利·波特的血。我要十三年前使我失去魔力的那个人的血……因为他母亲留在他身上的保护也会存在于我的血液里……” »

  203. “But how to get at Harry Potter? For he has been better protected than I think even he knows, protected in ways devised by Dumbledore long ago, when it fell to him to arrange the boy’s future. Dumbledore invoked an ancient magic, to ensure the boy’s protection as long as he is in his relations’care. Not even I can touch him there. … Then, of course, there was the Quidditch World Cup. … I thought his protection might be weaker there, away from his relations and Dumbledore, but I was not yet strong enough to attempt kidnap in the midst of a horde of Ministry wizards. And then, the boy would return to Hogwarts, where he is under the crooked nose of that Muggle-loving fool from morning until night. So how could I take him? »

  204. “可是怎么把哈利·波特弄来呢?他被保护得那么好,我想这是连他自己都不知道的。很早以前,邓布利多在考虑安排这个男孩的未来时, 专门设计了一套保护方案。他用了一个古老的魔法,保证这男孩只要在亲人的照料下就会受到保护。连我都不能碰他……当然,后来是魁地奇世界杯赛……我想在那里他的保护会弱一些,离开了他的亲人和邓布利多。但我还没有力量从一大群魔法部的巫师中间把他劫走。然后那男孩回到了霍格沃茨,从早到晚都在那个喜欢麻瓜的蠢货的鹰钩鼻子底下。 我怎么才能把他弄来呢?” »

  205. “Why … by using Bertha Jorkins’s information, of course. Use my one faithful Death Eater, stationed at Hogwarts, to ensure that the boy’s name was entered into the Goblet of Fire. Use my Death Eater to ensure that the boy won the tournament — that he touched the Triwizard Cup first — the cup which my Death Eater had turned into a Portkey, which would bring him here, beyond the reach of Dumbledore’s help and protection, and into my waiting arms. And here he is … the boy you all believed had been my downfall. …” »

  206. “啊……当然是靠了伯莎·乔金斯的情报。利用我那位潜伏在霍格沃茨的忠诚的食死徒,保证那男孩的名字被放进火焰杯里。再利用我那位食死徒,确保那男孩在比赛中获胜——保证他第一个接触三强杯——那杯子已经被我的食死徒换成了门钥匙,它会把他带到这里,远离邓布利多的帮助和保护,落到我的手里。他就在这儿……你们都认为是我的克星的这个男孩……” »

  207. It was pain beyond anything Harry had ever experienced; his very bones were on fire; his head was surely splitting along his scar; his eyes were rolling madly in his head; he wanted it to end … to black out … to die … »

  208. 哈利从未经受过这样痛苦的折磨,他全身的骨头都在燃烧,他的脑袋肯定是沿着伤疤裂开了,他的眼球在脑壳里疯狂地转动,他希望赶快停止……希望自己昏过去……死掉…… »

  209. “You see, I think, how foolish it was to suppose that this boy could ever have been stronger than me,” said Voldemort. “But I want there to be no mistake in anybody’s mind. Harry Potter escaped me by a lucky chance. And I am now going to prove my power by killing him, here and now, in front of you all, when there is no Dumbledore to help him, and no mother to die for him. I will give him his chance. He will be allowed to fight, and you will be left in no doubt which of us is the stronger. Just a little longer, Nagini,” he whispered, and the snake glided away through the grass to where the Death Eaters stood watching. “Now untie him, Wormtail, and give him back his wand.” »

  210. “我想你们已经看到,认为这个男孩比我强的想法是多么愚蠢,”伏地魔说道,“但我要彻底消除大家脑子里的误解。哈利·波特从我的手里逃掉完全是侥幸。现在我要杀死他,以证明我的力量,就在此时此地, 当着你们的面,这儿没有邓布利多来保护他,也没有他妈妈来为他做出牺牲。我会给他机会,他可以和我搏斗,这样你们就不会怀疑到底谁更加强大了。你稍等一会儿,纳吉尼。”他轻声说,大蛇在草地上游到了食死徒们站立的地方。 “把他放下来,虫尾巴,把他的魔杖还给他。” »

  211. At these words Harry remembered, as though from a former life, the dueling club at Hogwarts he had attended briefly two years ago. … All he had learned there was the Disarming Spell, “Expelliarmus” … and what use would it be to deprive Voldemort of his wand, even if he could, when he was surrounded by Death Eaters, outnumbered by at least thirty to one? He had never learned anything that could possibly fit him for this. He knew he was facing the thing against which Moody had always warned … the un- blockable Avada Kedavra curse — and Voldemort was right — his mother was not here to die for him this time. … He was quite unprotected. … »

  212. 听了这话,哈利想起两年前他曾参加过一个短期的决斗俱乐部,那好像是上辈子的事一样……他在那里只学到了“除你武器”这样的缴械咒……可即使他能够夺走伏地魔的魔杖,又有什么用呢?周围都是食死徒,与他的比例至少是三十比一。他没有学过在这里用得上的东西。他知道他面临的是穆迪经常警告要防范的咒语……不可阻拦的阿瓦达索命咒。伏地魔说对了,这一次没有妈妈来拼死救他了……他完全没有保护。 »

  213. I will not, said a stronger voice, in the back of his head, I won’t answer. … »

  214. 我不说,他脑海深处有一个更有力的声音说道,我不回答…… »

  215. “I WON’T!”And these words burst from Harry’s mouth; they echoed through the graveyard, and the dream state was lifted as suddenly as though cold water had been thrown over him — back rushed the aches that the Cruciatus Curse had left all over his body — back rushed the realization of where he was, and what he was facing. … »

  216. “我不说!”这几个字从哈利嘴里迸出来,在墓地上空回响,梦幻的状态突然消失了,就像被当头浇了一盆凉水似的——钻心咒在他浑身留下的疼痛又全部回来了——他重新意识到他在哪里,面前是什么…… »

  217. Harry crouched behind the headstone and knew the end had come. There was no hope … no help to be had. And as he heard Voldemort draw nearer still, he knew one thing only, and it was beyond fear or reason: He was not going to die crouching here like a child playing hide-and-seek; he was not going to die kneeling at Voldemort’s feet … he was going to die upright like his father, and he was going to die trying to defend himself, even if no defense was possible. … »

  218. 哈利蜷缩在墓碑后面,他知道一切都完了。没有希望……孤立无助。他听着伏地魔步步逼近,心里只有一个念头,这念头超越了恐惧和理智:他不能像捉迷藏的小孩一样,蜷缩在这里死去;他不能跪倒在伏地魔的脚下……他要像他父亲一样站着死去,要在自卫中死去,即使自卫是不可能的…… »

  219. Before Voldemort could stick his snakelike face around the headstone, Harry stood up … he gripped his wand tightly in his hand, thrust it out in front of him, and threw himself around the headstone, facing Voldemort. Voldemort was ready. As Harry shouted, “Expelliarmus!” Voldemort cried, “Avada Kedavra!” »

  220. A jet of green light issued from Voldemort’s wand just as a jet of red light blasted from Harry’s — they met in midair — and suddenly Harry’s wand was vibrating as though an electric charge were surging through it; his hand seized up around it; he couldn’t have released it if he’d wanted to —and a narrow beam of light connected the two wands, neither red nor green, but bright, deep gold. Harry, following the beam with his astonished gaze, saw that Voldemort’s long white fingers too were gripping a wand that was shaking and vibrating. »

  221. 不等伏地魔的蛇脸转过墓碑,哈利站了起来……他握紧魔杖,举在身前,闪身冲了出去,正对着伏地魔。 伏地魔也有准备。在哈利喊出“除你武器!”的同时,伏地魔喊道:“阿瓦达索命!” »

  222. 一道绿光从伏地魔的魔杖中射出,同时哈利的魔杖中喷出了一道红光——两道光在空中相遇——哈利的魔杖突然像通了电似的振动起来, 他紧紧攥住它,即使他想放手也放不下了——一道细细的光束连接着两根魔杖,既不是红的也不是绿的,而是耀眼的金色。哈利惊奇地顺着光束望去,只见伏地魔苍白细长的手指也握着一根颤动的魔杖。 »

  223. And then — nothing could have prepared Harry for this — he felt his feet lift from the ground. He and Voldemort were both being raised into the air, their wands still connected by that thread of shimmering golden light. They glided away from the tombstone of Voldemort’s father and then came to rest on a patch of ground that was clear and free of graves. … The Death Eaters were shouting; they were asking Voldemort for instructions; they were closing in, reforming the circle around Harry and Voldemort, the snake slithering at their heels, some of them drawing their wands — »

  224. 然后完全猝不及防地,哈利感到自己的双脚离开了地面,他和伏地魔都升到了空中,两根魔杖仍然被那道闪烁的金线连在一起。他们从伏地魔父亲的墓碑前飞到一片没有坟头的空地上……食死徒们在喊叫,请求伏地魔的指示。他们跟了过来,重新把哈利和伏地魔围在中间。大蛇在他们脚后游动,有几人抽出了魔杖—— »

  225. The golden thread connecting Harry and Voldemort splintered; though the wands remained connected, a thousand more beams arced high over Harry and Voldemort, crisscrossing all around them, until they were enclosed in a golden, dome-shaped web, a cage of light, beyond which the Death Eaters circled like jackals, their cries strangely muffled now. … »

  226. 连接哈利和伏地魔的那根金钱突然裂开了,但两根魔杖仍然紧紧相连,哈利和伏地魔的上方出现了上千道光弧。光弧在他们周围相互交织,最后形成了一个圆顶的金网,一个由光构成的笼子。食死徒们像野狗一样围在笼外,他们的叫声奇怪地减弱了…… »

  227. “Do nothing!” Voldemort shrieked to the Death Eaters, and Harry saw his red eyes wide with astonishment at what was happening, saw him fighting to break the thread of light still connecting his wand with Harry’s; Harry held onto his wand more tightly, with both hands, and the golden thread remained unbroken. “Do nothing unless I command you!” Voldemort shouted to the Death Eaters. »

  228. “不要动!”伏地魔高声向食死徒们喊道,哈利看到他的红眼睛惊愕地张大了,看得出他对眼前的情景十分震惊,竭力想挣断连接两根魔杖的散裂光丝。哈利用双手死死攥住魔杖,金线仍然连在一起。“没有我的命令不要动!”伏地魔朝食死徒们喊道。 »

  229. And then an unearthly and beautiful sound filled the air. … It was coming from every thread of the light-spun web vibrating around Harry and Voldemort. It was a sound Harry recognized, though he had heard it only once before in his life: phoenix song. »

  230. 突然一阵仙乐在空中响起……它是从哈利和伏地魔周围振动的光网的每一根光丝上发出来的。哈利听出来了,尽管这音乐他以前只听过一次。这是凤凰的歌声。 »

  231. It was the sound of hope to Harry … the most beautiful and welcome thing he had ever heard in his life. … He felt as though the song were inside him instead of just around him. … It was the sound he connected with Dumbledore, and it was almost as though a friend were speaking in his ear. »

  232. 对哈利来说,这声音代表着希望……这是他一生中听过的最美妙的声音……他感到这歌声在他内心而不是在他周围……这声音使他想到了邓布利多,几乎像是一个朋友在他耳边说话…… »

  233. Don’t break the connection. »

  234. 不要断开连接! »

  235. I know, Harry told the music, I know I mustn’t … but no sooner had he thought it, than the thing became much harder to do. His wand began to vibrate more powerfully than ever … and now the beam between him and Voldemort changed too … it was as though large beads of light were sliding up and down the thread connecting the wands — Harry felt his wand give a shudder under his hand as the light beads began to slide slowly and steadily his way. … The direction of the beam’s movement was now toward him, from Voldemort, and he felt his wand shudder angrily. … »

  236. 我知道,哈利对音乐说,我知道不能断掉……可是他刚想到这里, 维持连接的难度陡然增加了。他的魔杖更猛烈地振动起来……连接他和伏地魔的金丝也发生了变化……仿佛有大颗的光珠沿着光丝滑来滑去——哈利感到手中的魔杖抖动了一下,光珠开始缓缓地朝他这边滑来……光珠正离开伏地魔朝他这一头移动,他的魔杖在剧烈地振动…… »

  237. As the closest bead of light moved nearer to Harry’s wand tip, the wood beneath his fingers grew so hot he feared it would burst into flame. The closer that bead moved, the harder Harry’s wand vibrated; he was sure his wand would not survive contact with it; it felt as though it was about to shatter under his fingers — »

  238. 随着第一颗光珠接近哈利的杖尖,他手中的魔杖变得滚烫,他简直担心它会烧起来。光珠靠得越近,哈利的魔杖振动得越厉害。他以为他的魔杖肯定经不住光珠的一碰。他的魔杖仿佛马上就要在他手中碎裂了—— »

  239. He concentrated every last particle of his mind upon forcing the bead back toward Voldemort, his ears full of phoenix song, his eyes furious, fixed … and slowly, very slowly, the beads quivered to a halt, and then, just as slowly, they began to move the other way … and it was Voldemort’s wand that was vibrating extra-hard now … Voldemort who looked astonished, and almost fearful. … »

  240. 他集中全部意念,努力将光珠逼向伏地魔那边。他耳中回响着凤凰的歌声,他目光坚定,喷射着怒火……慢慢地,慢慢地,光珠颤抖着停了下来,然后同样缓慢地开始朝另一头移动……现在是伏地魔的魔杖猛烈地振动了起来……伏地魔看上去很震惊,几乎有些害怕…… »

  241. One of the beads of light was quivering, inches from the tip of Voldemort’s wand. Harry didn’t understand why he was doing it, didn’t know what it might achieve … but he now concentrated as he had never done in his life on forcing that bead of light right back into Voldemort’s wand …and slowly … very slowly … it moved along the golden thread … it trembled for a moment… and then it connected. … »

  242. 一颗光珠颤抖着,离伏地魔的杖尖只有几英寸了。哈利不知道他为什么要这么做,也不知道这样做会有什么结果……但他一生从未这样聚精会神,一心只想把光珠逼入伏地魔的杖尖……慢慢地……慢慢地……光珠顺着金丝移动……颤抖了片刻……与杖尖相连了…… »

  243. At once, Voldemort’s wand began to emit echoing screams of pain …then — Voldemort’s red eyes widened with shock — a dense, smoky hand flew out of the tip of it and vanished … the ghost of the hand he had made Wormtail … more shouts of pain … and then something much larger began to blossom from Voldemort’s wand tip, a great, grayish something, that looked as though it were made of the solidest, densest smoke. … It was a head … now a chest and arms … the torso of Cedric Diggory. »

  244. 顿时,伏地魔的魔杖发出了一阵痛苦的尖叫,回响不绝……然后——伏地魔的红眼睛吃惊地瞪大了——一只由浓烟形成的人手飞出了杖尖,消失不见了……是他为虫尾巴制造的那只断手……又一阵痛苦的叫声……一个更大的物体从伏地魔的杖尖冒出来,是一个灰色的大东西, 仿佛是由最稠密的浓烟构成的……先出来一个头……然后是胸部和手臂……是塞德里克·迪戈里的身体。 »

  245. If ever Harry might have released his wand from shock, it would have been then, but instinct kept him clutching his wand tightly, so that the thread of golden light remained unbroken, even though the thick gray ghost of Cedric Diggory (was it a ghost? it looked so solid) emerged in its entirety from the end of Voldemort’s wand, as though it were squeezing itself out of a very narrow tunnel … and this shade of Cedric stood up, and looked up and down the golden thread of light, and spoke. »

  246. 如果哈利会因震惊而丢掉魔杖的话,那就是在此刻。但他本能地牢牢攥紧魔杖,使金色的光丝保持不断,尽管塞德里克·迪戈里灰色的幽灵(是幽灵吗?它看上去那么实在)整个儿从伏地魔的杖尖钻了出来, 好像是从非常狭窄的管道中挤出一般……塞德里克的灵魂站了起来,望望金色的光丝,说话了。 »

  247. “Hold on, Harry,” it said. »

  248. “坚持住,哈利。”他说。 »

  249. Its voice was distant and echoing. Harry looked at Voldemort … his wide red eyes were still shocked … he had no more expected this than Harry had … and, very dimly, Harry heard the frightened yells of the Death Eaters, prowling around the edges of the golden dome. »

  250. 他的声音很遥远,带着回声。哈利看着伏地魔……他的红眼睛仍然吃惊地瞪着……他和哈利一样感到意外……哈利隐隐约约地听到了食死徒们惊恐的叫喊,他们在金网边缘转来转去…… »

  251. More screams of pain from the wand … and then something else emerged from its tip … the dense shadow of a second head, quickly followed by arms and torso … an old man Harry had seen only in a dream was now pushing himself out of the end of the wand just as Cedric had done … and his ghost, or his shadow, or whatever it was, fell next to Cedric’s, and surveyed Harry and Voldemort, and the golden web, and the connected wands, with mild surprise, leaning on his walking stick. … »

  252. 魔杖里又发出一阵痛苦的尖叫……一个东西从杖尖冒出来……又是浓烟组成的一个人头,紧接着是手臂和身体……一个哈利只在梦中见过的老头,像塞德里克一样从魔杖里挤了出来……这个幽灵或鬼魂,或是别的什么,落到塞德里克旁边,拄着拐杖,略带吃惊地打量着哈利和伏地魔,打量着连在一起的魔杖和金网…… »

  253. “He was a real wizard, then?” the old man said, his eyes on Voldemort. “Killed me, that one did. … You fight him, boy. …” »

  254. “这么说,他真的是个巫师?”老头说,眼睛望着伏地魔,“这家伙要了我的命……你跟他斗,孩子……” »

  255. But already, yet another head was emerging … and this head, gray as a smoky statue, was a woman’s. … Harry, both arms shaking now as he fought to keep his wand still, saw her drop to the ground and straighten up like the others, staring. … »

  256. 可是又一个人头出现了……像一个烟灰色的头像,这是个女人……哈利拼命抓稳魔杖,双臂都在颤抖。他看到这女人落到地上,像其他人一样直起身子,张望着…… »

  257. The shadow of Bertha Jorkins surveyed the battle before her with wide eyes. »

  258. 伯莎·乔金斯的幽灵瞪大眼睛望着眼前的这场搏斗。 »

  259. “Don’t let go, now!” she cried, and her voice echoed like Cedric’s as though from very far away. “Don’t let him get you, Harry — don’t let go!” »

  260. “别撒手!”她的喊声像塞德里克的一样带着回音,仿佛是从很远的地方传来,“别让他害你,哈利,别撒手!” »

  261. She and the other two shadowy figures began to pace around the inner walls of the golden web, while the Death Eaters flitted around the outside of it … and Voldemort’s dead victims whispered as they circled the duelers, whispered words of encouragement to Harry, and hissed words Harry couldn’t hear to Voldemort. »

  262. 她和另外两个幽灵开始沿着金网的内壁走动,食死徒们则在外面绕着金网乱跑……被伏地魔害死的幽灵一边绕着决斗者走动,一边小声地鼓励哈利,同时对伏地魔咬牙切齿地说着一些哈利听不见的话。 »

  263. And now another head was emerging from the tip of Voldemort’s wand … and Harry knew when he saw it who it would be … he knew, as though he had expected it from the moment when Cedric had appeared from the wand … knew, because the woman was the one he’d thought of more than any other tonight. … »

  264. 现在又一个人头从伏地魔的杖尖冒出来……哈利一眼就看出了她是谁……仿佛他从塞德里克冒出来那一刻起就期待着她出现似的……他一眼就看了出来,因为冒出来的是他今晚想得最多的人…… »

  265. The smoky shadow of a young woman with long hair fell to the ground as Bertha had done, straightened up, and looked at him … and Harry, his arms shaking madly now, looked back into the ghostly face of his mother. »

  266. 一个长头发的女子的幽灵像伯莎那样落在地上,直起身子注视着他……哈利眼睛望着他母亲的面孔,双臂猛烈地抖动着。 »

  267. “Your father’s coming …” she said quietly. “Hold on for your father …it will be all right … hold on. …” »

  268. “你爸也来了……”她轻声说,“他想见你……会没事的……顶住……” »

  269. And he came … first his head, then his body … tall and untidy-haired like Harry, the smoky, shadowy form of James Potter blossomed from the end of Voldemort’s wand, fell to the ground, and straightened like his wife. He walked close to Harry, looking down at him, and he spoke in the same distant, echoing voice as the others, but quietly, so that Voldemort, his face now livid with fear as his victims prowled around him, could not hear. … »

  270. 他出来了……先是脑袋,然后是身体……一个头发蓬乱的高个儿男子——詹姆·波特的灵魂从伏地魔的杖尖升起,像他妻子一样落到地上,直起身子。他走近哈利,低头看着他,用同样遥远、带着回响的声音对他说话,但声音很低,伏地魔听不见——伏地魔看到被他杀害的人在周围走来走去,吓得脸色铁青…… »

  271. “When the connection is broken, we will linger for only moments … but we will give you time … you must get to the Portkey, it will return you to Hogwarts … do you understand, Harry?” »

  272. “连接断开后,我们只能待一小会儿……但我们会为你争取时间……你必须拿到门钥匙,它会把你带回霍格沃茨……明白吗,哈利?” »

  273. “Yes,” Harry gasped, fighting now to keep a hold on his wand, which was slipping and sliding beneath his fingers. “Harry …” whispered the figure of Cedric, “take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my parents. …”“I will,” said Harry, his face screwed up with the effort of holding the wand. “Do it now,” whispered his father’s voice, “be ready to run … do it now. …” »

  274. “明白。”哈利喘着气说,魔杖在他手里滑动,他拼命抓住它。 “哈利……”塞德里克的幽灵说,“把我的身体带回去,带给我父母……”“我会的。”哈利说。他竭尽全力握着魔杖,脸都拧歪了。 “撤吧,”他父亲小声说,“准备快跑……现在就撤……” »

  275. “NOW!” Harry yelled; he didn’t think he could have held on for another moment anyway — he pulled his wand upward with an almighty wrench, and the golden thread broke; the cage of light vanished, the phoenix song died —but the shadowy figures of Voldemort’s victims did not disappear — they were closing in upon Voldemort, shielding Harry from his gaze — »

  276. “嗨!”哈利高声喊道,他觉得反正也坚持不下去了——他用力将魔杖向上一挑,金线断了,光网不见了,凤凰的歌声也消失了——但屈死在伏地魔手下的几位幽灵并没有消失——他们把伏地魔围了起来,不让他看见哈利—— »

  277. And Harry ran as he had never run in his life, knocking two stunned Death Eaters aside as he passed; he zigzagged behind headstones, feeling their curses following him, hearing them hit the headstones — he was dodging curses and graves, pelting toward Cedric’s body, no longer aware of the pain in his leg, his whole being concentrated on what he had to do — »

  278. 哈利使出平生气力狂奔,把两名惊呆的食死徒撞到了一边。他穿来穿去,用墓碑作掩护。他感觉到食死徒们的咒语在他身后嗖嗖追来,打在墓碑上——他躲避着咒语和坟墓,朝塞德里克的尸体冲去。他忘记了脚上的疼痛,一心只想着他要做的事情—— »

  279. “Stun him!” he heard Voldemort scream. Ten feet from Cedric, Harry dived behind a marble angel to avoid the jets of red light and saw the tip of its wing shatter as the spells hit it. Gripping his wand more tightly, he dashed out from behind the angel — »

  280. “击昏他!”他听见伏地魔喊道。 在离塞德里克十英尺的地方,哈利急忙闪到一个大理石天使雕塑后面,避开了身后射来的红光,却见天使的翅膀尖被咒语打得粉碎。他攥紧魔杖,从天使后面冲了出来—— »

  281. “Impedimenta!” he bellowed, pointing his wand wildly over his shoulder at the Death Eaters running at him. »

  282. “障碍重重!”他将魔杖越过肩头,狂乱地指着身后追来的食死徒, 高声吼道。 »

  283. From a muffled yell, he thought he had stopped at least one of them, but there was no time to stop and look; he jumped over the cup and dived as he heard more wand blasts behind him; more jets of light flew over his head as he fell, stretching out his hand to grab Cedric’s arm — »

  284. 随着一声沉闷的叫喊,他知道自己至少拦住了一个,但没时间停下来看了。他跳过奖杯,听见身后传来更多魔杖发射的声音。他扑倒在地,伸手去抓塞德里克的胳膊,一阵光雨掠过他的头顶—— »

  285. “Stand aside! I will kill him! He is mine!” shrieked Voldemort. »

  286. “闪开!我要杀死他!他是我的!”伏地魔尖叫道。 »

  287. Harry’s hand had closed on Cedric’s wrist; one tombstone stood between him and Voldemort, but Cedric was too heavy to carry, and the cup was out of reach — »

  288. 哈利和伏地魔之间只隔着一块墓碑。他抓住了塞德里克的手腕,可塞德里克太沉了,他搬不动,奖杯又够不着—— »

  289. Voldemort’s red eyes flamed in the darkness. Harry saw his mouth curl into a smile, saw him raise his wand. “Accio!” Harry yelled, pointing his wand at the Triwizard Cup. It flew into the air and soared toward him. Harry caught it by the handle — »

  290. 伏地魔的红眼睛在黑暗中发光,哈利看见他嘴唇扭曲成一个狞笑, 看见他举起了魔杖。 “奖杯飞来!”哈利用魔杖指着三强杯喊道。 奖杯腾空向他飞来。哈利一把抓住杯柄—— »

  291. He heard Voldemort’s scream of fury at the same moment that he felt the jerk behind his navel that meant the Portkey had worked — it was speeding him away in a whirl of wind and color, and Cedric along with him. … They were going back. »

  292. 他听见伏地魔狂怒地叫喊着,同时感到肚脐下被扯了一下,门钥匙起作用了——他被一阵五彩的旋风席卷而去,塞德里克在他身边……他们回去了。 »

  293. Harry felt himself slam flat into the ground; his face was pressed into grass; the smell of it filled his nostrils. He had closed his eyes while the Portkey transported him, and he kept them closed now. He did not move. All the breath seemed to have been knocked out of him; his head was swimming so badly he felt as though the ground beneath him were swaying like the deck of a ship. To hold himself steady, he tightened his hold on the two things he was still clutching: the smooth, cold handle of the Triwizard Cup and Cedric’s body. He felt as though he would slide away into the blackness gathering at the edges of his brain if he let go of either of them. Shock and exhaustion kept him on the ground, breathing in the smell of the grass, waiting … waiting for someone to do something … something to happen …and all the while, his scar burned dully on his forehead. … »

  294. 哈利感到自己摔到地上,脸埋在草里,鼻子里全是青草的气味。在门钥匙带着他飞行时,他是闭着眼睛的,现在他还是闭着眼睛一动不动。所有的力气似乎都跑光了。他头晕得厉害,感觉身子下面的地面像船甲板一样在颠簸摇晃。为了稳住自己,他攥紧了仍然在手里的两样东西:三强杯光滑的把手和塞德里克的尸体。他感到只要放开其中一样, 他就会滑入脑海边缘正在聚集的黑暗中。恐惧和疲劳使他趴在地上,闻着青草的气味,等待着……等待着有人做些什么……等待着发生些什么……同时他额头的伤疤一直在隐隐灼痛…… »

  295. A torrent of sound deafened and confused him; there were voices everywhere, footsteps, screams. … He remained where he was, his face screwed up against the noise, as though it were a nightmare that would pass. … »

  296. 一阵声浪淹没了他,令人迷惑,到处都是声音,脚步声、叫嚷声……他紧紧皱起眉头,仿佛这是一场噩梦,很快就会过去…… »

  297. Then a pair of hands seized him roughly and turned him over »

  298. 一双有力的大手抓住了他,把他翻了过来。 »

  299. “Harry! Harry!”He opened his eyes. He was looking up at the starry sky, and Albus Dumbledore was crouched over him. The dark shadows of a crowd of people pressed in around them, pushing nearer; Harry felt the ground beneath his head reverberating with their footsteps. »

  300. “哈利,哈利!”他睁开眼睛。 眼前是繁星点点的夜空,阿不思·邓布利多蹲在他身前。周围是黑压压的人影,都向他挤来。哈利能感到脑袋下的地面随着他们的脚步在微微震动。 »

  301. He had come back to the edge of the maze. He could see the stands rising above him, the shapes of people moving in them, the stars above. »

  302. 他已回到了迷宫边缘,可以看到四周高高的看台,有人在上面走动,头顶上星光闪烁。 »

  303. Harry let go of the cup, but he clutched Cedric to him even more tightly. He raised his free hand and seized Dumbledore’s wrist, while Dumbledore’s face swam in and out of focus. »

  304. 哈利放开了奖杯,但把塞德里克攥得更紧了。他用腾出的手抓住邓布利多的手腕,邓布利多的脸时而清晰时而模糊。 »

  305. “He’s back,” Harry whispered. “He’s back. Voldemort.” »

  306. “他回来了,”哈利小声说,“伏地魔他回来了。” »

  307. Then Dumbledore’s face, which was still blurred and misted, came closer. “Harry, you can’t help him now. It’s over. Let go.” »

  308. 然后邓布利多的脸凑近了些,依旧模糊不清。 “哈利,你帮不了他了,结束了。放开吧。” »

  309. “He wanted me to bring him back,” Harry muttered — it seemed important to explain this. “He wanted me to bring him back to his parents. …”“That’s right, Harry … just let go now. …” »

  310. “他要我把他带回来,”哈利低声说——说清这一点似乎很重要,“带给他的父母。”“好的,哈利……放开吧……” »

  311. Dumbledore bent down, and with extraordinary strength for a man so old and thin, raised Harry from the ground and set him on his feet. Harry swayed. His head was pounding. His injured leg would no longer support his weight. The crowd around them jostled, fighting to get closer, pressing darkly in on him — “What’s happened?” “What’s wrong with him?” “Diggory’s dead!” »

  312. 邓布利多俯下身,用对于一个瘦削的老人来说超乎寻常的力气扶哈利站了起来。哈利摇摇晃晃,脑袋里像有锤子在敲,受伤的腿支撑不住他身体的重量。人群推推挤挤,使劲往前凑,黑压压地朝他逼近——“这是怎么回事?”“他怎么了?”“迪戈里死了!” »

  313. Someone larger and stronger than he was was half pulling, half carrying him through the frightened crowd. Harry heard people gasping, screaming, and shouting as the man supporting him pushed a path through them, taking him back to the castle. Across the lawn, past the lake and the Durmstrang ship, Harry heard nothing but the heavy breathing of the man helping him walk. “What happened, Harry?” the man asked at last as he lifted Harry up the stone steps. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. It was Mad-Eye Moody. »

  314. 一个比他魁梧强壮的人半拖半抱地带着他穿过惊恐的人群。哈利听见人们吸气、尖叫、高喊的声音。那人挟着他从人群中挤了出来,朝着城堡走去。走过草坪、湖畔和德姆斯特朗的大船,哈利只听见那个男人沉重的喘息声。 “出了什么事,哈利?”扶哈利走上台阶时,那人开口问道。噔, 噔,噔。是疯眼汉穆迪。 »

  315. “Cup was a Portkey,” said Harry as they crossed the entrance hall. “Took me and Cedric to a graveyard … and Voldemort was there … Lord Voldemort …” »

  316. “奖杯是个门钥匙,”哈利说——他们穿过门厅,“把我和塞德里克带到了一片墓地上……伏地魔在那里……伏地魔……” »

  317. “Got away … my wand … did something funny. … I saw my mum and dad … they came out of his wand. …” »

  318. “我逃了出来……我的魔杖……出了点儿有趣的事……我见到了我的妈妈和爸爸……他们从他的魔杖里冒了出来……” »

  319. Moody helped tip the stuff down Harry’s throat; he coughed, a peppery taste burning his throat. Moody’s office came into sharper focus, and so did Moody himself. … He looked as white as Fudge had looked, and both eyes were fixed unblinkingly upon Harry’s face. »

  320. 穆迪帮着把那杯东西倒进哈利嘴里,哈利呛得咳嗽起来,嗓子里像灌了胡椒一样火辣辣的。穆迪的办公室清晰起来了,穆迪也清晰起来了……他的脸色像福吉一样苍白,两眼一眨不眨地盯着哈利的脸。 »

  321. But Harry had suddenly remembered. He should have told Dumbledore, he should have said it straightaway —“There’s a Death Eater at Hogwarts! There’s a Death Eater here — they put my name in the Goblet of Fire, they made sure I got through to the end —” »

  322. 哈利突然想起来了。他应该告诉邓布利多,应该一回来就讲的——“霍格沃茨有一个食死徒!这儿有一个食死徒——食死徒把我的名字放进了火焰杯,故意让我最后获胜——” »

  323. The Dark Lord has ways of tracking his enemies »

  324. 黑魔王有办法跟踪他的敌人。 »

  325. He was looking at the wand Moody was pointing at him. This was a bad joke, it had to be. »

  326. 他看着穆迪手里的魔杖。这是个蹩脚的玩笑,一定是的。 »

  327. “I asked you,” said Moody quietly, “whether he forgave the scum who never even went to look for him. Those treacherous cowards who wouldn’t even brave Azkaban for him. The faithless, worthless bits of filth who were brave enough to cavort in masks at the Quidditch World Cup, but fled at the sight of the Dark Mark when I fired it into the sky.” »

  328. “我问你,”穆迪平静地说,“他是不是原谅了那些从来没有寻找过他的渣滓?那些叛徒、胆小鬼,他们连为他进阿兹卡班都不敢。那些没有信义的下贱的东西。他们有胆子戴着面具在魁地奇世界杯上胡闹,但看到我发射的黑魔标记之后却一个个溜走了。” »

  329. “I told you, Harry … I told you. If there’s one thing I hate more than any other, it’s a Death Eater who walked free. They turned their backs on my master when he needed them most. I expected him to punish them. I expected him to torture them. Tell me he hurt them, Harry. …” Moody’s face was suddenly lit with an insane smile. “Tell me he told them that I, I alone remained faithful … prepared to risk everything to deliver to him the one thing he wanted above all … you.” »

  330. “我告诉过你,哈利……我告诉过你。如果我对什么事情恨之入骨的话,那就是让一个食死徒逍遥在外。他们在我的主人最需要他们的时候背叛了他。我希望他处罚他们,我希望他折磨他们。告诉我,他折磨了他们,哈利……”穆迪的脸上突然露出神经质的笑容,“告诉我,他对他们说只有我一直忠心耿耿……愿意冒一切风险帮他得到他最想要的东西——你!” »

  331. “Who put your name in the Goblet of Fire, under the name of a different school? I did. Who frightened off every person I thought might try to hurt you or prevent you from winning the tournament? I did. Who nudged Hagrid into showing you the dragons? I did. Who helped you see the only way you could beat the dragon? I did.” »

  332. “谁把你的名字作为另一个学校的学生放进了火焰杯?是我。谁吓走了可能伤害你或防碍你获胜的每一个人?是我。谁怂恿海格让你看火龙?是我。谁使你想到了打败火龙的惟一办法?还是我。” »

  333. “It hasn’t been easy, Harry, guiding you through these tasks without arousing suspicion. I have had to use every ounce of cunning I possess, so that my hand would not be detectable in your success. Dumbledore would have been very suspicious if you had managed everything too easily. As long as you got into that maze, preferably with a decent head start — then, I knew, I would have a chance of getting rid of the other champions and leaving your way clear. But I also had to contend with your stupidity. The second task …that was when I was most afraid we would fail. I was keeping watch on you, Potter. I knew you hadn’t worked out the egg’s clue, so I had to give you another hint —” »

  334. “不容易啊,哈利,帮你通过这些项目,又不引起怀疑。我不得不使出我所有的心计,使人们看不出我插手的痕迹。如果你赢得太容易, 邓布利多会起疑心的。只要你进了迷宫,最好是先出发——这样,我就有机会除掉其他几名勇士,为你扫清道路。但我还得对付你的愚蠢。第二个项目中……我特别担心我们会失败。我一直盯着你,波特。我知道你没有发现金蛋的线索,所以我必须再给你一个提示——” »

  335. “Who told Cedric to open it underwater? I did. I trusted that he would pass the information on to you. Decent people are so easy to manipulate, Potter. I was sure Cedric would want to repay you for telling him about the dragons, and so he did. But even then, Potter, even then you seemed likely to fail. I was watching all the time … all those hours in the library. Didn’t you realize that the book you needed was in your dormitory all along? I planted it there early on, I gave it to the Longbottom boy, don’t you remember? Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean. It would have told you all you needed to know about gillyweed. I expected you to ask everyone and anyone you could for help. Longbottom would have told you in an instant. But you did not … you did not. … You have a streak of pride and independence that might have ruined all »

  336. “是谁告诉塞德里克要在水下打开它?是我。我相信他会告诉你的。正派的人很容易被操纵,波特。我知道塞德里克想报答你上回告诉他第一个项目是火龙的事,他确实这么做了。但即使这样,你似乎也有可能失败。我一直盯着你……你在图书馆那么长时间,难道你没发现你需要的那本书就在宿舍里吗?是我布置的,我把它给了那个叫隆马巴顿的男孩,你记得吗?《地中海神奇水生植物和它们的特性》。它会告诉你关于鳃囊草的一切有用知识。我以为你会求助于周围每一个人。隆巴顿会马上告诉你。可你没有——你没有——你的骄傲和独立意识差点儿毁掉了一切。” »

  337. “So what could I do? Feed you information from another innocent source. You told me at the Yule Ball a house-elf called Dobby had given you a Christmas present. I called the elf to the staffroom to collect some robes for cleaning. I staged a loud conversation with Professor McGonagall about the hostages who had been taken, and whether Potter would think to use gillyweed. And your little elf friend ran straight to Snape’s office and then hurried to find you. …” »

  338. “我能有什么办法?再找一个天真的人去提醒你。你在圣诞节舞会上对我说有个叫多比的家养小精灵送了你一件圣诞礼物。我把那个小精灵叫到教师休息室去收集要洗的衣服。我大声和麦格教授谈论被扣的人质,猜测波特会不会想到使用鳃囊草。你的小精灵朋友马上跑到斯内普的办公室,又急急忙忙去找你……” »

  339. Moody’s wand was still pointing directly at Harry’s heart. Over his shoulder, foggy shapes were moving in the Foe-Glass on the wall. »

  340. 穆迪的魔杖仍然指着哈利的心口,在他身后,墙上的照妖镜里有模糊的影子在晃动。 »

  341. “You were so long in that lake, Potter, I thought you had drowned. But luckily, Dumbledore took your idiocy for nobility, and marked you high for it. I breathed again. »

  342. “你在湖里待的时间太长了,波特。我以为你淹死了。还好,邓布利多把你的愚蠢当成了高尚,给你打了高分,我才松了口气。” »

  343. “You had an easier time of it than you should have in that maze tonight, of course,” said Moody. “I was patrolling around it, able to see through the outer hedges, able to curse many obstacles out of your way. I Stunned Fleur Delacour as she passed. I put the Imperius Curse on Krum, so that he would finish Diggory and leave your path to the cup clear.” »

  344. “当然,你在今晚的迷宫里也得到了照顾。”穆迪说道,“我在迷宫的周围巡逻,能看透外面的树篱,并用咒语把许多障碍从你的路上赶走了。我击昏了芙蓉·德拉库尔,又对克鲁姆施了夺魂咒,让他去干掉迪戈里,为你扫清夺杯的障碍。” »

  345. The foggy shapes in the Foe-Glass were sharpening, had become more distinct. Harry could see the outlines of three people over Moody’s shoulder, moving closer and closer. But Moody wasn’t watching them. His magical eye was upon Harry. »

  346. 照妖镜里的影子在清晰起来。哈利看出是三个人的轮廓,他们越走越近。但穆迪没有看到,他那带魔法的眼睛正盯着哈利。 »

  347. “The Dark Lord didn’t manage to kill you, Potter, and he so wanted to,”whispered Moody. “Imagine how he will reward me when he finds I have done it for him. I gave you to him — the thing he needed above all to regenerate — and then I killed you for him. I will be honored beyond all other Death Eaters. I will be his dearest, his closest supporter … closer than a son. …” »

  348. “黑魔王没能杀死你,波特。他这么想杀你,”穆迪轻声说,“想想吧,要是我替他做到了,他会怎样奖赏我。我把你送给了他——你是他复活最需要的东西,然后又替他把你杀了。我会得到超过其他任何食死徒的荣誉,我将成为他最宠爱的亲信……比儿子还要亲……” »

  349. “The Dark Lord and I,” said Moody, and he looked completely insane now, towering over Harry, leering down at him, “have much in common. Both of us, for instance, had very disappointing fathers … very disappointing indeed. Both of us suffered the indignity, Harry, of being named after those fathers. And both of us had the pleasure … the very great pleasure … of killing our fathers to ensure the continued rise of the Dark Order!” »

  350. “黑魔王和我有很多共同之处,”穆迪看上去完全失态了,他居高临下地朝哈利狞笑着,“例如,我们都有非常令人失望的父亲……极其令人失望。哈利,我们都耻辱地继承了父亲的名位,我们都愉快地……非常愉快地……杀死了自己的父亲,以确保黑魔当道!” »

  351. “Stupefy!” There was a blinding flash of red light, and with a great splintering and crashing, the door of Moody’s office was blasted apart — »

  352. “昏昏倒地!”一道耀眼的红光,伴随着木头断裂的巨响,穆迪办公室的房门被冲开了—— »

  353. Moody was thrown backward onto the office floor. Harry, still staring at the place where Moody’s face had been, saw Albus Dumbledore, Professor Snape, and Professor McGonagall looking back at him out of the Foe-Glass. He looked around and saw the three of them standing in the doorway, Dumbledore in front, his wand outstretched. »

  354. 穆迪脸朝下直挺挺地倒了下去。哈利还盯着穆迪的脸刚才所在的地方,只见阿不思·邓布利多、斯内普教授和麦格教授从照妖镜里看着他。他扭过头,看到他们三个人站在门口,邓布利多在前面,手里举着魔杖。 »

  355. At that moment, Harry fully understood for the first time why people said Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort had ever feared. The look upon Dumbledore’s face as he stared down at the unconscious form of Mad-Eye Moody was more terrible than Harry could have ever imagined. There was no benign smile upon Dumbledore’s face, no twinkle in the eyes behind the spectacles. There was cold fury in every line of the ancient face; a sense of power radiated from Dumbledore as though he were giving off burning heat. »

  356. 在那一刻,哈利第一次完全理解了为什么人们说邓布利多是伏地魔惟一害怕的巫师。邓布利多看着昏迷的疯眼汉穆迪时的脸色是如此可怕,超出了哈利的想象。没有慈祥的微笑,镜片后的眼睛里没有了愉快的火花。那张苍老的脸上每一丝皱纹都带着冰冷的愤怒。邓布利多周身辐射出一种力量,就好像他在燃烧发热一样。 »

  357. He stepped into the office, placed a foot underneath Moody’s unconscious body, and kicked him over onto his back, so that his face was visible. Snape followed him, looking into the Foe-Glass, where his own face was still visible, glaring into the room. Professor McGonagall went straight to Harry. »

  358. 他走进房间,把一只脚插到穆迪的身下,把他翻了个身,露出脸部。斯内普跟了进来,看着墙上的照妖镜,他的脸还在镜中朝屋里望着。麦格教授径直走向哈利。 »

  359. “Come along, Potter,” she whispered. The thin line of her mouth was twitching as though she was about to cry. “Come along … hospital wing …”“No,” said Dumbledore sharply. »

  360. “走,波特,”她轻声说,薄薄的嘴唇颤抖着,好像要哭出来似的,“跟我走……去医院……”“不。”邓布利多坚决地说。 »

  361. “Dumbledore, he ought to — look at him — he’s been through enough tonight —”“He will stay, Minerva, because he needs to understand,” said Dumbledore curtly. “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery. He needs to know who has put him through the ordeal he has suffered tonight, and why.” »

  362. “他要留下来,米勒娃,因为他需要弄明白,”邓布利多简单地说,“理解是接受的第一步,只有接受后才能够康复。他需要知道是谁使他经历了今天晚上的磨难,以及为什么会这样。” »

  363. “Moody,” Harry said. He was still in a state of complete disbelief. “How can it have been Moody?”“This is not Alastor Moody,” said Dumbledore quietly. “You have never known Alastor Moody. The real Moody would not have removed you from my sight after what happened tonight. The moment he took you, I knew —and I followed.” »

  364. “穆迪,”哈利说,但他仍然不能完全相信,“怎么可能是穆迪?”“那不是阿拉斯托·穆迪,”邓布利多平静地说,“你不认识阿拉斯托· 穆迪。真正的穆迪不会在发生今晚的事情之后把你从我身边弄走。他一带走你,我就知道了——所以跟了过来。” »

  365. Dumbledore bent down over Moody’s limp form and put a hand inside his robes. He pulled out Moody’s hip flask and a set of keys on a ring. Then he turned to Professors McGonagall and Snape. »

  366. 邓布利多弯下腰,从昏瘫的穆迪身上掏出弧形酒瓶和一串钥匙。然后他转身看着麦格教授和斯内普。 »

  367. “Severus, please fetch me the strongest Truth Potion you possess, and then go down to the kitchens and bring up the house-elf called Winky. Minerva, kindly go down to Hagrid’s house, where you will find a large black dog sitting in the pumpkin patch. Take the dog up to my office, tell him I will be with him shortly, then come back here.” »

  368. “西弗勒斯,请你去拿你最强效的吐真剂,再到厨房把一个叫闪闪的家养小精灵找来。米勒娃,请你到海格家跑一趟,他的南瓜地里有一条大黑狗。你把那条狗带到我的办公室,告诉他我一会儿就到,然后你再回到这儿来。” »

  369. If either Snape or McGonagall found these instructions peculiar, they hid their confusion. Both turned at once and left the office. Dumbledore walked over to the trunk with seven locks, fitted the first key in the lock, and opened it. It contained a mass of spellbooks. Dumbledore closed the trunk, placed a second key in the second lock, and opened the trunk again. The spellbooks had vanished; this time it contained an assortment of broken Sneakoscopes, some parchment and quills, and what looked like a silvery Invisibility Cloak. Harry watched, astounded, as Dumbledore placed the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth keys in their respective locks, reopening the trunk, and each time revealing different contents. Then he placed the seventh key in the lock, threw open the lid, and Harry let out a cry of amazement. »

  370. 斯内普和麦格或许觉得这些指示有些奇怪,但他们没有流露出来。 两人立刻转身离去。邓布利多走到一只有七把锁的箱子跟前,将第一把钥匙插理了锁眼,打开箱子,里面是一堆咒语书。邓布利多关上箱子, 将第二把钥匙插进了第二把锁里,再打开来,箱子里不再是咒语书,而是各种破损的窥镜、一些羊皮纸和羽毛笔,还有一件银色的隐形衣。哈利惊奇地看着邓布利多将第三、第四、第五和第六把钥匙插进锁里,打开箱子,每次出现的东西都不一样。最后他将第七把钥匙插进锁里,掀开箱盖,哈利惊叫起来。 »

  371. He was looking down into a kind of pit, an underground room, and lying on the floor some ten feet below, apparently fast asleep, thin and starved in appearance, was the real Mad-Eye Moody. His wooden leg was gone, the socket that should have held the magical eye looked empty beneath its lid, and chunks of his grizzled hair were missing. Harry stared, thunderstruck, between the sleeping Moody in the trunk and the unconscious Moody lying on the floor of the office. »

  372. 箱底竟然是一个大坑,像是一间地下室。约莫三米深的地板上躺着一个人,骨瘦如柴,仿佛睡着了。是真正的疯眼汉穆迪。他的木腿不见了,魔眼的眼皮下是空的,花白的头发少了好几撮。哈利望望箱底熟睡的穆迪,又望望办公室地上昏迷的穆迪,惊愕万分。 »

  373. Dumbledore climbed into the trunk, lowered himself, and fell lightly onto the floor beside the sleeping Moody. He bent over him. “Stunned — controlled by the Imperius Curse — very weak,” he said. “Of course, they would have needed to keep him alive. Harry, throw down the imposter’s cloak — he’s freezing. Madam Pomfrey will need to see him, but he seems in no immediate danger.” »

  374. 邓布利多爬进箱子里,轻轻落到熟睡的穆迪身旁,俯身看着他。 “被击昏了——中了夺魂咒——非常虚弱。”他说,“当然啦,他们需要让他活着。哈利,把假穆迪的斗篷扔下来——他冻坏了。需要把他交给庞强弗雷夫人,不过暂时还没有生命危险。” »

  375. Harry did as he was told; Dumbledore covered Moody in the cloak, tucked it around him, and clambered out of the trunk again. Then he picked up the hip flask that stood upon the desk, unscrewed it, and turned it over. A thick glutinous liquid splattered onto the office floor. »

  376. 哈利照办了。邓布利多把斗篷盖在穆迪的身上,为他盖严实了,然后爬出箱子。他拿起放在桌上的弧形酒瓶,拧开盖子,把酒瓶倒过来, 一股黏稠的液体洒在了办公室的地板上。 »

  377. “Polyjuice Potion, Harry,” said Dumbledore. “You see the simplicity of it, and the brilliance. For Moody never does drink except from his hip flask, he’s well known for it. The imposter needed, of course, to keep the real Moody close by, so that he could continue making the potion. You see his hair …” Dumbledore looked down on the Moody in the trunk. “The imposter has been cutting it off all year, see where it is uneven? But I think, in the excitement of tonight, our fake Moody might have forgotten to take it as frequently as he should have done … on the hour … every hour. … We shall see.” »

  378. “复方汤剂,哈利,”邓布利多说,“你看这多么简单,多么巧妙。 穆迪向来只用他随身带的弧形酒瓶喝酒,这是出了名的。当然,冒充者需要把真穆迪留在身边,以便不断地配制汤剂。你看他的头发……”邓布利多望着箱子里的穆迪说,“被人剪了一年,看到不整齐的地方了吗?但是我想,我们的假穆迪今晚也许兴奋过度,忘记按时喝药了……每小时喝一次……等着瞧吧。” »

  379. Dumbledore pulled out the chair at the desk and sat down upon it, his eyes fixed upon the unconscious Moody on the floor. Harry stared at him too. Minutes passed in silence. … »

  380. 邓布利多拉出桌前的椅子,坐了下来,眼睛盯着地板上昏迷不醒的穆迪。哈利也盯着他。时间在沉默中一分一秒地过去。 »

  381. Then, before Harry’s very eyes, the face of the man on the floor began to change. The scars were disappearing, the skin was becoming smooth; the mangled nose became whole and started to shrink. The long mane of grizzled gray hair was withdrawing into the scalp and turning the color of straw. Suddenly, with a loud clunk, the wooden leg fell away as a normal leg regrew in its place; next moment, the magical eyeball had popped out of the man’s face as a real eye replaced it; it rolled away across the floor and continued to swivel in every direction. »

  382. 看着看着,地上那个人的脸起了变化,伤痛渐渐消失,皮肤光滑起来,残缺的鼻子长全了,缩小了。长长的灰发在缩短,变成了淡黄色。 突然当啷一声,木腿掉到一旁,一条真腿长了出来。接着,那只带魔法的眼球从眼窝里跳了出来,一只真眼取代了它的位置。那带魔法的眼睛滚在地板上,还在滴溜溜地乱转。 »

  383. Harry saw a man lying before him, pale-skinned, slightly freckled, with a mop of fair hair. He knew who he was. He had seen him in Dumbledore’s Pensieve, had watched him being led away from court by the dementors, trying to convince Mr. Crouch that he was innocent … but he was lined around the eyes now and looked much older. … »

  384. 哈利看到面前躺着一个男子,皮肤苍白,略有雀斑,一头浅黄的乱发。他认得这个人,在邓布利多的冥想盆里见过。他看到他被摄魂怪从法庭上带走时,还向克劳奇先生辩解说自己是清白的……但现在他眼角已有了皱纹,看上去老多了…… »

  385. There were hurried footsteps outside in the corridor. Snape had returned with Winky at his heels. Professor McGonagall was right behind them. »

  386. 走廊上响起了急促的脚步声。斯内普带着闪闪回来了,麦格教授紧紧跟在后面。 »

  387. “Crouch!” Snape said, stopping dead in the doorway. “Barty Crouch!”“Good heavens,” said Professor McGonagall, stopping dead and staring down at the man on the floor. »

  388. “克劳奇!”斯内普呆立在门口,“小巴蒂·克劳奇 !”“老天。”麦格教授呆立在那里,瞪视着地上的男子。 »

  389. Filthy, disheveled, Winky peered around Snape’s legs. Her mouth opened wide and she let out a piercing shriek. “Master Barty, Master Barty, what is you doing here?”She flung herself forward onto the young man’s chest. “You is killed him! You is killed him! You is killed Master’s son!”“He is simply Stunned, Winky,” said Dumbledore. “Step aside, please. Severus, you have the potion?” »

  390. 邋邋遢遢的闪闪从斯内普的脚边探出头来。她张大了嘴巴,发出一声刺耳的尖叫。 “巴蒂少爷,巴蒂少爷,你在这儿做什么?”她扑到那年轻男子的胸前。 “你杀了他!你杀了他!你杀了主人的儿子!”“他只是中了昏迷咒,闪闪。”邓布利多说,“请让开点。西弗勒斯,药水拿来了吗?” »

  391. Snape handed Dumbledore a small glass bottle of completely clear liquid: the Veritaserum with which he had threatened Harry in class. Dumbledore got up, bent over the man on the floor, and pulled him into a sitting position against the wall beneath the Foe-Glass, in which the reflections of Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall were still glaring down upon them all. Winky remained on her knees, trembling, her hands over her face. Dumbledore forced the man’s mouth open and poured three drops inside it. Then he pointed his wand at the man’s chest and said, “Rennervate.” »

  392. 斯内普递给邓布利多一小瓶澄清的液体,就是他在课堂上威胁哈利时提到过的吐真剂。邓布利多站起身来,弯腰把地上的男子拖了起来, 使他靠墙坐在照妖镜下面。照妖镜里,邓布利多、斯内普和麦格仍在朝他们看着。闪闪仍然跪在那里,双手捂着脸,浑身发抖。邓布利多扳开那人的嘴巴,倒了三滴药水,然后用魔杖指着那人的胸口说:“快快复苏!” »

  393. Crouch’s son opened his eyes. His face was slack, his gaze unfocused. Dumbledore knelt before him, so that their faces were level. “Can you hear me?” Dumbledore asked quietly. The man’s eyelids flickered. “Yes,” he muttered. “I would like you to tell us,” said Dumbledore softly, “how you came to be here. How did you escape from Azkaban?” »

  394. 克劳奇的儿子睁开眼睛,他目光无神,面颊松弛。邓布利多蹲在他身前,和他脸对着脸。 “你听得见我说话吗?”邓布利多镇静地问。 那男子的眼皮颤动了几下。 “听得见。”他低声说。 “我希望你告诉我们,”邓布利多和缓地说,“你怎么会在这里,你是怎么从阿兹卡班逃出来的?” »

  395. Crouch took a deep, shuddering breath, then began to speak in a flat, expressionless voice. “My mother saved me. She knew she was dying. She persuaded my father to rescue me as a last favor to her. He loved her as he had never loved me. He agreed. They came to visit me. They gave me a draft of Polyjuice Potion containing one of my mother’s hairs. She took a draft of Polyjuice Potion containing one of my hairs. We took on each other’s appearance.” »

  396. 小克劳奇颤抖着深深吸了口气,然后用一种不带感情的平板语调讲了起来。 “我母亲救了我。她知道自己要死了,求我父亲把我救出去,算是最后为她做一件事。父亲很爱她,尽管他从来不爱我。他同意了。他们一起来看我,给我喝了一服复方汤剂,里面有我母亲的头发。母亲喝了有我的头发的复方汤剂。我们交换了容貌。” »

  397. Winky was shaking her head, trembling. “Say no more, Master Barty, say no more, you is getting your father into trouble!”But Crouch took another deep breath and continued in the same flat voice. “The dementors are blind. They sensed one healthy, one dying person entering Azkaban. They sensed one healthy, one dying person leaving it. My father smuggled me out, disguised as my mother, in case any prisoners were watching through their doors. “My mother died a short while afterward in Azkaban. She was careful to drink Polyjuice Potion until the end. She was buried under my name and bearing my appearance. Everyone believed her to be me.”The man’s eyelids flickered. »

  398. 闪闪摇着头,浑身发抖。 “别说了,巴蒂少爷,别说了,你会给你父亲惹麻烦的!”但是小克劳奇又深吸了一口气,继续用平板的声音说了下去。 “摄魂怪是瞎子,它们嗅到一个健康人和一个将死的人走进阿兹卡班,又嗅到一个健康的人和一个将死的人离开阿兹卡班。我父亲把我偷偷带了出去。我装成我母亲的样子,以防有犯人从门缝里看见。”“我母亲在阿兹卡班没过多久就死了。她一直没忘了喝复方汤剂, 死的时候还是我的模样,被当成我埋葬了。所有的人都以为那是我。” »

  399. ”那男子的眼皮颤动着。 »

  400. “And what did your father do with you, when he had got you home?”said Dumbledore quietly. “Staged my mother’s death. A quiet, private funeral. That grave is empty. The house-elf nursed me back to health. Then I had to be concealed. I had to be controlled. My father had to use a number of spells to subdue me. When I had recovered my strength, I thought only of finding my master … of returning to his service.” »

  401. “你父亲带你回家后,把你怎么办的呢?”邓布利多平静地问。 “假装我母亲去世。举行了一个秘密的葬礼,坟墓是空的,家养小精灵护理我恢复健康。我父亲要把我藏起来,还要控制我,他不得不用了好些咒语来制约我。我体力恢复之后,一心只想找到我的主人……重新为他效劳。” »

  402. “How did your father subdue you?” said Dumbledore. “The Imperius Curse,” Crouch said. “I was under my father’s control. I was forced to wear an Invisibility Cloak day and night. I was always with the house-elf. She was my keeper and caretaker. She pitied me. She persuaded my father to give me occasional treats. Rewards for my good behavior.” »

  403. “你父亲是怎么制约你的?”邓布利多问。 “夺魂咒,”小克劳奇说道,“我被我父亲控制着,被迫从早到晚穿着隐形衣。我一直和家养小精灵待在一起。她是我的看护。她同情我, 说服我父亲有时给我一些优待,作为对我表现不错的奖赏。” »

  404. “Did anybody ever discover that you were still alive?” said Dumbledore softly. “Did anyone know except your father and the house-elf?”“Yes,” said Crouch, his eyelids flickering again. “A witch in my father’s office. Bertha Jorkins. She came to the house with papers for my father’s signature. He was not at home. Winky showed her inside and returned to the kitchen, to me. But Bertha Jorkins heard Winky talking to me. She came to investigate. She heard enough to guess who was hiding under the Invisibility Cloak. My father arrived home. She confronted him. He put a very powerful Memory Charm on her to make her forget what she’d found out. Too powerful. He said it damaged her memory permanently.”“Why is she coming to nose into my master’s private business »

  405. “有没有人发现你还活着?”邓布利多轻声问道,“除了你父亲和家养小精灵之外?”“有,”小克劳奇的眼皮又颤动起来,“我父亲办公室的一个女巫, 伯莎·乔金斯。她拿着文件到我家来给我父亲签字。我父亲不在家,闪闪把她领进屋,然后回到厨房来照料我。但伯莎·乔金斯听见了闪闪和我说话,就过来查看,她从听到的话里猜出了隐形衣下面的是什么人。 我父亲回来后,她当面问他。他对她施一个非常强力的遗忘咒,使她彻底忘掉她发现的秘密。这个咒太厉害了,我父亲说它对她的记忆造成了永久的损害。” »

  406. “Tell me about the Quidditch World Cup,” said Dumbledore. “Winky talked my father into it,” said Crouch, still in the same monotonous voice. “She spent months persuading him. I had not left the house for years. I had loved Quidditch. Let him go, she said. He will be in his Invisibility Cloak. He can watch. Let him smell fresh air for once. She said my mother would have wanted it. She told my father that my mother had died to give me freedom. She had not saved me for a life of imprisonment. He agreed in the end. “It was carefully planned. My father led me and Winky up to the Top Box early in the day. Winky was to say that she was saving a seat for my father. I was to sit there, invisible. When everyone had left the box, we would emerge. Winky would appear to be alone. Nobody would ever know. “But Winky didn’t know that I was growing stronger. I was starting to fight my father’s Imperius Curse. There were times when I was almost myself again. There were brief periods when I seemed outside his control. It happened, there, in the Top Box. It was like waking from a deep sleep. I found myself out in public, in the middle of the match, and I saw, in front of me, a wand sticking out of a boy’s pocket. I had not been allowed a wand since before Azkaban. I stole it. Winky didn’t know. Winky is frightened of heights. She had her face hidden.” »

  407. “说说魁地奇世界杯赛吧。”邓布利多说。 “闪闪说服了我父亲,”小克劳依旧用那单调的声音说,“她劝了他好几个月。我有几年没出门了。我喜欢魁地奇。让他去吧,她说,他可以穿隐形衣,他可以观看比赛。让他呼吸一下新鲜空气吧。她说我母亲会希望我去的。她对我父亲说,母亲救我是想让我获得自由,而不是被终身软禁。我父亲终于同意了。”“计划得很周密。我父亲一大早把我和闪闪带到了顶层包厢,闪闪可以说她为我父亲留着座位。我坐在那里,谁也看不见。等大家离开后,我们再出来。看上去是闪闪一个人,谁也不会发现。”“但闪闪不知道我在强壮起来。我开始反抗父亲的夺魂咒。有时候我几乎恢复了本性。偶尔我似乎暂时摆脱了他的控制。在顶层包厢就发生了这种情况。就像大梦初醒一般,我发现自己坐在人群中,观看比赛。在我的眼前有一根魔杖,插在一个男孩的衣服兜里。自打进了阿兹卡班之后我一直没机会碰过魔杖。我把这根魔杖偷了过来,闪闪不知道。闪闪有恐高症,一直用手捂着脸。” »

  408. “So you took the wand,” said Dumbledore, “and what did you do with it?”“We went back to the tent,” said Crouch. “Then we heard them. We heard the Death Eaters. The ones who had never been to Azkaban. The ones who had never suffered for my master. They had turned their backs on him. They were not enslaved, as I was. They were free to seek him, but they did not. They were merely making sport of Muggles. The sound of their voices awoke me. My mind was clearer than it had been in years. I was angry. I had the wand. I wanted to attack them for their disloyalty to my master. My father had left the tent; he had gone to free the Muggles. Winky was afraid to see me so angry. She used her own brand of magic to bind me to her. She pulled me from the tent, pulled me into the forest, away from the Death Eaters. I tried to hold her back. I wanted to return to the campsite. I wanted to show those Death Eaters what loyalty to the Dark Lord meant, and to punish them for their lack of it. I used the stolen wand to cast the Dark Mark into the sky. »

  409. “你拿了魔杖,”邓布利多说,“用它做了什么呢?”“我们回到帐篷里,”小克劳奇说,“然后我们听到了食死徒的声音。那些没有进过阿兹卡班的家伙,他们从来没有为我的主人受过苦, 他们背叛了他。他们不像我这样身不由已,他们可以自由地去寻找他, 但他们没有。他们只会捉弄麻瓜。他们的声音唤醒了我。我的脑子几年来第一次这么清醒。我非常气愤,我拿着魔杖,想去教训这帮不忠诚的家伙。我父亲不在帐篷里,他去解救麻瓜了。闪闪看见我这样生气,她很害怕。她用自己的魔法把我拴在她身边。她把我拽出帐篷,拽到树林里远离了食死徒。我想阻止她,想回到营地去。我想让那些食死徒看看什么是对黑魔王的忠诚,并要惩罚他们的不忠。我用偷来的魔杖把黑魔标记发射到了空中。” »

  410. “Ministry wizards arrived. They shot Stunning Spells everywhere. One of the spells came through the trees where Winky and I stood. The bond connecting us was broken. We were both Stunned. “When Winky was discovered, my father knew I must be nearby. He searched the bushes where she had been found and felt me lying there. He waited until the other Ministry members had left the forest. He put me back under the Imperius Curse and took me home. He dismissed Winky. She had failed him. She had let me acquire a wand. She had almost let me escape.”Winky let out a wail of despair. »

  411. “魔法部的巫师来了,到处施放昏迷咒。一个咒语射到了闪闪和我站的树林里,打断了我们之间的纽带,我们俩都被击昏了。”“闪闪被发现之后,我父亲知道我一定就在附近。他搜索了闪闪所在的灌木丛,也摸到了我躺在那儿。他等到魔法部的其他人离开树林后,重新对我施了夺魂咒,把我带回了家。他撵走了闪闪,因为她没看好我,让我拿到了魔杖,差点儿让我跑掉了。”闪闪发出一声绝望的号叫。 »

  412. “Now it was just Father and I, alone in the house. And then … and then …” Crouch’s head rolled on his neck, and an insane grin spread across his face. “My master came for me. “He arrived at our house late one night in the arms of his servant Wormtail. My master had found out that I was still alive. He had captured Bertha Jorkins in Albania. He had tortured her. She told him a great deal. She told him about the Triwizard Tournament. She told him the old Auror, Moody, was going to teach at Hogwarts. He tortured her until he broke through the Memory Charm my father had placed upon her. She told him I had escaped from Azkaban. She told him my father kept me imprisoned to prevent me from seeking my master. And so my master knew that I was still his faithful servant — perhaps the most faithful of all. My master conceived a plan, based upon the information Bertha had given him. He needed me. He arrived at our house near midnight. My father answered the door.” »

  413. “现在家里只有父亲和我两个人。后来……后来……”小克劳奇摇着脑袋,脸上露出了变态的笑容,“我的主人来找我了!”“一天夜里,他由仆人虫尾巴抱着来到我家。我主人得知我还活着。他在阿尔尼亚抓到了伯莎·乔金斯。他折磨她,使她说出了很多情况。她对他讲了三强争霸赛的事,还告诉他们老傲罗穆迪要到霍格沃茨任教。主人继续折磨她,直到打破了我父亲施的遗忘咒。伯莎告诉他我从阿兹卡班逃了出来,我父亲把我关在家里,不让我去找主人。因此, 我的主人知道了我仍然是他忠实的仆人——或许是最忠实的一个。根据伯莎提供的情报,我的主人想出了一个计划。他需要我,那天将近半夜时他上门来找我,是我父亲开的门。” »

  414. The smile spread wider over Crouch’s face, as though recalling the sweetest memory of his life. Winky’s petrified brown eyes were visible through her fingers. She seemed too appalled to speak. »

  415. 小克劳奇脸上的笑意更浓了,仿佛在回忆他一生中最幸福的时光。 闪闪的指缝间露出一双惊恐的棕色眼睛。她似乎吓得说不出话来。 »

  416. “It was very quick. My father was placed under the Imperius Curse by my master. Now my father was the one imprisoned, controlled. My master forced him to go about his business as usual, to act as though nothing was wrong. And I was released. I awoke. I was myself again, alive as I hadn’t been in years. »

  417. “神不知鬼不觉地,我父亲被我主人施了夺魂咒。现在是他被软禁、被控制了。我主人迫使他像往常一样工作,好像什么都没发生似的。我被释放了,苏醒过来,恢复了本性,获得了多年未有的活力。” »

  418. “And what did Lord Voldemort ask you to do?” said Dumbledore. “He asked me whether I was ready to risk everything for him. I was ready. It was my dream, my greatest ambition, to serve him, to prove myself to him. He told me he needed to place a faithful servant at Hogwarts. A servant who would guide Harry Potter through the Triwizard Tournament without appearing to do so. A servant who would watch over Harry Potter. Ensure he reached the Triwizard Cup. Turn the cup into a Portkey, which would take the first person to touch it to my master. But first —”“You needed Alastor Moody,” said Dumbledore. His blue eyes were blazing, though his voice remained calm. »

  419. “伏地魔要你做什么?”邓布利多问。 “他问我是不是愿意为他冒一切风险。我愿意。为他效劳,向他证明我的忠诚,是我的梦想,是我最大的心愿。他告诉我他需要在霍格沃茨安插一名亲信。此人要在三强争霸赛中指导哈利·波特,而且要做得不为人知。他要监视哈利·波特,保证他拿到三强杯;要把奖杯偷换成门钥匙,好把第一个抓到它的人带到我主人那里,但是首先——”“你们需要阿拉斯托·穆迪。”邓布利多说。他的蓝眼睛喷射着怒火,尽管声音仍保持着平静。 »

  420. “Wormtail and I did it. We had prepared the Polyjuice Potion beforehand. We journeyed to his house. Moody put up a struggle. There was a commotion. We managed to subdue him just in time. Forced him into a compartment of his own magical trunk. Took some of his hair and added it to the potion. I drank it; I became Moody’s double. I took his leg and his eye. I was ready to face Arthur Weasley when he arrived to sort out the Muggles who had heard a disturbance. I made the dustbins move around the yard. I told Arthur Weasley I had heard intruders in my yard, who had set off the dustbins. Then I packed up Moody’s clothes and Dark detectors, put them in the trunk with Moody, and set off for Hogwarts. I kept him alive, under the Imperius Curse. I wanted to be able to question him. To find out about his past, learn his habits, so that I could fool even Dumbledore. I also needed his hair to make the Polyjuice Potion. The other ingredients were easy. I stole boomslang skin from the dungeons. When the Potions master found me in his office, I said I was under orders to search it.” »

  421. “是虫尾巴和我两个人干的。我们事先配好了复方汤剂,一起去他家,穆迪奋力反抗,响动很大。我们总算及时把他制服了,把他推进他自己的魔箱的暗室里,拔了他几根头发,加到汤剂中。我喝了药,变成了穆迪,拿了他的木腿和带魔法的眼睛。亚瑟·韦斯莱来查问听到响动的麻瓜时,我已经准备好了。我把垃圾箱弄得绕着院子转圈,我对亚瑟·韦斯莱说,我听到有人闯进了院子,使垃圾箱转了起来。然后我打点起穆迪的衣物和黑魔法探测器,把它们和穆迪一起装在箱子里,动身去了霍格沃茨。我对他施了夺魂咒,但是没弄死他,我需要问他问题,了解他的过去,他的习惯,这样就连邓布利多也不会识破了。我还需要用他的头发来配复方汤剂。其他材料都好弄,我从地下教室里偷了非洲树蛇皮,魔药课教师发现我在他办公室时,我说我是奉命来搜查的。” »

  422. “And what became of Wormtail after you attacked Moody?” said Dumbledore. “Wormtail returned to care for my master, in my father’s house, and to keep watch over my father.”“But your father escaped,” said Dumbledore. “Yes. After a while he began to fight the Imperius Curse just as I had done. There were periods when he knew what was happening. My master decided it was no longer safe for my father to leave the house. He forced him to send letters to the Ministry instead. He made him write and say he was ill. But Wormtail neglected his duty. He was not watchful enough. My father escaped. My master guessed that he was heading for Hogwarts. My father was going to tell Dumbledore everything, to confess. He was going to admit that he had smuggled me from Azkaban. »

  423. “你们袭击穆迪之后,虫尾巴到哪里去了?”邓布利多问。 “他回到了我父亲的家里,照料我的主人,同时监视我父亲。”“但你父亲逃出来了。”邓布利多说。 “是的。过了不久,我父亲就开始像我那样反抗夺魂咒,有时候他心里明白发生了什么事。我的主人认为不能再让他出门了。他强迫我父亲与魔法部通信联系,说他病了。虫尾巴疏忽大意,没有看住,让我父亲跑了。我主人猜想他是去了霍格沃茨。我父亲想把一切告诉邓布利多,想向他坦白,供认把我从阿兹卡班偷带出来的事。” »

  424. “My master sent me word of my father’s escape. He told me to stop him at all costs. So I waited and watched. I used the map I had taken from Harry Potter. The map that had almost ruined everything.”“Map?” said Dumbledore quickly. “What map is this?”“Potter’s map of Hogwarts. Potter saw me on it. Potter saw me stealing more ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion from Snape’s office one night. He thought I was my father. We have the same first name. I took the map from Potter that night. I told him my father hated Dark wizards. Potter believed my father was after Snape. »

  425. “我的主人通知我说父亲跑了,要我不惜一切代价截住他。我留心等待着。我用了从哈利·波特手里收来的地图,那张几乎坏了大事的地图。”“地图?”邓布利多马上问道,“什么地图?”“波特的那张霍格沃茨地图。波特在地图上看见了我。有一天夜里他看到我到斯内普的办公室去偷复方汤剂的原料,但他把我当成我父亲了,因为我们的名字一样。那天夜里我收走了波特的地图。我告诉他我父亲憎恨黑巫师。波特以为我父亲是去跟踪斯内普的。” »

  426. “For a week I waited for my father to arrive at Hogwarts. At last, one evening, the map showed my father entering the grounds. I pulled on my Invisibility Cloak and went down to meet him. He was walking around the edge of the forest. Then Potter came, and Krum. I waited. I could not hurt Potter; my master needed him. Potter ran to get Dumbledore. I Stunned Krum. I killed my father.” »

  427. “我等着父亲到达霍格沃茨,等了有一个星期。终于有一天晚上, 地图显示我父亲进场地了。我披上隐形衣去迎他。他正走在禁林边上, 这时波特和克鲁姆来了,我等了一会儿。我不能伤害波特,我的主人需要他。趁波特跑去找邓布利多时,我击昏了克鲁姆,杀死了我父亲。” »

  428. “You killed your father,” Dumbledore said, in the same soft voice. “What did you do with the body?”“Carried it into the forest. Covered it with the Invisibility Cloak. I had the map with me. I watched Potter run into the castle. He met Snape. Dumbledore joined them. I watched Potter bringing Dumbledore out of the castle. I walked back out of the forest, doubled around behind them, went to meet them. I told Dumbledore Snape had told me where to come. “Dumbledore told me to go and look for my father. I went back to my father’s body. Watched the map. When everyone was gone, I Transfigured my father’s body. He became a bone … I buried it, while wearing the Invisibility Cloak, in the freshly dug earth in front of Hagrid’s cabin.” »

  429. “你杀死了你父亲,”邓布利多仍旧用和缓地声音说道,“尸体是怎么处理的?”“背到树林里,用隐形衣盖上。我身上带着地图,我看到哈利跑进城堡,撞见斯内普,邓布利多也出来了。我看到哈利带着邓布利多走出城堡,便从树林里出来绕到他们后面,上去和他们打招呼。我对邓布利多说是斯内普告诉我的。”“邓布利多让我去找我父亲。我回到父亲的尸体那里,看着地图, 等所有人都走了之后,我给尸体念了变形咒,把它变成白骨……然后我穿着隐形衣,把它埋进了海格小屋前新挖的泥土里。” »

  430. There was complete silence now, except for Winky’s continued sobs. Then Dumbledore said, “And tonight …”“I offered to carry the Triwizard Cup into the maze before dinner,”whispered Barty Crouch. “Turned it into a Portkey. My master’s plan worked. He is returned to power and I will be honored by him beyond the dreams of wizards.”The insane smile lit his features once more, and his head drooped onto his shoulder as Winky wailed and sobbed at his side. »

  431. 一片沉默,只有闪闪还在抽泣。然后邓布利多说:“今天夜里……”“我在晚饭前主动提出把三强杯放进迷宫,”小巴蒂·克劳奇低声说,“把它变成了门钥匙。我主人的计划成功了。他恢复了体力,我会得到所有巫师做梦都想象不到的奖赏。”他的脸上又现出了变态的笑容,头垂了下去。闪闪在他身边哭泣。 »

  432. The Parting of the Ways »

  433. 分道扬镳 »

  434. Dumbledore stood up. He stared down at Barty Crouch for a moment with disgust on his face. Then he raised his wand once more and ropes flew out of it, ropes that twisted themselves around Barty Crouch, binding him tightly. »

  435. 邓布利多站起身来。他低头望着小巴蒂·克劳奇,脸上露出厌恶的神情。然后他又一次举起魔杖,几根绳子嗖嗖地从魔杖里飞出来,缠住小巴蒂·克劳奇,把他结结实实捆了起来。 »

  436. “Of course,” said Professor McGonagall. She looked slightly nauseous, as though she had just watched someone being sick. However, when she drew out her wand and pointed it at Barty Crouch, her hand was quite steady. »

  437. “没问题。”麦格教授说。她显得有些恶心,就像她刚才一直望着的是一个犯病的人。不过,当她抽出魔杖、指着小巴蒂·克劳奇时,她的手非常平稳。 »

  438. Harry nodded. A kind of numbness and a sense of complete unreality were upon him, but he did not care; he was even glad of it. He didn’t want to have to think about anything that had happened since he had first touched the Triwizard Cup. He didn’t want to have to examine the memories, fresh and sharp as photographs, which kept flashing across his mind. Mad-Eye Moody, inside the trunk. Wormtail, slumped on the ground, cradling his stump of an arm. Voldemort, rising from the steaming cauldron. Cedric … dead …Cedric, asking to be returned to his parents. … »

  439. 哈利点了点头。他感觉麻木,仿佛置身于梦境之中,眼前的一切似乎都不真实,但他并不在乎。他甚至为此而感到高兴。这样,他就用不着去想他触摸三强杯后发生的一切了。他不想仔细研究那些记忆,尽管那些记忆不断在他脑海里闪现,像照片一样栩栩如生。疯眼汉穆迪被关在大箱子里。虫尾巴瘫倒在地,捂着他的断臂。伏地魔从冒着蒸气的坩埚里冉冉升起。塞德里克……停止了呼吸……塞德里克,请哈利把自己送到父母身边…… »

  440. They had reached the stone gargoyle. Dumbledore gave the password, it sprang aside, and he and Harry went up the moving spiral staircase to the oak door. Dumbledore pushed it open. Sirius was standing there. His face was white and gaunt as it had been when he had escaped Azkaban. In one swift moment, he had crossed the room. »

  441. 他们来到石头怪兽跟前。邓布利多说了口令,怪兽左右分开,他和哈利走上活动的螺旋楼梯,来到橡木大门前。邓布利多把门推开。小天狼星就站在那里。他脸色苍白,面容消瘦,就像他刚从阿兹卡班逃出来时那样。他一眨眼就从房间那头奔了过来。 »

  442. Dumbledore began to tell Sirius everything Barty Crouch had said. Harry was only half listening. So tired every bone in his body was aching, he wanted nothing more than to sit here, undisturbed, for hours and hours, until he fell asleep and didn’t have to think or feel anymore. »

  443. 邓布利多开始向小天狼星原原本本地讲述小巴蒂·克劳奇所说的一切。哈利心不在焉地听着。他太累了,身上的每根骨头都在隐隐作痛。 他只想坐在这里,不要被任何人打扰,就这样坐上好久好久,直到沉沉睡去,再也不要再有任何思想、任何感觉。 »

  444. There was a soft rush of wings. Fawkes the phoenix had left his perch, flown across the office, and landed on Harry’s knee. “ ’Lo, Fawkes,” said Harry quietly. He stroked the phoenix’s beautiful scarlet-and-gold plumage. Fawkes blinked peacefully up at him. There was something comforting about his warm weight. »

  445. 一阵翅膀轻轻扑打的声音。凤凰福克斯离开了它栖息的枝头,从办公室那头飞过来,落在哈利的膝盖上。 “你好,福克斯。”哈利轻声说。他抚摸着凤凰美丽的金色和红色羽毛。福克斯平静地朝他眨了眨眼睛。凤凰落在膝头暖烘烘、沉甸甸的, 使哈利觉得心头踏实了许多。 »

  446. Dumbledore stopped talking. He sat down opposite Harry, behind his desk. He was looking at Harry, who avoided his eyes. Dumbledore was going to question him. He was going to make Harry relive everything. “I need to know what happened after you touched the Portkey in the maze, Harry,” said Dumbledore. »

  447. 邓布利多停住了话头。他在哈利对面办公桌后面坐了下来。他望着哈利,但哈利躲避着他的目光。邓布利多要向他发问了。他要强迫哈利回忆那所有的一切了。 “我想知道,哈利,你在迷宫里触摸门钥匙后发生了什么?”邓布利多说。 »

  448. “We can leave that till morning, can’t we, Dumbledore?” said Sirius harshly. He had put a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Let him have a sleep. Let him rest.”Harry felt a rush of gratitude toward Sirius, but Dumbledore took no notice of Sirius’s words. He leaned forward toward Harry. Very unwillingly, Harry raised his head and looked into those blue eyes. »

  449. “我们可以明天早上再谈,行不行,邓布利多?”小天狼星声音沙哑地说。他把一只手放在哈利的肩膀上。“让他睡一觉吧。让他好好休息休息吧。”哈利心头涌起对小天狼星的感激之情,但邓布利多仿佛没有听见小天狼星的话。他朝哈利探过身子。哈利很不情愿地抬起头,注视着那双蓝色的眼睛。 »

  450. “If I thought I could help you,” Dumbledore said gently, “by putting you into an enchanted sleep and allowing you to postpone the moment when you would have to think about what has happened tonight, I would do it. But I know better. Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it. You have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you. I ask you to demonstrate your courage one more time. I ask you to tell us what happened.” »

  451. “如果我认为,”邓布利多温和地说,“用催眠的方法使你入睡,允许你暂时不去考虑今晚发生的一切,这样对你有好处,我会这样做的。 但是我比你更清楚,暂时使疼痛变得麻木,只会使你最后感觉疼痛时疼得更厉害。你表现出的勇敢无畏,大大超出了我对你的期望。我要求你再一次表现出你的勇气。我要求你把所发生的一切告诉我们。” »

  452. The phoenix let out one soft, quavering note. It shivered in the air, and Harry felt as though a drop of hot liquid had slipped down his throat into his stomach, warming him, and strengthening him. »

  453. 凤凰发出一声轻柔而颤抖的鸣叫。它在空中微微发抖,哈利感到似乎一滴滚热的液体顺着喉咙滑进胃里,使他一下子觉得暖乎乎的,有了力量和勇气。 »

  454. He took a deep breath and began to tell them. As he spoke, visions of everything that had passed that night seemed to rise before his eyes; he saw the sparkling surface of the potion that had revived Voldemort; he saw the Death Eaters Apparating between the graves around them; he saw Cedric’s body, lying on the ground beside the cup. »

  455. 他深深吸了口气,开始向他们叙述。当他说话时,那天晚上发生的一切都像放电影一样,在他眼前一幕幕闪现;他看见了那使伏地魔起死回生、表面冒着火星的魔药;他看见了食死徒们幻影显形,突然出现在他们周围的坟墓间;他看见了塞德里克的尸体,静静地躺在三强杯旁的地面上。 »

  456. because it was easier to keep going now he had started. »

  457. 因为万事开头难,现在既然打开了话匣子,再说下去就容易多了。 »

  458. It was even a relief; he felt almost as though something poisonous were being extracted from him. It was costing him every bit of determination he had to keep talking, yet he sensed that once he had finished, he would feel better. »

  459. 他甚至有一种如释重负的感觉,似乎某种有毒的东西正从他体内一点点地被吸走。他以极大的毅力支撑着自己往下说,但他感觉到, 一旦他说完了,心头就会舒坦多了。 »

  460. When Harry told of Wormtail piercing his arm with the dagger, however, Sirius let out a vehement exclamation and Dumbledore stood up so quickly that Harry started. Dumbledore walked around the desk and told Harry to stretch out his arm. Harry showed them both the place where his robes were torn and the cut beneath them. »

  461. 当哈利讲到虫尾巴用匕首刺中他的手臂时,小天狼星发出一声激动的喊叫,邓布利多猛地站起身,速度之快,把哈利吓了一跳。邓布利多绕过桌子,叫哈利伸出手臂。哈利给他们俩看了他被撕破的长袍和长袍下面的伤口。 »

  462. “He said my blood would make him stronger than if he’d used someone else’s,” Harry told Dumbledore. “He said the protection my — my mother left in me — he’d have it too. And he was right — he could touch me without hurting himself, he touched my face.” »

  463. “他说,用我的血比用其他人的血更管用,会使他更加强壮。”哈利对邓布利多说,“他说那种保护力量——我母亲留在我身体里的那种力量——他也想拥有。他是对的——后来他再碰到我的时候,他就不会受伤了。他碰了我的脸。” »

  464. For a fleeting instant, Harry thought he saw a gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes. But next second, Harry was sure he had imagined it, for when Dumbledore had returned to his seat behind the desk, he looked as old and weary as Harry had ever seen him. »

  465. 在短短的一瞬间,哈利似乎看见邓布利多眼睛里闪过一丝喜悦的光芒。但哈利很快就认定准是自己看花了眼,因为邓布利多回到办公桌后的椅子上时,看上去又和哈利一向看见的那样苍老和疲倦了。 »

  466. “Very well,” he said, sitting down again. “Voldemort has overcome that particular barrier. Harry, continue, please.” »

  467. “很好,”他说着,又坐了下来,“伏地魔战胜了那个不同寻常的障碍。哈利,请你说下去吧。” »

  468. Harry went on; he explained how Voldemort had emerged from the cauldron, and told them all he could remember of Voldemort’s speech to the Death Eaters. Then he told how Voldemort had untied him, returned his wand to him, and prepared to duel. »

  469. 哈利继续往下说,他讲述伏地魔怎样从坩埚里浮现出来,并把他记得的伏地魔对食死徒们的讲话告诉了他们。然后他告诉他们伏地魔怎样解开了他身上的绳子,把他的魔杖还给他,准备与他决斗。 »

  470. But when he reached the part where the golden beam of light had connected his and Voldemort’s wands, he found his throat obstructed. He tried to keep talking, but the memories of what had come out of Voldemort’s wand were flooding into his mind. He could see Cedric emerging, see the old man, Bertha Jorkins … his father … his mother … »

  471. 然而,当他讲到那道金光连接他的魔杖和伏地魔的魔杖时,他觉得嗓子哽咽了。他努力说下去,但伏地魔的魔杖里浮现出的那些东西,像潮水一样涌入他的脑海。他可以看见魔杖中冒出了塞德里克,还看见那个老人、伯莎·乔金斯……他的母亲……他的父亲…… »

  472. “Priori Incantatem,” he muttered. »

  473. “闪回咒。”他喃喃低语。 »

  474. “Exactly,” said Dumbledore. “Harry’s wand and Voldemort’s wand share cores. Each of them contains a feather from the tail of the same phoenix. This phoenix, in fact,” he added, and he pointed at the scarlet-and-gold bird, perching peacefully on Harry’s knee. »

  475. “非常正确,”邓布利多说道,“哈利的魔杖和伏地魔的魔杖有着同样的杖芯。它们各自所含的那根羽毛是从同一只凤凰身上取得的。说实话,就是这只凤凰。”他说,指了指静静栖在哈利膝头的金红色的大鸟。 »

  476. “Yes,” said Dumbledore. “Mr. Ollivander wrote to tell me you had bought the second wand, the moment you left his shop four years ago.” »

  477. “是的,”邓布利多说,“四年前,你刚离开奥利凡德先生的店铺, 他就写信告诉我说第二根魔杖被你买走了。” »

  478. “So what happens when a wand meets its brother?” said Sirius. “They will not work properly against each other,” said Dumbledore. “If, however, the owners of the wands force the wands to do battle … a very rare effect will take place. One of the wands will force the other to regurgitate spells it has performed — in reverse. The most recent first … and then those which preceded it. …” »

  479. “那么,如果一根魔杖遇见了它的兄弟,会出现什么情况呢?”小天狼星问道。 “它们不会正常地攻击对方,”邓布利多说,“不过,如果魔杖的主人硬要两根魔杖争斗……就会出现一种十分罕见的现象。一根魔杖会强迫另一根魔杖重复它施过的魔咒——以倒叙的方式。首先是最近的魔咒……然后是以前的……” »

  480. “Which means,” said Dumbledore slowly, his eyes upon Harry’s face, “that some form of Cedric must have reappeared.”Harry nodded again. “Diggory came back to life?” said Sirius sharply. “No spell can reawaken the dead,” said Dumbledore heavily. “All that would have happened is a kind of reverse echo. A shadow of the living Cedric would have emerged from the wand … am I correct, Harry?” »

  481. “这就是说,”邓布利多慢慢地说,眼睛盯着哈利的脸,“塞德里克会以某种形式重新出现。”哈利又点了点头。 “迪戈里又活过来了?”小天狼星反应很快地问。 “任何魔咒都不可能把死者唤醒,”邓布利多语气沉重地说,“只会出现一种类似回音倒放的现象。魔杖里会冒出塞德里克活着时的一个影子……我说的对吗,哈利?” »

  482. “He spoke to me,” Harry said. He was suddenly shaking again. “The …the ghost Cedric, or whatever he was, spoke.”“An echo,” said Dumbledore, “which retained Cedric’s appearance and character. I am guessing other such forms appeared … less recent victims of Voldemort’s wand. …” »

  483. “他对我说话了。”哈利说。他突然又禁不住颤抖起来。“那个……那个塞德里克的灵魂之类的东西,说话了。”“是一个回音,”邓布利多说,“它保留了塞德里克的相貌和性格。 我猜想还出现了其他类似的形体……是以前伏地魔的魔杖下的牺牲品……” »

  484. “An old man,” Harry said, his throat still constricted. “Bertha Jorkins. And …”“Your parents?” said Dumbledore quietly. “Yes,” said Harry. Sirius’s grip on Harry’s shoulder was now so tight it was painful. »

  485. “有一个老人,”哈利说道,他感到喉头仍然发紧,“伯莎·乔金斯, 还有……”“你的父母?”邓布利多轻声地问。 “是的。”哈利说。 小天狼星把哈利的肩膀抓得生疼。 »

  486. “The last murders the wand performed,” said Dumbledore, nodding. “In reverse order. More would have appeared, of course, had you maintained the connection. Very well, Harry, these echoes, these shadows … what did they do?” »

  487. “那根魔杖最近残害的人,”邓布利多点了点头,说道,“以倒序的形式闪现。当然啦,如果你让两根魔杖一直连接,还会出现更多的幻像。很好,哈利,这些回音,这些幻影……它们做了什么?” »

  488. Harry described how the figures that had emerged from the wand had prowled the edges of the golden web, how Voldemort had seemed to fear them, how the shadow of Harry’s father had told him what to do, how Cedric’s had made its final request. At this point, Harry found he could not continue. He looked around at Sirius and saw that he had his face in his hands. »

  489. 哈利叙述那些从魔杖里冒出来的身影怎样在金网边缘徘徊,伏地魔怎样令它们感到恐惧,哈利母亲的影子怎样告诉他应该做什么,塞德里克的影子怎样提出它最后的请求。 说到这里,哈利觉得他再也说不下去了。他转脸望望小天狼星,看见他用手捂住了脸。 »

  490. Harry suddenly became aware that Fawkes had left his knee. The phoenix had fluttered to the floor. It was resting its beautiful head against Harry’s injured leg, and thick, pearly tears were falling from its eyes onto the wound left by the spider. The pain vanished. The skin mended. His leg was repaired. »

  491. 哈利突然意识到福克斯已经飞离了他有膝头。凤凰扑棱棱地落到地板上,用它美丽的头贴着哈利受伤的腿,大滴大滴透明的泪珠从它眼睛里涌出,落在蜘蛛留下的伤口上。疼痛消失了,皮肤愈合了。他的腿完好如初。 »

  492. “I will say it again,” said Dumbledore as the phoenix rose into the air and resettled itself upon the perch beside the door. “You have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you tonight, Harry. You have shown bravery equal to those who died fighting Voldemort at the height of his powers. You have shouldered a grown wizard’s burden and found yourself equal to it — and you have now given us all that we have a right to expect. You will come with me to the hospital wing. I do not want you returning to the dormitory tonight. A Sleeping Potion, and some peace …Sirius, would you like to stay with him?” »

  493. “我要再说一遍,”邓布利多说道,这时凤凰飞到空中,重新落到门边栖枝上,“你今晚的表现十分勇敢,远远超出了我对你的期望,哈利。你所表现的勇气,与那些在伏地魔鼎盛时期同他抗争至死的巫师们不相上下。你肩负起了一个成年巫师的重任,并发现你自己完全挑得起这副担子——你使我们对你抱有更高的期望。你跟我一起到医院去吧。 今晚我不想让你回宿舍了。服一些安眠药剂,好好地静下心来……小天狼星,你愿意陪着他吗?” »

  494. Sirius nodded and stood up. He transformed back into the great black dog and walked with Harry and Dumbledore out of the office, accompanying them down a flight of stairs to the hospital wing. »

  495. 小天狼星点了点头,站了起来。他重新变成一条黑色的大狗,跟着哈利和邓布利多走出了办公室,并陪着他们走下楼梯,向医院走去。 »

  496. When Dumbledore pushed open the door, Harry saw Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Ron, and Hermione grouped around a harassed-looking Madam Pomfrey. They appeared to be demanding to know where Harry was and what had happened to him. All of them whipped around as Harry, Dumbledore, and the black dog entered, and Mrs. Weasley let out a kind of muffled scream. “Harry! Oh Harry!” »

  497. 邓布利多推开门时,哈利看见韦斯莱夫人、比尔、罗恩和赫敏都围在显得焦头烂额的庞弗雷夫人身边。他们似乎在追问哈利的情况和下落。当哈利、邓布利多和黑狗进去时,他们都猛地转过身来,韦斯莱夫人发出一声压抑的惊呼。 “哈利!哦,哈利!” »

  498. She started to hurry toward him, but Dumbledore moved between them. “Molly,” he said, holding up a hand, “please listen to me for a moment. Harry has been through a terrible ordeal tonight. He has just had to relive it for me. What he needs now is sleep, and peace, and quiet. If he would like you all to stay with him,” he added, looking around at Ron, Hermione, and Bill too, “you may do so. But I do not want you questioning him until he is ready to answer, and certainly not this evening.” »

  499. 她拔脚向哈利奔来,但邓布利多走上前,挡在了他俩之间。 “莫丽,”他举起一只手,说道,“请你先听我说几句。哈利今晚经历了一声可怕的折磨。他刚才又向我复述了一遍。他现在需要的是睡眠、清静和安宁。如果他愿意你们陪着他,”他又望望周围的罗恩、赫敏和比尔,补充道,“你们可以留下。但我不希望你们向他提任何问题,除非他自己愿意回答,今晚是绝对不行的。” »

  500. Mrs. Weasley nodded. She was very white. She rounded on Ron, Hermione, and Bill as though they were being noisy, and hissed, “Did you hear? He needs quiet!” »

  501. 韦斯莱夫人点了点头。她脸色十分苍白。她突然转向罗恩、赫敏和比尔,就好像是他们在吵闹似的。她压低声音教训道:“你们听见了吗?他需要安静!” »

  502. “Headmaster,” said Madam Pomfrey, staring at the great black dog that was Sirius, “may I ask what — ?”“This dog will be remaining with Harry for a while,” said Dumbledore simply. “I assure you, he is extremely well trained. Harry — I will wait while you get into bed.” »

  503. “校长,”庞弗雷夫人紧盯着小天狼星变成的黑狗,说道,“我可不可问一句,这是什么——”“这条狗陪哈利待一会儿,”邓布利多简单地说,“我向你保证,它受过十分良好的训练。哈利——我等你上了床再走。” »

  504. Harry felt an inexpressible sense of gratitude to Dumbledore for asking the others not to question him. It wasn’t as though he didn’t want them there; but the thought of explaining it all over again, the idea of reliving it one more time, was more than he could stand. »

  505. 邓布利多不许别人向他提问,这使哈利心头涌起一股难以形容的感激之情。他并不是不愿意他们待在这里,但一想到又要把事情原原本本地再说一遍,又要重新体验所有的一切,他就觉得无法忍受。 »

  506. Ron, Hermione, Bill, Mrs. Weasley, and the black dog came around the screen and settled themselves in chairs on either side of him. Ron and Hermione were looking at him almost cautiously, as though scared of him. “I’m all right,” he told them. “Just tired.”Mrs. Weasley’s eyes filled with tears as she smoothed his bedcovers unnecessarily. »

  507. 罗恩、赫敏、比尔、韦斯莱夫人和那条黑狗都从帘子旁边绕了进来,分坐在他两边的椅子上。罗恩和赫敏望着他,神情几乎是小心翼翼,似乎有点儿怕他。 “我挺好的,”他告诉他们,“就是太累了。”韦斯莱夫人不必要地抚摸着他的床单,眼睛里噙着泪花。 »

  508. Before he could finish the potion, before he could say another word, his exhaustion had carried him off to sleep. »

  509. 没等把药喝完,没等再说一句话,他就筋疲力尽,沉入了无梦的睡眠。 »

  510. “There is no need to stand guard over him anymore, Dumbledore!” she shrieked. “The Minister has seen to that!”Harry had never seen Professor McGonagall lose control like this. There were angry blotches of color in her cheeks, and her hands were balled into fists; she was trembling with fury. »

  511. “已经没有必要再看守他了,邓布利多!”她尖声嚷道,“部长确保了这一点!”哈利从没见过麦格教授像现在这样冲动。她面颊上泛起了愤怒的红晕,双手捏成了拳头。她气得浑身发抖。 »

  512. “My dear woman!” roared Fudge, who likewise looked angrier than Harry had ever seen him, “as Minister of Magic, it is my decision whether I wish to bring protection with me when interviewing a possibly dangerous —” »

  513. “我亲爱的女士!”福吉大声吼道,他现在这副怒气冲天地样子也是哈利从未见过的,“我作为魔法部部长,有权决定自己是否愿意带保镖,因为我要见一位可能非常危险的——” »

  514. “The moment that — that thing entered the room,” she screamed, pointing at Fudge, trembling all over, “it swooped down on Crouch and —and —”Harry felt a chill in his stomach as Professor McGonagall struggled to find words to describe what had happened. He did not need her to finish her sentence. He knew what the dementor must have done. It had administered its fatal kiss to Barty Crouch. It had sucked his soul out through his mouth. He was worse than dead. »

  515. “那家伙——那家伙刚一进办公室,”她指着福吉,全身颤抖,尖叫着说,“就朝克劳奇扑去,就——就——”麦格教授拼命寻找字眼来描绘刚才发生的事情,哈利感到肚子里生出一股寒气。他用不着听她把话说完。他知道摄魂怪做了什么。摄魂怪一定给了小巴蒂·克劳奇那个致命的吻。它从小克劳奇的嘴里吸走了他的灵魂。小克劳奇现在已是生不如死。 »

  516. “But he cannot now give testimony, Cornelius,” said Dumbledore. He was staring hard at Fudge, as though seeing him plainly for the first time. “He cannot give evidence about why he killed those people.” »

  517. “可是他现在无法出来作证了,康奈利。”邓布利多说道。他犀利地盯着福吉,似乎第一次清清楚楚地看透了他。“他不能提供证据,说明他为什么要杀死那些人了。” »

  518. “Lord Voldemort was giving him instructions, Cornelius,” Dumbledore said. “Those people’s deaths were mere by-products of a plan to restore Voldemort to full strength again. The plan succeeded. Voldemort has been restored to his body.” »

  519. “伏地魔以前确实对他发号施令,康奈利,”邓布利多说,“那些人的死,只是施行伏地魔东山再起计划时附带产生的结果。那个计划成功了。伏地魔恢复了他的肉身。” »

  520. There was a moment’s silence, which was broken by Sirius growling. His hackles were raised, and he was baring his teeth at Fudge. »

  521. 片刻的沉默,然后响起了小天狼星的吠叫声。他竖起颈上的毛,朝福吉露出他的长牙。 »

  522. “Certainly, I believe Harry,” said Dumbledore. His eyes were blazing now. “I heard Crouch’s confession, and I heard Harry’s account of what happened after he touched the Triwizard Cup; the two stories make sense, they explain everything that has happened since Bertha Jorkins disappeared last summer.” »

  523. “我当然相信哈利,”邓布利多说,此时他的眼睛灼灼发光,“我听了小克劳奇的坦白,也听了哈利讲述的他触摸三强杯后发生的事情;他们两人的话合情合理,把自去年夏天伯莎·乔金斯失踪后出现的所有事情都解释清楚了。” »

  524. You are prepared to believe that Lord Voldemort has returned, on the word of a lunatic murderer, and a boy who … well …”Fudge shot Harry another look, and Harry suddenly understood. “You’ve been reading Rita Skeeter, Mr. Fudge,” he said quietly. Ron, Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Bill all jumped. None of them had realized that Harry was awake. »

  525. 他又扫了哈利一眼,才回答道:“你准备相信伏地魔已经回来了,听信一个精神失常的杀人犯和一个小孩的话,而这小孩……他……”福吉又飞快地瞥了哈利一眼,哈利顿时明白了他的意思。 “你一定在读丽塔·斯基特的文章,福吉先生。”他轻声说道。 罗恩、赫敏、韦斯莱夫人和比尔都吓了一跳。他们谁也没有发现哈利已经醒了。 »

  526. the boy can talk to snakes, Dumbledore, and you still think he’s trustworthy? »

  527. 这个男孩能够跟蛇对话,邓布利多,而你仍然认为他是值得信任的? »

  528. “I see no evidence to the contrary!” shouted Fudge, now matching her anger, his face purpling. “It seems to me that you are all determined to start a panic that will destabilize everything we have worked for these last thirteen years!”Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had always thought of Fudge as a kindly figure, a little blustering, a little pompous, but essentially good-natured. But now a short, angry wizard stood before him, refusing, point-blank, to accept the prospect of disruption in his comfortable and ordered world — to believe that Voldemort could have risen. »

  529. “我看不出为什么不是!”福吉也大声喊道,脸涨成了紫红色,火气不比麦格教授小,“在我看来你们都决意要制造一种恐慌情绪,破坏我们这十三年来苦心营造的一切!”哈利简直不敢相信自己的耳朵。他一向认为福吉是个和蔼可亲的人,尽管有些盛气凌人,有些自高自大,但本质上是很善良的。没想到此刻眼前站着的这个怒气冲冲的小个子巫师,竟断然拒绝相信他那井然有序、稳定舒适的世界有可能毁于一旦——拒绝相信伏地魔可能东山再起。 »

  530. The first and most essential step is to remove Azkaban from the control of the dementors »

  531. 首先最重要的一步就是使阿兹卡班摆脱摄魂怪的控制—— »

  532. “The rest of us sleep less soundly in our beds, Cornelius, knowing that you have put Lord Voldemort’s most dangerous supporters in the care of creatures who will join him the instant he asks them!” said Dumbledore. “They will not remain loyal to you, Fudge! Voldemort can offer them much more scope for their powers and their pleasures than you can! With the dementors behind him, and his old supporters returned to him, you will be hard-pressed to stop him regaining the sort of power he had thirteen years ago!” »

  533. “康奈利,如果我们知道你让伏地魔最危险的死党去看守那些一声令下就会为他效劳的家伙,那么我们其他人就睡得不太踏实了!”邓布利多说,“那些家伙不可能对你忠心耿耿,福吉!伏地魔能够提供给它们的权力和乐趣,比你所能提供的多得多!伏地魔身后一旦有摄魂怪的支持,他那些昔日的死党就会纷纷回到他身边,到时候你就很难阻止他恢复十三年前的那种势力了!” »

  534. “The second step you must take — and at once,” Dumbledore pressed on, “is to send envoys to the giants.”“Envoys to the giants?” Fudge shrieked, finding his tongue again. “What madness is this?”“Extend them the hand of friendship, now, before it is too late,” said Dumbledore, “or Voldemort will persuade them, as he did before, that he alone among wizards will give them their rights and their freedom!” »

  535. “你必须采取的第二个措施——而且必须立即动手,”邓布利多进一步说,“是派人给巨人送信。”“派人给巨人送信——”福吉惊叫道,一下子又会说话了,“这又是什么疯话?”“趁现在还不算太晚,向他们伸出友谊的手,”邓布利多说,“不然伏地魔就会把他们拉拢过去。他以前就做过这样的事,在所有巫师中, 只有他能向他们提供权益和自由!” »

  536. “You are blinded,” said Dumbledore, his voice rising now, the aura of power around him palpable, his eyes blazing once more, “by the love of the office you hold, Cornelius! You place too much importance, and you always have done, on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be! Your dementor has just destroyed the last remaining member of a pureblood family as old as any — and see what that man chose to make of his life! I tell you now —take the steps I have suggested, and you will be remembered, in office or out, as one of the bravest and greatest Ministers of Magic we have ever known. Fail to act — and history will remember you as the man who stepped aside and allowed Voldemort a second chance to destroy the world we have tried to rebuild!” »

  537. “康奈利,你太迷恋你的官职了,这使你失去了应有的判断力。”邓布利多说,他的声音渐渐提高,人们可以感觉到他周身笼罩着的那个力量的光环,他的眼睛又一次灼灼发光。“你太看重所谓的纯正巫师血统了!你一向都是如此!你没有认识到,一个人的出身并不重要,重要的是他成长为什么样的人!你的摄魂怪刚才消灭了一个十分古老的巫师家族的最后一位成员——你看看那个人所选择的人生道路!我现在告诉你吧——只要听从我的建议,采取一些措施,那么魔法部和整个巫师界都会永远铭记你,都会把你看作有史以来最勇敢最伟大的魔法部部长。如果你不采取行动——历史也会牢牢记住:正是你袖手旁观,让伏地魔第二次有机会摧毁我们辛辛苦苦重建的这个世界!” »

  538. “If your determination to shut your eyes will carry you as far as this, Cornelius,” said Dumbledore, “we have reached a parting of the ways. You must act as you see fit. And I — I shall act as I see fit.” »

  539. “如果你这样执迷不悟,一意孤行,康奈利,”邓布利多说,“我们就只好分道扬镳了。你做你认为合适的事情。我——我则按我的意志行事。” »

  540. Dumbledore’s voice carried no hint of a threat; it sounded like a mere statement, but Fudge bristled as though Dumbledore were advancing upon him with a wand. »

  541. 邓布利多的声音里没有丝毫威胁的成分,它听上去只是一个声明, 但福吉却暴跳如雷,仿佛邓布利多正举着一根魔杖朝他逼近。 »

  542. “The only one against whom I intend to work,” said Dumbledore, “is Lord Voldemort. If you are against him, then we remain, Cornelius, on the same side.” »

  543. “我惟一想要对着干的,”邓布利多说,“是伏地魔。如果你也反对他,康奈利,那么我们还是同一阵营的。” »

  544. Snape strode forward, past Dumbledore, pulling up the left sleeve of his robes as he went. He stuck out his forearm and showed it to Fudge, who recoiled. “There,” said Snape harshly. “There. The Dark Mark. It is not as clear as it was an hour or so ago, when it burned black, but you can still see it. Every Death Eater had the sign burned into him by the Dark Lord. It was a means of distinguishing one another, and his means of summoning us to him. When he touched the Mark of any Death Eater, we were to Disapparate, and Apparate, instantly, at his side. This Mark has been growing clearer all year. Karkaroff’s too. Why do you think Karkaroff fled tonight? We both felt the Mark burn. We both knew he had returned. Karkaroff fears the Dark Lord’s vengeance. He betrayed too many of his fellow Death Eaters to be sure of a welcome back into the fold.” »

  545. 斯内普大步走上前,越过邓布利多,他一边走,一边撩起长袍的左袖子。他把胳膊伸过去给福吉看,福吉惊骇地向后退缩着。 “看见了吗,”斯内普声音嘶哑地说,“看见了吗。黑魔标记。已经不像一小时前那么明显了,当时它被烧成了焦黑色,不过你仍然能够看见。每个食死徒身上都有伏地魔打下的烙印。这是食死徒相互识别的一种方式,也是伏地魔召集他们回到他身边的暗号。当他触摸到某个食死徒的标记时,我们必须立即幻影移形,出现在他身边。一年来,这个标记越来越明显。卡卡洛夫的也是这样。你说卡卡洛夫今晚为什么要逃跑?我们俩都感到标记在火辣辣的燃烧。我们都知道他回来了。卡卡洛夫害怕伏地魔会报复他。他背叛了他的许多食死徒同伴,肯定没有人欢迎他回到他们中间。” »

  546. “There is work to be done,” he said. “Molly … am I right in thinking that I can count on you and Arthur?”“Of course you can,” said Mrs. Weasley. She was white to the lips, but she looked resolute. “We know what Fudge is. It’s Arthur’s fondness for Muggles that has held him back at the Ministry all these years. Fudge thinks he lacks proper wizarding pride.” »

  547. “有一些工作要做,”他说,“莫丽……如果我没有弄错的话,我是可以指望你和亚瑟的吧?”“当然没问题。”韦斯莱夫人说。她脸色煞白,嘴唇也全无血色,但她的表情十分坚决。“我们了解福吉是个什么样的人。正因为亚瑟喜欢麻瓜,才阻碍了他这么些年在魔法部的发展。福吉认为亚局长缺乏一个巫师应有的尊严。” »

  548. “Poppy,” Dumbledore said to Madam Pomfrey, “would you be very kind and go down to Professor Moody’s office, where I think you will find a house-elf called Winky in considerable distress? Do what you can for her, and take her back to the kitchens. I think Dobby will look after her for us.”“Very — very well,” said Madam Pomfrey, looking startled, and she too left. »

  549. “波皮,”邓布利多对庞弗雷夫人说,“劳驾,你能不能到穆迪教授的办公室去一趟?你在那里会找到一位痛不欲生、名叫闪闪的家养小精灵。你尽量安慰安慰她,然后把她带到下面的厨房里。我认为多比会替我们照顾她的。”“好——好吧。”庞弗雷夫人显得有些吃惊,随即她也离去了。 »

  550. “He is here at my invitation,” said Dumbledore, looking between them, “as are you, Severus. I trust you both. It is time for you to lay aside your old differences and trust each other.” »

  551. “是我邀请他来的,”邓布利多轮番望着他们俩,说道,“你也一样,西弗勒斯。你们两个我都很信任。现在你们应该抛弃昔日的分歧, 互相信任。” »

  552. Harry thought Dumbledore was asking for a near miracle. Sirius and Snape were eyeing each other with the utmost loathing. »

  553. 哈利认为邓布利多简直是在请求奇迹发生。小天狼星和斯内普恶狠狠地盯着对方,脸上都是仇恨到极点的表情。 »

  554. “I will settle, in the short term,” said Dumbledore, with a bite of impatience in his voice, “for a lack of open hostility. You will shake hands. You are on the same side now. Time is short, and unless the few of us who know the truth do not stand united, there is no hope for any of us.” »

  555. “在短时期内,”邓布利多说道,语气里透着一丝不耐烦,“只要你们不公开敌视对方,我就满意了。你们不妨握握手。现在你们属于同一阵营了。时间紧张,我们少数几个知道真相的人必须团结一致,否则我们大家都毫无希望了。” »

  556. The thing against which he had been fighting on and off ever since he had come out of the maze was threatening to overpower him. He could feel a burning, prickling feeling in the inner corners of his eyes. He blinked and stared up at the ceiling. »

  557. 这时,他离开迷宫后一直拼命压抑、拼命克制的情感,一下子全部袭上了心头,使他不能自已。他感到眼睛里一阵火辣辣的刺痛。他使劲眨眨眼睛,瞪着上面的天花板。 »

  558. Mrs. Weasley set the potion down on the bedside cabinet, bent down, and put her arms around Harry. He had no memory of ever being hugged like this, as though by a mother. The full weight of everything he had seen that night seemed to fall in upon him as Mrs. Weasley held him to her. His mother’s face, his father’s voice, the sight of Cedric, dead on the ground all started spinning in his head until he could hardly bear it, until he was screwing up his face against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him. »

  559. 韦斯莱夫人把药水放在床头柜上,弯下腰,伸手搂住哈利。哈利从不记得有谁这样搂抱过自己,就像母亲一样。当韦斯莱夫人把他拥在怀中时,他那天晚上目睹的一切似乎全都沉甸甸地落在他的心头。他母亲的面庞,父亲的声音,塞德里克倒地死去的身影,似乎都开始在他的脑海里飞舞旋转。最后他简直受不了,拼命皱紧眉头,把那竭力冲破喉咙爆发出来的痛苦吼叫强压下去。 »

  560. Harry drank it in one gulp. The effect was instantaneous. Heavy, irresistible waves of dreamless sleep broke over him; he fell back onto his pillows and thought no more. »

  561. 哈利一口气把药水喝光了。效果是立竿见影的。沉重的、不可抗拒的无梦的酣睡立刻把他笼罩起来;他跌回到枕头上,什么也不想了。 »

  562. They did not blame him for what had happened; on the contrary, both thanked him for returning Cedric’s body to them. Mr. Diggory sobbed through most of the interview. Mrs. Diggory’s grief seemed to be beyond tears. »

  563. 他们没有因为所发生的事情而责怪他;相反,他们都感谢哈利把塞德里克的尸体带给了他们。在见面中,迪戈里先生大部分时间都在无声地哭泣,而迪戈里夫人已经伤心得欲哭无泪了。 »

  564. “Knew he was goin’ ter come back,” said Hagrid, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked up at him, shocked. “Known it fer years, Harry. Knew he was out there, bidin’ his time. It had ter happen. Well, now it has, an’ we’ll jus’ have ter get on with it. We’ll fight. Migh’ be able ter stop him before he gets a good hold. That’s Dumbledore’s plan, anyway. Great man, Dumbledore. ’S long as we’ve got him, I’m not too worried.” »

  565. “我就知道他会回来的,”海格说道,哈利、罗恩和赫敏都吃惊地抬头望着他,“这么些年我一直知道,哈利。我知道他在那里,等待时机。这件事肯定要发生。好了,现在它发生了,我们必须承认现实。我们要战斗。我们可以阻止他获得权力、称霸天下。那是邓布利多的计划。邓布利多,他可真是个了不起的人啊。只要有他在,我就不怎么担心。” »

  566. “Yeh did as much as yer father would’ve done, an’ I can’ give yeh no higher praise than that.” »

  567. “你父亲如果还活着,他也会这么做的,这就是我对你的最高赞扬。” »

  568. “Cedric was a person who exemplified many of the qualities that distinguish Hufflepuff house,” Dumbledore continued. “He was a good and loyal friend, a hard worker, he valued fair play. His death has affected you all, whether you knew him well or not. I think that you have the right, therefore, to know exactly how it came about.”Harry raised his head and stared at Dumbledore. “Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort.” »

  569. “塞德里克充分体现了赫奇帕奇学院特有的品质,”邓布利多继续说,“他是一位善良、忠诚的朋友,一位勤奋刻苦的学生,他崇尚公平竞争。他的死使你们大家受到了震撼,不管你们是否认识他。因此,我认为你们有权了解究竟是怎么回事。”哈利抬起头,望着邓布利多。 “塞德里克·迪戈里是被伏地魔杀死的。” »

  570. “The Ministry of Magic,” Dumbledore continued, “does not wish me to tell you this. It is possible that some of your parents will be horrified that I have done so — either because they will not believe that Lord Voldemort has returned, or because they think I should not tell you so, young as you are. It is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies, and that any attempt to pretend that Cedric died as the result of an accident, or some sort of blunder of his own, is an insult to his memory.” »

  571. “魔法部不希望我告诉你们这些。”邓布利多继续说,“有些同学的家长可能会对我的做法感到震惊——这或者是因为他们不能相信伏地魔真的回来了,或者是因为他们认为我不该把这件事告诉你们,毕竟你们年纪还小。然而我相信,说真话永远比撒谎要好,如果我们试图把塞德里克的死说成是一场意外事故,或归咎于他自己的粗心大意,那都是对他形象的一种侮辱。” »

  572. Stunned and frightened, every face in the Hall was turned toward Dumbledore now … or almost every face. Over at the Slytherin table, Harry saw Draco Malfoy muttering something to Crabbe and Goyle. Harry felt a hot, sick swoop of anger in his stomach. He forced himself to look back at Dumbledore. »

  573. 这时,礼堂里的每一张脸都朝着邓布利多,每张脸上都写着震惊与恐惧……噢,并不是每一张脸。哈利看见在斯莱特林的桌子上,德拉科·马尔福正在跟克拉克和高尔窃窃私语。哈利感到内心突然涌起一股火辣辣的怒气。他强迫自己把目光转回到邓布利多身上。 »

  574. “Harry Potter managed to escape Lord Voldemort,” said Dumbledore. “He risked his own life to return Cedric’s body to Hogwarts. He showed, in every respect, the sort of bravery that few wizards have ever shown in facing Lord Voldemort, and for this, I honor him.” »

  575. “哈利·波特逃脱了伏地魔的魔爪,”邓布利多说,“他冒着生命危险,把塞德里克的遗体带回了霍格沃茨。他在各方面都表现出了大无畏的精神,很少有巫师在面对伏地魔的淫威时能表现出这种精神,为此, 我向他表示敬意。” »

  576. Dumbledore turned gravely to Harry and raised his goblet once more. Nearly everyone in the Great Hall followed suit. They murmured his name, as they had murmured Cedric’s, and drank to him. But through a gap in the standing figures, Harry saw that Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and many of the other Slytherins had remained defiantly in their seats, their goblets untouched. Dumbledore, who after all possessed no magical eye, did not see them. »

  577. 邓布利多严肃地转向哈利,又一次举起了他的高脚酒杯。礼堂里的人几乎都这么做了。他们像刚才念叨塞德里克的名字一样,低声说着哈利的名字,为他敬酒。但是,哈利透过纷纷起立的人群的缝隙,看见马尔福、克拉布和高尔,以及斯莱特林的许多其他人都固执地坐着没动, 碰也没碰他们的酒杯。邓布利多毕竟没长着带魔法的眼睛,没有看见他们的举动。 »

  578. I say to you all, once again — in the light of Lord Voldemort’s return, we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. »

  579. 我再对你们大家说一遍——鉴于伏地魔的起死回生,我们只有团结才会强大, 如果分裂,便不堪一击。 »

  580. Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. »

  581. 只要我们目标一致,敞开心胸,习惯和语言的差异都不会成为障碍。 »

  582. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory. »

  583. 当你们不得不在正道和捷径之间作出选择时, 请不要忘记一个正直、善良、勇敢的男孩,就因为与伏地魔不期而遇, 就遭到了这样悲惨的厄运。请永远记住塞德里克·迪戈里。 »

  584. Harry’s spirits couldn’t help but lift slightly as he watched Fleur hurry back across the lawns to Madame Maxime, her silvery hair rippling in the sunlight. »

  585. 哈利注视着芙蓉匆匆顺着草坪朝马克西姆夫人奔去,银亮色的头发在阳光下像波浪一样荡漾,他的情绪不由自主地愉快起来。 »

  586. Krum had already started walking away when Ron burst out, “Can I have your autograph?”Hermione turned away, smiling at the horseless carriages that were now trundling toward them up the drive, as Krum, looking surprised but gratified, signed a fragment of parchment for Ron. »

  587. 克鲁姆已经准备走开了,罗恩突然说道:“你能给我签个名吗?”赫敏转过脸,望着那些没有马拉的马车顺着车道朝他们缓缓驶来, 脸上泛起了微笑。克鲁姆显得既惊讶又欣慰,为罗恩在一片羊皮纸上签了名。 »

  588. “Oh, Rita hasn’t written anything at all since the third task,” said Hermione in an oddly constrained voice. “As a matter of fact,” she added, her voice now trembling slightly, “Rita Skeeter isn’t going to be writing anything at all for a while. Not unless she wants me to spill the beans on her.” »

  589. “噢,自从第三个项目之后,丽塔就什么也不写了。”赫敏说,她似乎在拼命克制着什么,声音有些怪怪的。“不瞒你们说,”她又说,声音有些发颤了,“丽塔·斯基特暂时不会再写任何东西了。除非她想让我泄露她的秘密。” »

  590. “I found out how she was listening in on private conversations when she wasn’t supposed to be coming onto the grounds,” said Hermione in a rush. Harry had the impression that Hermione had been dying to tell them this for days, but that she had restrained herself in light of everything else that had happened. »

  591. “我终于弄清她在不应该进入场地时,是怎么偷听到别人的秘密谈话的。”赫敏一口气说道。 哈利有一种感觉,似乎赫敏这些日子来一直渴望把这件事儿告诉他们,但看到所发生的那么多事情,她只好克制着没说。 »

  592. “How was she doing it?” said Harry at once. “How did you find out?” said Ron, staring at her. »

  593. “她是怎么做的?”哈利赶忙问道。 “你是怎么弄清的?”罗恩盯着她问。 »

  594. “Bugging,” said Hermione happily. “But you said they didn’t work —”“Oh not electronic bugs,” said Hermione. “No, you see … Rita Skeeter”— Hermione’s voice trembled with quiet triumph — “is an unregistered Animagus. She can turn —”Hermione pulled a small sealed glass jar out of her bag. “— into a beetle.”“You’re kidding,” said Ron. “You haven’t … she’s not …”“Oh yes she is,” said Hermione happily, brandishing the jar at them. Inside were a few twigs and leaves and one large, fat beetle. »

  595. “窃听 。”赫敏快活地说。 “可是你说窃听器不管用——”“哦,不是电子窃听器,”赫敏说,“是这样……丽塔·斯基特,”——赫敏压抑着得意的情绪,声音微微颤抖着——“她是一个没有注册的阿尼马格斯。她能变成——”赫敏从书包里掏出一只密封的小玻璃罐。 “——变成一只甲虫。”“你在开玩笑吧,”罗恩说,“你没有……她不会……”“哦,没错,正是这样。”赫敏高兴地说,一边朝他们挥舞着玻璃罐。 玻璃罐里有几根树枝和几片树叶,还有一只胖墩墩的大甲虫。 »

  596. “I’ve told her I’ll let her out when we get back to London,” said Hermione. “I’ve put an Unbreakable Charm on the jar, you see, so she can’t transform. And I’ve told her she’s to keep her quill to herself for a whole year. See if she can’t break the habit of writing horrible lies about people.” »

  597. “我告诉过她,我们一回伦敦,我就放她出来。”赫敏说,“我给罐子念了一个牢固咒,这样她就没法变形了。我叫她一年之内不得动笔写东西。看看她能不能改掉诽谤和侮辱别人的恶习。” »

  598. It was as though someone had exploded a box of fireworks within the compartment. Blinded by the blaze of the spells that had blasted from every direction, deafened by a series of bangs, Harry blinked and looked down at the floor. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle were all lying unconscious in the doorway. He, Ron, and Hermione were on their feet, all three of them having used a different hex. Nor were they the only ones to have done so. “Thought we’d see what those three were up to,” said Fred matter-of- factly, stepping onto Goyle and into the compartment. He had his wand out, and so did George, who was careful to tread on Malfoy as he followed Fred inside. »

  599. 说时迟那时快,就好像有人在隔间里点爆了一箱焰火。从不同方向发出的咒语放射出耀眼的强光,刺得哈利睁不开眼睛,一连串噼噼啪啪的巨响几乎震聋了他的耳朵。他眨眨眼睛,低头望着地板。 马尔福、克拉布和高尔不省人事地躺在隔间门口。他、罗恩和赫敏都站着,刚才他们三个同时使用了各自不同的毒咒,而且这么做的还不止他们三个。 “我们想看看他们三个到底想干什么。”弗雷德一本正经地说,踏着高尔的身体走进隔间。他的魔杖拿在手里,乔治也是这样。乔治跟弗雷德进入隔间时,故意踩在了马尔福身上。 »

  600. “Nope,” said George, shaking his head. “The goblins play as dirty as him. They say you drew with Diggory, and Bagman was betting you’d win outright. So Bagman had to run for it. He did run for it right after the third task.” »

  601. “才不呢!”乔治摇了摇头说,“小妖精的表现和他一样恶劣。他们说你和迪戈里并列第一,而巴格曼赌的是你大获全胜。所以巴格曼只好匆忙逃命了。第三个项目一结束,他就逃跑了。” »

  602. The rest of the journey passed pleasantly enough; Harry wished it could have gone on all summer, in fact, and that he would never arrive at King’s Cross … but as he had learned the hard way that year, time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead, and all too soon, the Hogwarts Express was pulling in at platform nine and three-quarters. The usual confusion and noise filled the corridors as the students began to disembark. Ron and Hermione struggled out past Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, carrying their trunks. Harry, however, stayed put. »

  603. 旅途剩下来的时光过得非常愉快;实际上,哈利真希望火车就这样一直开下去,开整整一个夏天,他永远不要到达国王十字车站……但他这一年懂得了一个严酷的规律:当某个不愉快的事情等在前面时,时间是不会放慢脚步的。仅一眨眼的工夫,霍格沃茨列车就停靠在9又3/4站台了。同学们纷纷开始下车,走道里又是一片混乱和嘈杂。罗恩和赫敏提着箱子,走出了隔间,艰难地跨过马尔福、克拉布和高尔的身体。但哈利没有动弹。 »

  604. “Listen,” said Harry firmly. “If you don’t take it, I’m throwing it down the drain. I don’t want it and I don’t need it. But I could do with a few laughs. We could all do with a few laughs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to need them more than usual before long.” »

  605. “听着,”哈利很坚决地说,“如果你们不收,我就把它扔到阴沟里。我不想要它,也不需要它。但是我需要一些欢笑。我们可能都需要一些欢笑。我有一种感觉,我们很快就会需要比往常更多的欢笑了。” »

  606. “Look,” he said flatly, “take it, or I’ll hex you. I know some good ones now. Just do me one favor, okay? Buy Ron some different dress robes and say they’re from you.” »

  607. “快收下,”他板着脸说,“不然我就给你念个毒咒。我现在知道几个很厉害的毒咒呢。你们就帮我一个忙吧,好吗?给罗恩另外买一件礼服长袍,就说是你们送给他的。” »

  608. Uncle Vernon was waiting beyond the barrier. Mrs. Weasley was close by him. She hugged Harry very tightly when she saw him and whispered in his ear, “I think Dumbledore will let you come to us later in the summer. Keep in touch, Harry.” »

  609. 弗农姨父在隔栅外面等他。韦斯莱夫人就站在他近旁。她一看见哈利,就过来一把搂住他,并贴着他的耳朵低声说:“我想邓布利多会让你夏天到我们家来的。保持联系,哈利。” »

  610. “ ’Bye, Harry!” said Hermione, and she did something she had never done before, and kissed him on the cheek. »

  611. “再见,哈利!”赫敏说,然后她做了一件她以前从未做过的事情: 她吻了吻哈利的面颊。 »

  612. As Hagrid had said, what would come, would come … and he would have to meet it when it did. »

  613. 正如海格说过的,该来的总归会来……一旦来了,他就必须接受。 »

《哈利 · 波特 与火焰杯(2000)》
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