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中文版: 主题: 紧急呼吁解禁帐户: 未经授权访问和滥用我的 ChatGPT 帐户

亲爱的 ChatGPT 支持团队,

我希望你能收到这封电子邮件。我的名字是 (你的邮箱名字),我写信是希望取消对我的 ChatGPT 帐户(用户名:[你的邮箱名字]) 的禁令,我认为我的帐户因可疑活动而被错误标记和禁止,我怀疑这是未经授权访问和滥用的结果。

我最近发现我的帐户遭到入侵,我有理由相信它在我不知情或未同意的情况下被其他人访问和滥用。我对这可能给 ChatGPT 社区造成的任何不便或中断深表歉意,并向您保证我没有参与导致禁令的活动。


我一直重视并尊重 ChatGPT 社区准则,并努力保持积极和建设性的存在。我理解为所有用户维护一个安全和愉快的环境的重要性,并对这种情况可能造成的任何麻烦深表歉意。




英文版: Subject:Urgent Appeal for Account UnbanUnauthorized Access and Misuse of My ChatPT AccountDearChatGPT Support Team,

Hope this email finds you well.My name (isYour Name) and am writing to appeal for the removalof the ban on my ChatGPT account (username Your Username)Ibelieve that my account hasbeen mistakenly flagged and banned due to suspicious activitieswhichsuspect were the resuit ofunauthorized access and misuse.

I recently discovered that my account was compromised and I have reason to believe that it was accessedand misused by someone else without my knowledge or consent.I deeply regret any inconvenience ordisruption this may have caused to the ChatGPT community and would like to assure you thatI had no partin the activities that led to the ban.

To resolve this issue and restore my accountIhave already taken the necessary steps to secure my accountby changing my password and enabling two-factor authentication. Kindly request that you investigate myaccount to verify my claims and consider lifting the ban

I have always valued and respected the ChatGPT community quidelines and have strived to maintain apositive and constructive presence I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyableenvironment for all users and sincerely apoloqize for any trouble this situation may have caused

Please let me know if there is any additional information or action reaured from my end to faciltate the investigation and resolution of this issueIam more than willing to cooperate with any further inquiries youmay have.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Ieagerly await your response and hope that my account can bereinstated as soon aspossible

Best regards.


一般回复都是 IP 在亚洲区域登陆,因此被封号,这时候要及时回复官方邮件



让你确认你的活动轨迹,明确告诉官方,未曾使用过香港 IP,不知道为什么会被检测到,请官方明鉴并给予解封。

一次交涉需要多次发送请求,可以用 ChatGPT 帮你生成 3 封解封邮件,分时多次投递给官方邮箱,情节不严重的一般 3 次就可以顺利解封,邮件参考内容如下:


主题: 我从未使用过香港的 IP 地址,请官方给予解封尊敬的客服:

我发现我的 Chatapt 账户被封了,但是我向您保证,我从未使用过香港的 IP 地址。我非常确定我未曾使用过该地区的 IP 地址,并且我一直遵守着 Chatapt 的规定和要求。我非常重视我的账户和与 Chatapt 的合作,因此我希望能够得到官方的支持和帮助,以解决这个问题。




英文版: [填入你的邮箱] I have never used an IP address from Hong Kong.Please unblock my account as soon as possible

Respected Customer Service

I have discovered that my Chat GPT account has been blockedbut Iassure you that I have never used an IP address from Hong Kong.Iam positive that I have never used an IP address from that region. and have always followed the rules and requirements of Chatptvalue my account and the partnership with ChatGPT and Ihope to receive your supportand assistance in resolving this issue.

I need an explanation from the company as to why my account has been blockedandIalso hope that my account can be unblocked as soon as possibleI believe that this issue can be resolved throuah effective communication and cooperation

Thank you for your time and attention to this matterIlook forward to hearing back from you soon

Sincerely. [Your Email]

二次交涉需要多次发送请求,可以用 ChatGPT 帮你生成 3 封解封邮件,分时多次投递给官方邮箱,情节不严重的一般 3 次就可以顺利解封 ✌️